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Leave your holiday feeling refreshed!

Are you looking to leave your vacation feeling refreshed, relaxed and recommitted to a series of healthy habits?

If so, the Byron Yoga Centre is one destination that should be on your must-visit list. No matter where you presently are on your wellness journey, Byron Yoga Centre will help you to take the next steps.

“The wonderful thing about a retreat with Byron Yoga Centre is that you can set your own goals,” Elise Ottaway, Retreat Manager, says. “For some it’s a well-deserved break  with time to relax by the pool, walk on the beach and take it easy, while many come to begin or deepen their yoga and meditation practice. For others, it’s a total reset and refocus to nourish the body, mind and spirit.”

Nothing in the Byron Yoga Centre program is compulsory. You can join the early morning flow yoga class or you can sleep in. You can attend the afternoon Yin session or you can take a bike and head to the beach or for a wander around town. And no matter which experience you choose, Byron Yoga Centre will ensure you are nourished with fresh healthy vegetarian food, although you can also choose to purchase a coffee or a sweet refined-sugar-free treat.

The experience

Byron Yoga Centre offers seven-, fiveand three-day retreats every week of the year, so you can decide what and when works for you. “You could also choose to book in for an extra night before or after your retreat program to make the most of your trip to Byron Bay,” Elise says. “Every few months, we offer a special women’s retreat, which is a deeply transformative experience of sharing\ circles, rituals and an exploration of the natural cycles women experience each month and in life.”

The centre’s signature programs all follow the same daily timetable of a prebreakfast flow yoga and post-breakfast wellness session, then a mid-morning alignment-focused yoga class. Afternoons are dedicated to free time until 4pm. Enjoy the centre’s gorgeous surrounds, take a dip in the heated mineral salt pool, or lie back and relax with a massage that’s included in your package price. Finally, enjoy a relaxing Yin or restorative yoga class to finish up your day.

“All the retreats also include a sunrise walk to the famous lighthouse,” Elise says. Longer programs at Byron Yoga Centre include the full spectrum of wellness sessions, such as the popular cooking demonstration, with the three-day retreats featuring the centre’s key workshops on philosophy and alignment. “By giving yourself the full seven days, you are more likely to establish healthy habits, lay the foundations for a home yoga and meditation practice, and see real change,” Elise says. “However, even the three days are a wonderful gift to give yourself and can be completely life-changing.”

A retreat program at the Byron Yoga Centre truly is affordable. The three-day retreat’s early-bird price is just $660AUD and includes a twinshare room with shared bathroom, all meals, the program and a massage. “The only additional costs would be your coffees and café tab or extra treatments,” Elise says.

Food and accommodation

verdant greenery surrounds the centre, creating the perfect vista for your stay. Rooms are clean and simple, allowing guests to focus on the natural beauty of the grounds. Guests can choose from a very affordable twin share room with shared bathroom or upgrade to a private room or en suite option.

Step outside your room into the restaurant and you’ll find that fresh, seasonal produce is heroed at the Byron Yoga Centre. “The meals are amazing and get rave reviews from guests,” Elise says, adding that much of the produce in the kitchen is grown onsite in the abundant organic garden.

Byron Yoga Centre follows the principles of SLOW food, focusing on ingredients that are Seasonal, Local, Organic and Without any processing. The kitchen also aligns its menu planning with the wisdom of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga. “You will love the food but your body will also naturally gently detox,” Elise says.

All the food at the centre is vegetarian and eggs can be purchased for breakfast. Mostly the meals are gluten- and dairy-free but when this is not the case, alternatives are always offered. Other dietary requirements can be catered for. Coffee lovers are also catered for.

Things to remember

while this resort may seem like a tropical paradise, it’s situated just a 10-minute bike ride from Byron Bay. “Guests are always amazed at how secluded the eco haven is yet how close it is to town,” Elise says. Before arriving at the resort, guests should also mentally prepare for their visit. “Setting your own intentions will help you get the most out of a retreat,” Elise says. “Often, just booking your place on a retreat will start the process of change.”

Retreat facilities

  • Yoga classes
  • Yoga teacher training
  • Vegetarian menu
  • Special dietary requirements catered for (gluten- and dairy-free meals)
  • Heated 20-metre mineral-salt pool
  • Free bicycle hire
  • Cooking demonstration (on selected retreats)
  • Lighthouse walk (on selected retreats)

Contact details

Ph: 02 6685 8327
Address: 50 Skinners Shoot Rd, Byron Bay NSW 2481
Website: byronyoga.com
Socials: @ByronYogaCentre

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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Leave your holiday feeling refreshed!

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