Bigger is better for the future of organic farming — chatting with Murray River Organics

The WellBeing team chat to Murray River Organics about the future of Australian organic farming, supporting local farmers, and constant innovation.

What was the initial vision for Murray River Organics, and how has that changed over time? 

Murray River Organics was started on the banks of the Murray River, in Mildura where we first started growing organic dried vine fruit over 10 years ago. Still today we continue to grow organic ingredients across the Sunraysia region including sultanas, currants and sun muscat raisins. As adapters and promoters of organic farming, it soon became an obsession of ours to grow the category and make clean, delicious and organic ingredients accessible mainstream. This has led us to form partnerships with organic growers across the globe and introduce our own retail range of organic products which are available now in Woolworths, Coles and select independent grocers.

What are some of the values that guide you and Murray River Organics?

Our mission is to make organic and better-for-you products by farming and sourcing world-class ingredients. We choose organic, put nature first and believe wholeheartedly that we are stronger together.

How do you work to support local farmers with your work?

Despite having the most farmable organic land than any other country in the world, Australia does not capitalise on it and many organic ingredients are either not grown here at all, or in small countries. That being the case we work with growing partners both at home and abroad to find the best organic ingredients available.

Why is bigger better in this case? 

Being big means that we can make a bigger impact. As Australia’s largest producer of organic dried vine fruit, we endeavour to use our size and scale for good, growing the organics category in Australia in an effort to increase local growing initiatives.

Why is Murray River Organics moving into edible organic hemp?

We are innovators at heart and growers by trade. It made sense for us to look into growing organic hemp on our own farms, especially seeing as how there is a gap in the market for a home-grown organic offering. It was a test crop, but a successful one at that with a very healthy and hopeful harvest achieved at the end of it.

What are three things we can do right now to improve the way we shop for our food items? 

  • Look for the bud! When you see the ACO logo on your food you know that the product your choosing is Australian Certified Organic.
  • Check the back of the pack before you buy. The most natural products will have small, simple ingredient listings that you will be able to understand. Flag anything you don’t!
  • Choose organic. When you choose organic you’re supporting farming systems that protect and preserve natural resources, and that deserves a pat on the back!

What’s next for Murray River Organics?

Innovation, innovation, innovation. We are working hard (and with much excitement) behind the scenes, expanding the boundaries of organic retail products and building on our staple offering with new, delicious offerings in the works. Stay tuned!


Lauren Moore

Lauren Moore

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