milk alternatives

Al Naturale Milk

An al naturale approach to milk

Why does almond milk never taste like actual almonds? Marialuisa Castrignano, founder of Al Naturale, tell us how this question lead her on a journey to create her own natural almond milk company in the heart of Melbourne. 

Nom Lush Almond — Pureharvest

Pureharvest’s Lush Almond is made from whole organic almonds roasted to perfection. The almonds are then paired with whole organic oats for added sweetness and creaminess. Lush Almond is a uniquely creamy non-dairy milk that works exceptionally well in coffee.

Ulu Hye Mylk Bundle

Ulu Hye Mylk Bundle

Ulu Hye offers a sustainable and healthy solution to plant-based milk offerings. One small, reusable jar makes a whopping 10 litres of homemade mylk. All you need to do is add water and blend! With four varieties to choose from (1. almond, 2. hazelnut, 3. hemp and 4. mixed nut blend), you can create delicious, homemade milk in 60 seconds right from the comfort of your own home. The game changer is that you only make what you need, when you need it. Say goodbye to using long life cartons and wasting half a carton of milk!