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Mindful skin rituals with JSHealth

We master the art of the at-home facial that doubles as mindfulness practice.

When it comes to skincare, I’m all about a less-is-more approach that involves minimal products and time and maximum results. While I do have a beauty cabinet almost overflowing with my go-to products (I tend to mix my routine up each day depending on what my skin needs), I like to keep it simple with a few steps: daily sunscreen, cleanser, serum or exfoliant, moisturiser and a hydrating oil. I was pleasantly surprised and excited when JSHealth Vitamin’s new 4-Step Vitamin Skincare System was delivered.

I’m currently on day 12 of using the products and my skin is glowing. I have sensitive, dry-combination skin which gets easily irritated when I use products with potent actives or oils. Since using the JSHealth Vitamins Skin line I haven’t experienced any redness or irritation (aside from a pesky pimple here and there).

Starting with the Balancing Vitamin Cleanser, I place two pumps onto my fingertips and rub my hands together to spread the product, then apply onto dry skin. The cream cleanser works like an emulsion, so if I’ve been wearing sunscreen or make-up I will double-cleanse with it or use a micellar water before to whisk away all the make-up.

My favourite thing about the Balancing Vitamin Cleanser, apart from its deliciously aromatic scent that makes me feel like I’m getting a facial, is how smooth and hydrated my skin feels afterwards. Unlike some other cleansers that leave my skin feeling tight and dehydrated, the cleanser hydrates my skin thanks to its soothing camomile, avocado and vitamin E base. It’s also formulated with JSHealth Vitamins’ bespoke JSH-V7 Complex, which is powered by skincare heroes vitamin C, vitamin B5, seaweed extract, calendula, vitamin E, grapeseed oil and frankincense to help restore the skin barrier.

Next, I use the Pro-Collagen Vitamin Serum. I love the consistency of the serum and that it doesn’t leave behind a sticky feeling as it dries. After the serum I use a gua sha, a traditional Chinese massage stone. I swipe the gua sha along my cheeks, forehead and jawline, making sure that the serum hasn’t soaked in yet so the tool guides over skin without pulling. I have been using the serum and gua sha together every night since I began this system and have noticed that my under-eye area is significantly less puffy each morning and my skin looks a whole lot brighter and elastic, courtesy of the hyaluronic acid and vitamin C-rich serum formula. I also appreciate the how-to guide on the back of the gua sha packaging, which helps to remind me of the routine.

After a meditative five minutes, I reach for the Luminous Vitamin Oil. The JSHealth 4-Step Vitamin Skincare System is numbered, which is handy for skincare newbies and those looking for a straightforward routine, and recommends using the oil before the moisturiser. The antioxidant oil is powered by bakuchiol (a natural alternative to retinol), an active known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boost collagen and brighten dull skin, so it makes sense to apply before locking everything in with a moisturiser. This oil has a subtle herbal scent and a very lightweight feel once applied to my skin.

Finally, it’s time to moisturise. I dip a finger into the pot and dab the Probiotic Vitamin Moisturiser all over before gently working it into my skin. The product is powered by the science-backed strain of lactobacillus probiotic to support a healthy skin microbiome, restore skin pH and maintain a radiant and resilient complexion.

Since using the Probiotic Vitamin Moisturiser, I have noticed that my skin feels hydrated and smooth. I love the product for day and night use as it’s the perfect weight and leaves me feeling like I’ve just enjoyed a tailored facial.

Overall, I love the JSHealth 4-Step Vitamin Skincare System. It’s simple yet effective and works a charm without any irritation on my sensitive skin. The whole process takes me anywhere from five to 15 minutes, depending on how much time or energy I have. Tonight, it was five minutes, but I made each minute count. For me, skincare can be a mindfulness practice — a moment to really drop into the sensations, almost like a meditation. It’s important to be a little indulgent every now and then, and your skin will love you for it.

For more information visit jshealthvitamins.com.

Georgia Nelson

Georgia Nelson

Georgia Nelson is a journalist based on the South Coast of NSW, currently acting as the deputy editor at EatWell, and the features writer at WellBeing and WILD. She has a penchant for sustainable beauty, slow fashion and feminist literature.

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