Cocculus Indicus’ and Jet Lag

A tincture is prepared from the powdered seeds, which contain a crystallisable principle Picrotoxine, a powerful poison.

The homeopathic form is curative for the affections from loss of sleep, and seasickness.

Cocculus has been used from ancient times as a poison for stupefying fish, and making them easy to catch. Correspondingly we find it produces great disturbance of the sensorium in human beings, and all the symptoms of intoxication. It is commonly used as an adulteration of beer to heighten its intoxicating properties. A very characteristic symptom is a sensation of hollowness or emptiness in the head or other parts. Allied to this is  a sense of lightness of body. Along with these, there is vertigo, nausea and vomiting which bring it into close relation with seasickness and carriage-sickness. Cocculus responds perfectly to the sensitive condition caused by loss of sleep and night-watching (Jet Lag), an irritable weakness caused by prolonged loss of sleep, and is the first remedy to think of for removing this.

Cocculus characteristics are weak, with a nervous temperament; light-haired females, especially those suffering from uterine complaints or menstrual difficulties, or troubles during pregnancy. There is a sensation of hollowness, laxness of muscles, and shuddering in general.

This is perhaps one of the oldest homeopathic remedies in seasickness. Great nausea is one of its characteristics symptoms; it is provoked by motion, change of posture and especially from riding in a car or boat. This nausea is accompanied by vertigo, with a tendency to faint.

Please, as always, get homeopathic advise first, before administering any homeopathic medicine.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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