Personal Transformation and Holistic Naturopathic Healing

Allanah Robinson-Cook was taking 2 Western medicine degrees when a single naturopathic appointment sent her down a different career path.

“I grew up in Perth in a family who prioritised work over health,” Allanah Robinson-Cook says. “I was a hyperactive child, and as an adult I have been diagnosed with ADHD. As a teenager, I started tuning into how my brain functioned differently when I changed my diet and made more nutritious dietary choices.”

After school, Robinson-Cook studied sports science. While at university, she also spent six months in the United States and worked as a lifeguard at summer camps for disadvantaged children. During this time, she managed two emergency incidents, sparking her interest in paramedicine.

“Back home, I started studying paramedicine. It was an amazing degree, but my gut health issues came to the fore.” Robinson-Cook decided to see a naturopath.

“That one naturopathic appointment changed my life. I felt so heard and understood. She connected many elements of my health. So I paused my paramedicine studies and enrolled at Endeavour.

“In paramedic prac, we would pass patients onto the hospital team, but never heard what happened. It was intense seeing the families’ reactions and not knowing how their loved ones did. I saw naturopathy as the opposite — integral to a person’s ongoing health and wellbeing.”

Robinson-Cook was studying two degrees full-time — naturopathy and sports science — and working two jobs. “It was busy, but for my whole life, my family has normalised busyness. I was also a competitive ballroom dancer, so I was also dancing for many hours a week!”

“I found the content at Endeavour easy to learn, and I loved being on campus,” Robinson-Cook said. “I built relationships with many lecturers and made lifelong connections. I am so grateful to the lecturers, particularly one who helped me build my confidence after a difficult experience working in a clinic outside of Endeavour. The lecturers can see when you’re overwhelmed and help you through it. By the fourth year, you’re well prepared and ready to practise.”

Robinson-Cook has finished sports science and naturopathy and is ready to do her own thing. She has moved from Perth to Margaret River, where her partner is from, and set up her naturopathy business, ARC Wellness.

“I didn’t want to lose any momentum, and the opportunity to share a space came from another Endeavour graduate,” she explains. “I’m also working online for Mecca and as a Pilates and barre instructor, so there is no financial stress to build my naturopathy business quickly.

“Down the track, I may integrate my sports science and naturopathy knowledge,” she says. “But as a recent graduate, I want to see different clients and get a feel for different cases. I know as a naturopath, no matter how experienced you are, you’re always learning.”

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Article featured in WellBeing 207

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WellBeing Team

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