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An al naturale approach to milk

Why does almond milk never taste like actual almonds? Marialuisa Castrignano, founder of Al Naturale, tells us how this question lead her on a journey to create her own natural almond milk company in the heart of Melbourne. 

How did the story of Al Naturale begin?

I was searching for an Almond milk that when you drink it would really taste like almonds, but I couldn’t find it. So, this is how my journey began. I decided to make my own. After many tentative moments and through perseverance, I created exactly was I was looking for, a natural Almond Milk that when you drink it, you could really taste the goodness of the almonds. 

And this is how Al Naturale was born

What makes Al Naturale different from other almond milk brands?

What makes Al Naturale unique and different from others is working with quality and premium ingredients. Al Naturale is committed to providing an almond milk that is genuine and natural using the richness of 20% of almonds in one bottle or 8% barista almond milk. Al Naturale guarantees the use of zero additives or preservatives, and this is what makes it an authentic fresh almond milk.

Why do you add Medjool dates to your almond milk?

Al Naturale uses premium Medjool dates to balance a touch of sweetness with the heartiness of the almonds as a result, you obtain a Naturale high-quality product only 4 ingredients. In addition, Medjool dates are well known for their health benefits and healing properties

What has been the most challenging and the best parts of your journey so far?

At times it can be challenging to be only myself doing everything from production to the final sale. However I must say it is very rewarding at the same time.

How does Al Naturale support sustainability?

Al Naturale aims to provide high-quality products, whilst also supporting the environment through sustainable and ethical choices, this includes local sourcing, reusable packaging and taking the steps towards efficient eco-friendly production. We aim to give back to the body for the great work it does every day, whilst also giving our community a new and natural alternative to milk as we know it

How does Al Naturale support other local Aussie businesses?

Al Naturale uses 96% Australian ingredients and always strives to support locals by attending local markets, community events, stocking Al Naturale at the local shops and cafes. Al Naturale’s mission is to support the Melbournian coffee culture maintaining high-quality almond milk in the coffee. 

What is your favourite way to have almond milk?

Endless ways… from my coffee to my smoothies, porridge, cakes, biscuits, almond granita, mix it up with digestives or liquors. It’s just hard to think where I wouldn’t use it.

What can we expect to see from Al Naturale moving into the future?

Aiming to supply Al Naturale throughout Melbourne’s cafes and food stores that believe in quality and fresh producers. Also has an alternative cafe shop supplying a variety of nut milk such as: hazelnut, walnut, pistachio and so on.

Where can we grab a bottle?

Farmers markets (like Williamstown, Essendon, Boroondara, Eltham) and in some food stores (Lamanna Organic, Elwood organic, Gertrude Grocers). You can visit our website at to see where we are stocked or follow us on our socials – Facebook  and Instagram – to see where we are going next. 

 For more information visit or follow @alnaturalemilk on Instagram or Facebook.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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