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Looking for shiny, thick and healthy hair?

We discover how you can get healthy hair, skin and nail growth in just three months and why New Nordic’s Hair Volume™ is revered by so many.

Hair Volume™ is an award-winning formula that supports hair growth and nail and skin health. This alternative hair loss treatment combines apple extract, millet and horsetail plant with zinc and biotin, making this product rich in protein and keratin, known for strengthening and volumising hair and increasing elasticity in the skin.

What are the secret ingredients in New Nordic’s Hair Volume™ tablets and how do they promote healthy hair?

The secret ingredient and what stands Hair Volume™ apart from competitors is apple extract. Apple extract along with millet and horsetail help to form keratin, the structural building block of the hair, and promote hair growth.

Zinc does wonders for the skin — how does it help with hair and nail growth?

Zinc has many benefits for hair, including reducing unwanted hair loss and accelerating hair follicle recovery. Zinc has also been known to promote a healthy scalp.

How soon can readers expect to see a difference when taking Hair Volume™?

While hair grows around 1.25cm per month, it takes a minimum of three months before a visible difference is noticed. Everybody is different and can experience results sooner. In the beginning of supplementation, you will begin to see differences in your nails and you will start to experience less hair loss.

What are some other ways people can improve their skin, hair and nail growth?

The first step, which is the most important step of all, is to focus on beauty from within. This is something which many do not consider or skip entirely. It is extremely important for our body’s function to make sure that we provide the body with the nutrients it needs from within. Taking food supplements and using beauty products with the same active herbal ingredients is the perfect way to care for the body both from the inside and out.

What’s next for New Nordic?

New Nordic has some exciting new products in the pipeline, including more cosmetics to add to the skin care range as well as a new product coming to the Hair Volume™ range.

For more information, visit newnordic.net.au.

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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