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Healing with hemp — the medicinal benefits of Best Buds

Enjoy the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp with Best Buds.

Meet Best Buds.

At Best Buds, we have a vision of increasing awareness for the benefits of CBD and hemp in Australia. We want to break the negative stigma associated with CBD. There’s a plethora of data suggesting that CBD products provide short-term and long-term benefits for their users. We think it’s time to show Australians that they can trust their Best Bud and look into the benefits of CBD. We think this is a wonderful opportunity for our business to grow, but more importantly, we want our fellow Australians to join our campaign to legalise CBD in our beautiful country.

Tell us about your products.

Best Buds will be the global marketplace for the highest-quality CBD and hemp products. Rather than just selling products, Best Buds is a community of CBD and hemp enthusiasts, where people can share their stories, provide their recipes and even help fellow buds with common inquiries.

What is the heritage and story of the Best Buds brand?

We started the company in the western suburbs of Sydney. We would like to help our community by sharing the benefits of CBD and hemp. Both goods are non-addictive substances and present a plethora of health benefits. The primary issue is the flawed federal laws, which prevent people from accessing this type of natural medicine. So to fight for our community, we decided to start Best Buds and help dismantle inconsistent cannabis laws. We want our audience to educate themselves to see if this natural medicine is right for them.

What has been the highlight of the Best Buds story?

Partnering up with Australian ambassadors from the Epilepsy Foundation and Dementia Foundation.

What has been the most challenging part of the Best Buds journey?

People have not been educated on the benefits of CBD and their predisposed stigma towards this product has clouded their judgement towards the benefits of the product.

Tell us more about what you’re promoting for Christmas.

We have some Christmas special deals! Enjoy our recipes for Christmas meals using CBD/hemp.

Where can we buy your product?

You can buy our products at

Products will be in stores from mid-2022. 

For more information visit

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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Best Buds

Healing with hemp — the medicinal benefits of Best Buds