Diverse and Delicious Organic Wine – Salena Estate Wines

Salena Estate is a family-owned business specialising in diverse and delicious organic wines. We speak to Salena Franchitto, the woman behind the brand’s namesake, about family legacy and vineyard sustainability.

Tell us about Salena Estate Wines.

Currently, Salena Estate Wines are marketed under a range of brands with variations of packaging and differing price points. Our primary organic brands are Salena Estate Organic and Twisted Sticks. These brands showcase the beauty of organic wine and how easily interchangeable it can be for everyday consumption. Including white, red and rosé, we really do cover all bases when it comes to organic wines.

What is the story of your brand?

Salena Estate Wines is a family-owned grape grower, producer and bottler of premium wines based in South Australia’s renowned Riverland region. The company was established in 1998 by vignerons Bob and Sylvia Franchitto and named after their daughter, Salena. From the outset, their objective was to become recognised as makers of world-class wines that represent great value in any market that they are offered. Salena Estate is a truly vertically, integrated enterprise. It grows its own grapes, harvests and quickly transports them to a modern winery located on-site, then completes the production process by bottling and packaging before shipping to markets across the globe.

What has been the highlight of your brand story?

Having the family all working together is really nice, it feels like a real family business. While the company has always been family-owned, it now feels more family-run as well with Bob as managing director, Sylvia as director, Salena in marketing and Tyrone, Sylvia and Bob’s son, as a brand ambassador.

What has been the most challenging part of the journey?

Initially, we found growth when we first branched into the export market in the early 2000s. Interest in the brand increased when we converted to organic wine in 2009. When the China exports took off, we were able to make the most of that growing market and, as a result, we grew as well. We have recently found the demand SALENAfor organic wines increasing, which has created significant growth for us.

Why is being certified organic important to your brand?

Salena Estate Wines is one of the largest producers of organic wine in Australia and we are very proud of that. Owners Bob and Sylvia are very passionate about ensuring there is something left behind for their children and grandchildren. Initially, they wanted to ensure there was a legacy within the winery left for future generations. They soon realised that they needed to do their part to look after the environment if they wanted anything to be left behind. Becoming organic was the first step in that direction and they have since branched out into working towards their wines being vegan and their company and vineyards being sustainable.

Where can we buy your product?

Salena Estate wines are available at First Choice and Liquorland.

For more information visit salenaestate.com.au or phone 08 8584 1333.

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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