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Global Café Direct delivering dedication, love and expertise in every cup!

Tell our readers the Global Café Direct story.

Global Café Direct is not only 100 per cent certified organic but also fairtrade certified. We deliver a greater-tasting and ethically sourced coffee.

As a commodity, we understand the volatility of our beloved beverage. It’s dependent on weather conditions and susceptible to disease. Coffee wouldn’t survive if not for the tireless work of the farmers who produce it. That’s why we not only consider the taste, but also how the coffee is grown when creating our product.

Finding 100 per cent organic-certified green beans is part of our extensive sourcing process. From there, our master roasters determine how to bring out the best from each bean, enhancing the flavours unique to each origin and then blending them to perfection.

Global Café Direct Organic Coffee is the result of dedication, love and expertise in every cup.

If a reader was new to Global Café Direct, which product in your range should they start with and why?

Global Café Direct Organic 250g Ground Coffee is our most versatile and loved blend. It’s ground for your convenience on those especially busy mornings and can be used in a plunger, a stovetop percolator or a filter coffee or pour-over coffee maker. It’s been expertly roasted for a deliciously smooth and sweet, medium-bodied coffee. Have an espresso machine? Get the Espresso Ground option for the perfect home espresso every time.

Organic certification is important to Global Café Direct; tell our readers more about your organic offerings.

The Global Café Direct range has recently expanded to include whole beans in two new sizes, joining our pre-ground coffee and our decaf. Our online store boasts several ranges of organic tea and hot chocolate. There’s something for all the hot beverage drinkers, and you can visit for the full range.

What is one of the highlights of your organic journey to date?

We love seeing the number of people who drink our organic coffee grow year on year. We also love producing quality coffee that people can enjoy at home — plus it shows a growing movement of people who are consciously choosing organic, using ethical consumer power for a greener and healthier future.

Where can we buy Global Café Direct products?

Global Café Direct products are available at IGA and Foodworks supermarkets, or you can order online at

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about Global Café Direct?

Global Café Direct has an all-new look, with fresh new packaging launched in June, 2022. Our sleek and simplified design reflects the high-quality organic coffee inside. Each blend now has its own unique colour for easy selection at the supermarket. Select peach for our OG original, blue for the espresso machine and green for a caffeine-free option.

While the outside may look different, the coffee inside remains the same. It’s delightfully balanced and smooth, making it the tastiest organic and fairtrade coffee there is.

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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