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Salt Flakes

Salt Flakes — Murray River Salt

Award winning Murray River Salt ‘Salt Flakes’ available in a convenient 200g canister. The 200g canister is an ideal food lovers’ gift, perfect for inclusion in gourmet hampers or for home use. These delicate salt flakes are an ideal garnish and finishing salt to compliment any dish.

Salted Chocolate

Salted Chocolate Bar — Murray River Salt

Murray River Salt ‘Salted Chocolate Bar’ is made with 70% premium dark chocolate and just the right amount of Murray River Salt ‘Salt Flakes’. It is the perfect snack-sized bar with just the right balance of chocolate and salt.

Inner Essentials – Skin + Gut Renew Powder

Your gut microbiome lies at the core of your health – from the radiance of your skin and strength of your immune system, to the health of your digestive system and balance of your hormones and mood. Inner Essentials Skin + Gut Renew is a comprehensive naturopathic formula containing a combination of nutrients, along with herbs traditionally used in Western herbal medicine designed to support healthy gastrointestinal immune function and skin health.

Wb Wotnot Natural Sunscreen Baby 600x400px

Wotnot 30 SPF Natural Baby Sunscreen

Specially formulated for sensitive, delicate skin, using the finest and most gentle natural extracts without any nasties to protect and nourish skin from newborns. Non-toxic and natural sunscreen for babies and kids

Wb Wotnot Natural Sunsceen 600x400px

Wotnot 30 SPF Natural Sunscreen

A beautiful, clean formula that glides effortlessly across the skin, it leaves skin feeling soft, supple, and nourished, perfect for sensitive skin. It is also reef-friendly, and free from any nasty toxins and chemicals.

7 Herbs For Your Beauty Routine

7 herbs for your beauty routine

Herbs are well known for their medicinal qualities, but they can also be a valued part of your beauty routine. Discover the beauty benefits of seven herbs: frankincense, green tea, camomile, lavender, calendula (marigold), rosemary and turmeric. Before cosmetic products existed, many cultures around the world utilised native herbs, oils, spices, mud and even insects […]

Benefits Of Organic Baby Products

In the early stages of your child’s life, it’s essential you do what you can to take proper care of them – both inside and out. Their health and safety are at the top of your priority list as a parent, and as such, many experts say that natural and organic baby products are best.