The talk around tissue salts – in conversation with Susan Gianevsky from Martin & Pleasance

We chat to Susan Gianevsky from Martin & Pleasance about her start in natural health, journey with Martin & Pleasance and why we should all consider adding tissue salts to our health routine. 

Can you give us some of your background in natural health?

I have always been fascinated by natural health as my grandmother was a herbalist and after teaching for 9 years I moved into studying natural medicine after being introduced to Tissue Salts and Bach Flowers. This led me into my second degree which was in Naturopathy and then more study as I was fascinated by Homeopathic medicine. It was my teaching degree that gave me the confidence to become a teacher in health.

It was really my passion that opened my pathway into health studies. I am sharing my love affair with natural health and health products every day which allows me to live in good health daily. It is simply living in my integrity to ensure that we continue building strong health platforms that inspire everyone I meet.

Tell us about your work journey with Martin and Pleasance?

I came to know Martin & Pleasance as a friend introduced me to Tissue Salts and Bach Flowers which were brands that have been part of Martin & Pleasance for a very long time. While I was studying I used to visit the Martin & Pleasance store in Richmond buying my books for college and I was offered a position due to my passion for their key brands at the time and my teaching background allowed me to promote the brands wherever I went. I have been part of the Martin & Pleasance family for more than 25 years now and I am still as passionate about this company as I was when I started my career here.

I am still teaching and writing on Schuessler Tissue Salts while embracing all their other brands. I have continued to grow as a practitioner and my role as Health Ambassador has allowed me to meet and share health nationally and internationally. It is such a joy being linked with an Australian owned company that still makes all its products in Australia. I believe I continue to work at Martin & Pleasance because of their integrity and commitment they have to health alongside formulating the only Tissue Salts in the world still made the way Dr Schuessler suggested all those years ago.

One of the brands in the Martin & Pleasance stable is the Schuessler Tissue Salts range. Can you explain what Tissue Salts are?

Tissue Salts are microdose minerals that support the healing processes in the body by regulating mineral levels. They are the 12 vital minerals that the body needs daily to support cell metabolism and ensure that the minerals which the body ingests are evenly distributed. They were developed, promoted and successfully put into practice as a therapeutic system by the German Physician, Dr Schuessler at the end of the 19th Century.

What values drive you and the Schuessler Tissue Salts brand?

There isn’t any other natural medicine/remedy quite like the Tissue Salts which support your cells by accelerating absorption from your food and/or supplements. This is a brand that is part of the heritage brands which belong to Martin & Pleasance and are still prepared following Dr Schuessler’s methods over 200 years ago….using a mortar and pestle. Martin & Pleasance are also known for their innovative ways and a number of years ago started formulating Tissue Salts without lactose for those who are lactose-free. I am very honoured to have formulated the recipes that make up the Kidz Mineral range. To think this love affair with Schuessler started over 30 years ago and now they continue to inspire me from the daily feedback I receive.

Why are Tissue Salts important to our health and wellbeing?

Tissue Salts are important to our health as we cannot continue building good health if our cells are starved from nutrition. We often think if we eat well we will stay well however this isn’t the case always. Our soils are deficient in nutrients that were always present years ago, we eat on the run, our stress levels challenge us and we find it difficult to just be still. Lack of a particular Tissue Salt in the cell arises from stress, a poor diet, bacteria, viruses, pollution or injury. Our cells are what makes up who we are, our organs, our blood, our connective tissues and all these require the 12 Tissue Salts. Symptoms inform us which Tissue Salt we are deficient in.

What makes Tissue Salts different from other vitamins?

Tissue Salts are intracellular food for the cells whereas vitamins are extracellular food for our cells. Without Tissue Salts it is often difficult to absorb vitamins as they all often need to break down in the digestive tract whereas Tissue Salts do not need to be broken down in the digestive tract before being assimilated, which makes them extremely effective. I call them the G.P.S of the body ensuring that all you are supplementing with and eating is being distributed to where it needs to be. Vitamins in my mind are useless without Tissue Salts as often vitamins cannot be effectively absorbed which is really a waste of building these crude nutrients. Tissue Salts cannot build in the body as can vitamins and do not interfere alongside any prescriptive medication or other regimes followed but rather support all regimes including any vitamins you may be choosing to take.

Do you have a favourite product in the Schuessler Tissue Salts range and why?

My favourite Tissue Salt is Kali Phos – Nerve Nutrient that can be taken on its own or in the Comb 5 formula which includes all the 5 phosphates needed by the nervous system to run smoothly. Tissue Salts have never let me down but rather continue to support every cell of my body as they have been over the years. All my clients are still given Tissue Salts as part of their health regime.

What is the vision for Schuessler Tissue Salts and how do you see your role in this?

My vision is that every household has Tissue Salts as part of their wellness regime. I wrote a book on Tissue Salts many years ago and have started adding to this material as well as having more of a presence on social media running a number of live videos for everyone to kick start the health of their cells. I will continue building on my passion that adding a Tissue Salt to your health regime will better activate that regime, because your cells are receiving better nutrition you can better absorb and adapt to any regime you are following. I am keen to make my training and knowledge on Tissue Salts more available to everyone who is keen to build on their health as well as having Tissue Salts again part of the naturopathic curriculum in every college in Australia and New Zealand.

Susan Gianevsky holds qualifications in both Teaching and Homeopathy specializing in mineral therapy. Gianevsky has a Bachelors in Education, was awarded an International Teaching Fellowship in 1986 and has a Diploma of Homeopathy.

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