EMF harmonizers

Discover how EMF harmonizers create a healthier home

Discover Orgone Effects’ EMF harmonizers for a healthier, EMF-free living. Neutralize harmful effects and explore our range of products

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I am an intuitive building biologist who from the very beginning 23 years ago manufacturer my own EMF harmonizers for my consultancy work. Since then our product range and performance has grown to where we are now.

How do Orgon Effects products work?

They produce a negative charge resonance which is what is required to harmonize the harmful effect of EMF on the Chinese meridians.

What are the benefits of using Orgon Effects products?

The products provide people the opportunity to live  their lives in spaces which are EMF free.

Especially these days with the 5G street lights which generate a very harmful Geoelectric Ground Current which causes Geopathic Stress on the human Chinese Meridians and nervous system. Our harmonizers have the ability to neutralize the Geoelectric Ground currents.

How do I choose the right Orgone Effects product for me?

One way is by reaching out to us for an Intuitive Google Earth reading for their homes or workplaces. That way we can recommend which harmonizing products would be suitable for their needs.

Our website has our range of products and also a great deal of information about the different types of EMF.

What is one of the highlights of your brand journey to date?

Working closely with the Natural Therapy practitioners throughout Australia in being able to satisfy their needs for a comprehensive range of EMF harmonizing products.

Where can we buy your product?


Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about your brand?

We are always researching what new forms of EMF which we are exposed to which the public have no awareness of, and providing solutions for what we discover. For example the Geoelectric Ground Currents from the 5G street lights and human generated EMF issues.

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WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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EMF harmonizers

Discover how EMF harmonizers create a healthier home