Join the superfood family— the philosophy behind activist and founder, Natasha Lewis

We speak to Natasha Lewis, owner of Power Super Foods and passionate activist, who shares the inspiring philosophy behind her business and her favourite hot-chocolate recipe.

When do you feel wild? What makes you feel alive?

I love being somewhere totally remote in nature, camping and unplugged. There’s something about being away from emails, phone calls and schedules. And just surrounded by the wilderness. It’s so rare and precious to be able to do that.

Talk to us about Power Super Foods. What does the brand mean to you, what are its values and what do you love the most about the products?

Power Super Foods is founded on the concept of empowerment. We seek to empower consumers to make good decisions, both healthy and ethical, when they go to the store. Our values of integrity and transparency as well as innovation and creativity mean we’re always striving for the best outcomes for both consumers and producers. We believe we can use our business to make a difference to people’s mental and physical health and to the planet. Our products are divinely delicious and powerfully nutritious, and they encourage me to be more creative in the kitchen. There is so much versatility with our range and so many endless ways to add nutrients and flavour using superfood ingredients. I also love the way superfoods allow us to explore the wider world and bring it back into our home. There’s an amazing origin story and a deep history behind all of our products, whether they’re sourced from a faraway exotic location or right here in Australia. It’s food you can feel good about eating on so many levels.

How has a sense of ambition and drive shaped where you are now?

My passion for sustainability and my love of herbs and food as medicine started at a young age. Even as a child, I was (politely) telling people what to eat. When I was 13, I campaigned on the weekends for the Australian Conservation Foundation. After visiting many countries less fortunate than ours, I realised I couldn’t expect people to care about the environment if they couldn’t afford to feed and educate their children or give them proper healthcare. I joined up with other passionate advocates and co-founded the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand to bring the fair trade label to Australia. Power Super Foods shares my aspirations and philosophy. Better products that are better for the environment while trading with our farmers and producers with dignity and respect.

What is your favourite recipe for autumn?

When I think of autumn, I think of cooler weather and Easter and then my mind naturally goes to chocolate. One of my favourite recipes is a warm cup of cacao made with our rich Cacao Gold Powder, energising Maca Powder, smooth Cacao Butter and sweet Lucuma all blended in a plant-based milk — sipped and savoured slowly to warm up on a crisp autumn day.

What are some of the ways Power Super Foods gives back to the planet?

We work with organisations and cooperatives that operate with fair trade standards that allow their members and farmers to invest in healthcare, education, communities and the environment. We know that sustainability starts with people and when producers can afford basic necessities for their families, they can then focus on sustainable farming practices. We are also certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Organics is not just about being chemical-free, it’s an entire system that includes the growing and the handling of food and how this is all inextricably linked to the health of the people, animals and the environment.

If you could imagine a new world, what would it look like?

A new world would be one where you can give your kids a superfood smoothie for breakfast and they’d be ready for school on time. What does a typical day look like for you? I like to wake up and go for a walk. Some mornings, I play the piano as a relaxing and mindful way to start the day. Breakfast is often an energising smoothie with berries and maca and acai. I then bustle the kids out the door to the bus, which doesn’t always run smoothly! My day in the office usually consists of talking to suppliers, work on planning for the next six months to a year, new product launches, taste testing new superfoods, sourcing new producers to extend our range and chatting to the team about the best way to bring something truly special to our customers.

What’s next for Power Super Foods?

We have more amazing unique seaweeds to add to our collection as well as super berries and medicinal mushrooms. We’ll be developing our website further and continuing to share exciting plant-based recipes for winter immunity. We’re always thinking up innovative and delicious new products to add to our superfood family and talking to our customers about what they’d like to see next.

For more, visit or @powersuperfoods on Instagram.

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