The beauty of native — sitting with the co-founders of The Natives Co.

We learn about a passion for native and the power of plants with Vanessa Noy and Leesa Gibbs, co-founders of the online store The Natives Co.

Please share a bit about the holistic philosophy underpinning The Natives Co.

Beauty truly is in the midst of a revolution. It has evolved and continues to evolve in the best possible ways. Our ethos is built on a mindset that seeks to bring health and wellbeing to every function of your body. Beauty is about the individual — what makes you feel beautiful, how you embrace your inner and outer beauty and how you choose to share that with the world. At The Natives Co, beauty encompasses how we address self-care, health and wellbeing, including our lifestyle choices. The very best “clean beauty” is empowering wellness through quality products that prioritise natural and non-toxic ingredients that nourish (rather than attempt to modify) the skin, create skincare rituals that promote stress-relief and support emotional and mental wellbeing, honour sourcing and manufacturing practices that are unquestionably sustainable, cruelty-free and vegan and contribute to reducing our environmental footprint. At The Natives Co, we seek out the best clean beauty brands both locally and internationally. We’ve spent years trialing, testing and researching brands that are raising the bar in the natural space. We seek brands that are setting the standards and charging the path where beauty, health and wellbeing unite. It is important that we share a common philosophy — where all has been considered and cost is not prioritised over functionality, and where mainstream products that are filled with water, synthetic emollients and preservatives are replaced with transparency and an overarching passion for botanicals and inherent knowledge of their function that drives the brand. We look to provide the best natural and organic products that support holistic beauty rituals with ingredients that nurture a strong and resilient skin barrier. Skin health is of utmost importance in alignment to our overall wellbeing. It is not a single concern that primarily drives these skincare routines, rather a holistic approach to skincare. Understanding that healthy and resilient skin is a result of superior natural ingredients, simple and effective practices and dedication to the routine — that is key to a glowing complexion.

What inspired the name, “The Natives Co”?

Vanessa: Our name and ethos are multi-layered with a strong connection to the earth. “Natives” is an obvious reference to botanicals and the role these amazing plants play in our skincare and wellbeing. But we also consider how native plants thrive and coexist in their ecosystems, not taking more than they need or exploiting their surrounding environment. We believe this is a model we can all aspire to. It’s a choice that becomes a lifestyle. We want to help make that lifestyle a reality for everyone.

What are your favourite natural beauty or wellbeing rituals?

Leesa: My daily “me” moment is applying my botanical face oil. I love the sensorial experience of the dry oil as it melts into your skin. The most premium-blended oils also have amazing aroma-therapeutic properties, clear the mind and uplift the soul — true luxury. When I’ve got a bit more time for the ultimate indulgence, I follow my yoga practice with an organic face mask and a soak in a mineral bath. A deep relax finished with a body oil, my skin feels amazing, my body is recharged and my mind is centred. Bliss. Vanessa: I have been a devotee of organic skincare products for the best part of 20 years. As I enter my mid-forties with a healthy, youthful complexion, I thank my younger self for the dedication to my daily night ritual. Each night, I take 15 minutes to prepare my skin for overnight renewal. I double cleanse (as I wear makeup during the day), prep with a mist, apply a probiotic treatment serum (either a natural AHA or a pro-retinoic from Amala) and finish with a balm massaged into my face, neck and décolletage. Twice a week, I spend an extra 10 minutes where I exfoliate and mask — this makes a big difference to my skin — and if I miss a week due to travel or other commitments, my skin lets me know.

Why is it important for consumers to embrace our native land and use organic beauty and wellbeing products that care for both them and the planet?

Mother Nature has given us the greatest gift. For centuries, communities have harvested and called upon the powerful benefits of botanicals for their endless uses in medicine, skincare and perfumery. In a modern world, we can utilise the power of science with botanicals, combined to harness the best nature has to offer to enhance and nourish our skin, hair and bodies. Good manufacturing practices, sustainable sourcing, following certification standards and providing support to local communities is what will lead to this becoming standard practice in the future. Why manufacture and use synthetic ingredients when there are sustainable natural alternatives? Think about organic farming practices that enhance biodiversity, resulting in better soil quality, reduced pollution from fertiliser or pesticide run-off and consideration of water conservation in manufacturing. Wild harvesting practices around the globe support the delicate ecosystems for generations to come as well as give local communities a source of income. The choice is conscious and it’s readily available to us. Natural and organic skincare is as effective and may be more effective in supporting positive ageing of the skin, while being a conscious positive choice in supporting a happier planet.

How important is fostering a sense of community in the world of natural beauty and wellbeing?

We know that the challenges of this year have really highlighted just how valuable community (of any kind) is for our emotional and physical wellbeing. That feeling of being connected to something that is bigger than the individual is very meaningful food for our souls. At The Natives Co, we bring together like-minded indie brands and individuals with shared values around health and beauty, consumerism and the environment. In our community, pure and clean plant-based skincare and makeup is the standard. There is no pressure for perfectionism. It’s an invitation to join us, to collaborate in a journey where we encourage self-care through mindful holistic practices. We’re passionate about supporting brands collectively that go the extra mile and prioritising product function and efficacy, while considering their contributions towards preserving the environment and local communities. Together we can drive change and move towards a new normal where clean and green is the standard and expected. Community is powerful in driving change and that change, we can only think, is for the better. For more information, visit

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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