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College of Complementary Medicine

College of Complementary Medicine (CCM) is an accredited college with campuses in Sydney and Melbourne. However, our online study and online combined study options mean our courses are accessible to students all over Australia. We offer everything from free discovery sessions and short courses to diploma and advanced diploma level courses. Some of our courses are also open to international students.

CCM has been delivering industry-accredited and government-approved diplomas in Complementary Medicine and Transpersonal Therapies since 2001. CCM’s practical and high-quality programs are led and delivered by an experienced team of lecturers.

Our courses offer a unique mix of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge techniques. Learning happens in a supportive environment that allows students to explore and evolve as individuals, while equipping them with the skills necessary for a successful career in a growing industry.

CCM’s high-quality training has opened up a variety of career options for its graduates. CCM students are working in many different community services organisations, in their own clinics and in integrative clinics with doctors and other health practitioners.

Why choose CCM?

With 21 years in operation, CCM has had over 2000 successful graduates. Our lecturers have over 200 years of combined teaching experience, and 95 per cent of our lecturers run successful clinics bringing real-life client experience to their teaching. Plus, our courses are industry-accredited and government-approved diplomas, and we have study loans available through ZeeFi.

The CCM story

When David Corby, co-founder of CCM, left a life of high finance to reconnect with the world around him, a yoga session at sunrise led to the dawn of an idea that would change things forever.

Originally working as a chief economist in the financial market, Corby’s life took an unexpected turn when his wife almost died following a serious illness. One day on his arrival at work he was struck by the thought that he was wasting his time — he wanted to do something different, something meaningful. On completing a short course in kinesiology and seeing the results kinesiology was having on his wife’s recovery, Corby realised he was hooked. During an early morning yoga session, he had a revelation. What he envisioned was a place that offered inspired learning, led by highly trained and well-respected mentors, dedicated to providing the right knowledge, practical experience and career development coaching to those wishing to pursue a career in complementary and transpersonal medicine. Together with founding partner Ondrej Bursik, the dream became a reality and the College of Complementary Medicine was born.

Twenty-one years later the college follows the same philosophy, offering heart-centred accredited vocational training for people looking to add purpose and meaning to their own lives and to the lives of others.

Courses on offer

HLT52415 Diploma of Kinesiology
10990NAT Diploma of Mind Body Medicine
10708NAT Advanced Diploma of Integrative Complementary Medicine
10687NAT Diploma of Sports Therapy Kinesiology
10701NAT Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy (Art Therapy)
10701NAT Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy (Counselling)

If you are interested in a career in complementary medicine or transpersonal therapies and would like to understand how to become qualified and develop practical skills to support a meaningful career in these fields, please contact us or register for one of our free discovery sessions.

Connect with CCM today.

T: +61 2 9477 0600
W: ccm.edu.au
E: enquiries@ccm.edu.au
Scan QR code to book a free discovery session today.

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WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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