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Transforming the future of complementary therapists

The International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) was founded by CEO Lawrence Ellyard over two decades ago. With over 10,700 members worldwide, the close-knit community of dedicated individuals are bound together by a collective passion for healing. Based in Byron Bay but operating globally, the independent professional body provides membership, insurance and business resources to complementary therapists across more than 35 countries.

Over the past two decades, IICT has refi ned its professional membership and insurance products to suit the needs of the time. Off ering coverage and support for practitioners worldwide across a staggering 1100 complementary therapy modalities, IICT’s membership and insurance products provide comprehensive solutions to a growing global industry.

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, IICT continues to lead the way in empowering therapists to thrive in their practices while ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and client care.

Becoming a member of IICT offers you:


Provide your clients peace of mind by ensuring that your qualifications are recognised by IICT’s international professional industry body.

Access to competitively priced insurance

Complementary therapists are benefiting from increased acceptance among insurance companies with a greater number of policies now covering alternative treatments. IICT is partnered with BMS to bring members exclusive access to comprehensive and cost-effective coverage.

No need for ongoing Continued Professional Education (CPE) or first aid certification

IICT distinguishes itself by providing membership and insurance options without the need for ongoing Continued Professional Education (CPE) or first aid certification. Although IICT strongly advocates for continued learning and professional development, it can be at your own pace, within your interests and on your terms.

Multiple modalities accepted

IICT is the preferred choice for complementary therapists working with multi-modalities as they offer global recognition of over 1100 modalities such as yoga, reiki, hypnotherapy, NLP, massage, meditation, counselling, life coaching, kinesiology, Time Line Therapy, crystal healing and more.

Internationally recognised membership

An IICT membership offers complementary therapists international recognition, validating their expertise and elevating the global impact of the complementary therapy industry.

Downloadable practitioner resources, eBooks and templates

IICT off ers a wealth of business tips, tricks, tools and resources. When you become an IICT member, you gain access to IICT’s professional seals and logos, an in-depth practitioner stationery kit, client consent and intake forms, invaluable eBooks, marketing checklists and many more business growth resources.

Find out what IICT members have to say

“As a reiki practitioner and lifestyle coach, I highly appreciate the support and guidance offered through membership and insurance with IICT as well as their online community group and resources.” ~ Angie

“One of the ways that IICT stands out to me as a professional practitioner and member of the organisation is the level of professionalism and access to ready-to-go marketing materials. The member portal truly is truly helpful, especially when establishing a new practice or sole-trader business. In my experience, this is quite different to other member organisations.” ~ Dijana

“Over the years, I’ve joined a few different associations and I have found IICT to be the most informative and valuable. They have so many amazing offers for members, from networking, information on a range of modalities, discounts for further study, marketing information and more. I love the articles they share on their blog across a broad range of topics. If you are looking for a professional industry body, I highly recommend IICT.” ~ Natalie

Join IICT today

IICT sets the benchmark for complementary therapies worldwide. With an unwavering commitment to recognise and elevate the global impact of complementary therapists, you’ll not only feel supported by your membership and insurance provider, but you’ll take your natural therapy business to new heights.

For more details, visit or call 02 5629 7777.

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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