Yoga Reflection

“Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true wisdom.”
– Yoga wisdom from Lao Tse.

I know very little of Lao Tse, but I recognise something of value in this small yogic morsel.

This piece was used at the yoga centre today and an interesting discussion ensued. I also recognise how much easier it is to look at others, than it is to look at yourself.  The relationship problems of others are especially fascinating to me!  I can discuss them for hours – just don’t ask me how to solve or even consciously talk about by own!  Here’s hoping that in my continued yoga practice, there is a pathway to self knowledge.


Yoga Genie
Chief Bloggist, Yoga Whatever…

Yoga Genie

Yoga Genie

Restaurant reviewers find it easier to travel incognito, and so do I. I travel a lot for work and use this as an excuse check out yoga classes, yoga courses and yoga colleges around my home country, Australia. In this yoga blog, I refer to yoga centres in Sydney. I am not actually a yoga teacher, just a passionate yoga student.

I have practised yoga in the US and have done yoga courses in India but have no bias towards any yoga style. Actually, maybe I am biased to a yoga style, or at least certain methods of education applied in yoga courses, but I’ll leave it to you to find out what that is. My mission? I just want people to think a little deeper about yoga.

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