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Incontinence issues need your attention urgently

Incontinence can be difficult and embarrassing to talk about but it shouldn’t be. You are definitely not alone. Did you know that one in three women and one in eight men are living with urinary incontinence in Australia? This means it is more common than diabetes. Incontinence is not only in elderly people but can begin for some women in their thirties and upwards.

Types of incontinence

There are two main types of incontinence. Firstly, there is stress incontinence, when you have leakage of urine caused by coughing, sneezing and exercise. Secondly there is urge incontinence, when you get the sudden and uncontrollable urge to pass urine that you cannot suppress. Common causes for stress incontinence is childbirth, chronic cough, obesity, smoking and ageing. When it comes to men prostate surgery is a common cause. Urge incontinence has no known cause but caffeine can make it worse. Also some medications and obesity.

Urge incontinence is triggered by situations, such as the sound of running water. Symptoms and trigger situations are different from person to person. Some find their symptoms get worse from the cold weather or in stressful situations. Sudden urinary urgency could be a urinary tract infection and in that case you should see a doctor.

How do we handle it?

Incontinence is a problem many of us keep to ourselves and don’t even share the issue with a partner or family. Unfortunately we often become embarrassed by the purchases of protective pads and the expense can become a bit overwhelming. All this makes incontinence often a stressful experience added to the fact we may feel like we need to make sure there is always a toilet not far away.

Urge incontinence

Some people with urge incontinence find that it is affecting the way they live. This could be that they chose to stay home rather than go shopping with friends for fear of leakages, or that they refuse to go on holidays and long drives as there won’t be that security of knowing where there is a toilet nearby. There is constant fear of what will they do if they need to go and there is no toilet and the fear of having an accident. This increases anxiety levels.

Stress Leakage

People with stress leakage, also fear having an accident often they don’t go out and kick that football with their kids. Some people also leak making love causing them to avoid intimacy. Constantly wearing pads and incontinence underwear can make your skin sore and it’s uncomfortable. Wearing black pants becomes a necessity as it’s less likely to show if an accident occurs. What you need to know is that you are not alone. There are many people out there with the same issues and that you can seek help to regain control of your life.


Hypnotherapy in many instances can assist and if it is a physical issue there are supplements that can help with flow. There are also exercises you can do for the pelvic floor that will ‘tighten’ the area. Consult your natural therapist clinic so they can help you decide which therapy is best for you.

Jenetta Haim

Jenetta Haim

Jenetta Haim runs Stressfree Management at 36 Gipps Road, Greystanes, and specialises in assisting your health and lifestyle in all areas by developing programs on either a corporate or personal level to suit your needs. Jenetta has just published a book called Stress-Free Health Management, A Natural Solution for Your Health available from your favourite bookstore or online. For more information and to get in touch, visit her website at Stressfree Management.

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