Holistic Living Q&A with The Organic Skin Co.

Holistic Living Q&A with The Organic Skin Co.

We speak to Megan Douglas, product formulator and founder of The Organic Skin Co., who is continually inspired to create makeup and skincare that comes direct from the earth.

What inspired you to start The Organic Skin Co.?

I think that my inspiration for The Organic Skin Co. comes from my past: the many hours I spent out the back of my grandmother’s health food shop as a child, my experiences in London as a fashion designer, my work as a naturopath (where I was shocked by the amount of women with skin problems, most of them caused by environmental stressors and toxins) and by my experiences as a mother. In particular, as I watched my daughter and niece grow, I became concerned that they had almost nothing to choose from when it came to natural makeup. Try as I might, I couldn’t find anything on the market that did its job as well as care for their skin So, I decided to do something about it!

What is the philosophy behind your brand? Has this changed over time?  

Our philosophy for The Organic Skin Co. has never wavered. We aim to make natural makeup and skincare that really works. It seems that women all over the world are becoming more and more conscious of their wellbeing and the potential harm that synthetic toxins can have on their skin, as well as the planet. At the same time, though, people don’t want to compromise on their looks. It’s our aim to make sure they don’t have to. We make products that are good for them and good for the planet, and that involve no compromise in terms of colour payoff, how long they last and how easy they are to apply.

Why are organic ingredients so important to you and your mission?

Organic ingredients are at the heart of everything we do here. Organic ingredients are great for your skin; they’re nurturing, full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories and are immensely hydrating. Plus, by using organic ingredients, you avoid all of the concerns that surround the use of synthetic chemicals.

We also source a lot of our ingredients from organic community farms in India. These farms are doing great things to help resurrect Indian farmland that’s been blighted by the overuse of herbicides and pesticides. We visit them regularly and are always blown away by the care the farmers have for their land as well as the plants and herbs they nourish. Organic ingredients that are grown with love — what could be better?

Can you tell us about supercritical extraction? Why is it so beneficial?

I was so excited to discover supercritical extracts when I started the journey that led to the creation of The Organic Skin Co. It’s a bit science-y, but supercritical extraction is different from conventional extraction techniques, which use either high temperatures or chemical solvents to extract a plant’s nutrients.

Supercritical extraction involves washing plants through an entirely natural gas, CO2, at low temperatures. It’s a method that allows us to capture the maximum nutritional and beauty benefits of the plant. Incredibly, supercritical extracts are not only more whole and purer; they’re between 50 to 250 times more concentrated than conventional extracts. We use them in all of our products because of the difference they can make to the skin.

What are your favourite products from the range?

That’s a hard question! My skin’s completely in love with The Good Oil and our Hydration Agent, Vanilla and Amaranth Moisturiser, but my one “can’t go anywhere without it” product is my customisable eight palette and pods, which is easy to carry around and allows me to either touch up my current look or create an entirely new look on-the-go.

Can you tell us more about your One Product, One Tree initiative?  

One Product, One Tree is something that’s very dear to the hearts of everyone who works at The Organic Skin Co. We’re lucky to have partnered with the remarkable people at Eden Reforestation, who are doing some amazing things to help regenerate forests and uplift communities in areas as diverse as Madagascar, Nepal and Haiti. We help support what they’re doing by providing them with the funds to plant one tree for every The Organic Skin Co. product purchased. Right now, we’re nearing 100,000 trees planted, which is an exciting milestone for us.

What are your top three tips for healthy, glowing skin?

  1. Avoid harsh skincare and makeup products on your skin as they can disturb the skin’s natural pH balance or the skin’s microbe. Using harsh chemicals is so often the beginning of a slippery slope; the skin can become sensitised, reactionary or damaged. Eventually, the skin loses its natural capacity to stay on an “even keel”, in a sound or stable condition.
  2. Saunas are amazing for skin glow. Your skin is your largest organ and sweating out the bad stuff is always helpful. Your skin will be at its cleanest, detoxified best after a sauna. If you then apply your favourite natural products, you’ll get great results.
  3. Eat a healthy diet and be sure to include lots of nutritious oils. Oh, and think happy thoughts!

What’s next for The Organic Skin Co.?

There are some exciting things in store. Business-wise, we’re looking to consolidate what we’re doing in Australia and the US, while also turning our attention to markets in Asia and Europe.

Product-wise, we’re working hard to make our products even more sustainable and flexible in their use. We really believe that minimising our footprint at the same time as providing our customers with a wide range of choice is the way forward.

Sophie Flecknoe

Sophie Flecknoe

Sophie Flecknoe surrounds herself with good food and good company and is deeply interested in health, travel and style. She also has two cheeky cavoodles named Maggie and Cherry.

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