Art Of Finding Life Balance

How to create a healthy life balance

Flexibility, lots of options, life balance and learning are integral elements of the Australian Correspondence Schools (ACS) Distance Education experience. ACS aims to inspire students to gain a depth of knowledge of and passion for their chosen field.
For more than 40 years, ACS has been providing quality distance and online adult education to students in Australia and all around the world. ACS systems, customer service and courses are always being refined to provide the best courses for an optimal learning experience.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, many people are now reconsidering their lives and priorities, and are looking to match their values more closely with how they live and work. People are slowing down, making time for things they enjoy doing and looking to work in careers that are rewarding and that they are passionate about. Giving back to the community is also a common post-COVID theme.

People are slowing down, making time for things they enjoy doing and looking to work in careers that are rewarding and that they are passionate about.

ACS is a great partner for facilitating a life change. More than just studying an online course, students receive support from the moment they enquire. ACS is small enough to help students find their niche, while mature enough to make sure it delivers a great course. It offers its students the support of a large network of professional tutors to support them all the way through the learning journey.

ACS courses are aimed at fostering professional development, helping people get a start in a new career, and helping students develop a greater understanding of a topic they are passionate about. Students of ACS enjoy a supportive learning environment where they receive regular feedback and support from their tutors. They don’t just want you to complete your course, they want to foster a lifelong love of learning too — no matter what your passion is.


ACS principal John Mason brings a philosophy of education that encourages students to gain practical experience and get to know the industry, irrespective of where the student is based or their circumstances. Online courses can be studied anywhere in the world at any time, and the school even provides paper notes to Australian-based students who like to have printed notes.

Students transform their lives

ACS has had many students finish their studies with the school and go on to start their own businesses or work in the industries they are so passionate about. ACS graduates have started successful landscaping and horticulture businesses, become health and wellness coaches, worked in wildlife conservation worldwide, started animal sanctuaries … and so many more beautiful and inspiring success stories.


ACS offers courses in human health, nutrition, aromatherapy, permaculture, self-sufficiency, agriculture, environmental science, wildlife, psychology, counselling, horticulture, agriculture and lots more. There are hundreds of courses to choose from.
ACS offers courses in three different formats: Certificate and Advanced Certificate courses (600 hours of learning), Short courses (100 hours of learning), as well as Mini courses (20-hour student-led learning), and their Micro-course subscription (Learn How To) also has a free 30-day free trial.

Deciding what to study can be complicated. For many years, ACS has been matching courses to goals and aspirations. It offers a free course advice service (course counselling), which will help you decide the right course that will fit your needs and your lifestyle. You will get a quick response from one of their helpful course advisers, who will help you match a course to your needs.

Business opportunities

In addition to offering courses directly, ACS also licenses courses via its affiliate network. If you are interested in starting your own online school, ACS has a highly successful turnkey business model that has everything you need to set up, and ample support and advice on how to get started. This is a unique and profitable opportunity for the right candidates who have strong marketing skills and sales backgrounds. ACS writes all of its own course content, so it is completely original and unique, targeted to adult learners.

Demand for online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic has increased dramatically, so this is a great time to start an online school and build your own business on your own terms. Not only do affiliates get access to ACS’s unique content, they can also use the custom-built Learning Management System that delivers courses, manages students and tutors and handles student assignments. This is a valuable piece of software that you can access for free when you are an ACS affiliate. If you don’t want to build your own website, ACS even has a package that includes a template website that has content already written and ready for you to add your own personalised touches.

Visit ACS’s wellbeing page for information on courses, affiliations, career advice and course advice. Plus, claim your free e-book!

Connect with ACS today:
T: 07 5562 1088

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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