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Homoeopathy is a holistic healing system with a long and interesting history. I won’t go into detail on the philosophies and practice of homoeopathy, however I wanted to share some of its extremely practical applications for treating day-to-day conditions.


A cold pack or cold water should be quickly applied if possible to help reduce bruising around the injured part.

Arnica 30, 200. The first remedy for bruises of muscles. Skin has black and blue appearance. Arnica is best taken internally in potency. A lotion or cream of Arnica or Arnica oil may be applied to the area if the skin is not broken. Worse from 1) touch, 2) motion, 3) exertion.

Dose: may be given every 10-30 minutes after injury until symptoms improve (which often occurs after a few doses).

Bellis 30. For bruises of the breast. Bruising of deep tissue after surgery.

Hamamelis 6. Bleeding, with bruised soreness of affected parts. Bruises of Varicose veins.

Hypericum 6 or 30. For bruises of parts especially rich in nerve endings esp. fingers and toes.

Ruta 6 or 30. For bruises of the bones and tendons. All parts of the body are painful as if bruised. (Note also Symphytum 6).


Arnica 30. The first remedy to consider for aching or strained muscles. Worse from 1) touch, 2) motion, 3) cold damp conditions or 4) after over exertion.

Aconite 30 or 200. Sudden onset. Especially useful for a stiff neck. Arms can feel heavy, bruised, numb. Useful for shocked patient. Worse from 1) a draught of air or cool windy weather, 2) touch.

Dulcamarra 30. For aching muscles. Worse from 1) cold damp conditions, 2) night. Better from 1) movement, 2) warmth.

Rhus Tox 30. Strained, sprained, stiff muscles. Worse from 1) straining or over lifting, especially from stretching high up to reach things, 2) during rest, 3) first movements after rest. Better from 1) steady motion, 2) warmth. (Note: Bryonia 30 has the opposite features – better from rest, worse from motion).

Ruta 6 or 30. For strains of ligaments and tendons after sport or exertion.

As always, don’t self-prescribe. Homoeopaths recognise that every patient has individual needs, so please visit your qualified homoeopath for dosage instructions.

Josephine Zappia

Josephine Zappia

Josephine has been practising homeopathic medicine since 2005. Her current areas of research and interest are mental health, nutrition, detoxification and homeoprophylaxis. Josephine has had an interest in wellbeing from an early age and lives a nutritious and active lifestyle. Her favourite recreational activities are body combat, yoga and trekking through Sydney's picturesque northern beaches. Her passion is affecting the lives of her patients through achieving wellness with homeopathics that act on a deep constitutional level.

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