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A Q&A with the co-founders of Oil in Kind

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Credit: Oil in Kind

We speak to Stephanie Rep and Phoebe Morley, the co-founders of Oil in Kind, a company sharing the most credible essential oil brands in the form of kindness.

What was the initial vision for Oil in Kind and has that changed over time?

We were lucky that from the very first day, we were so aligned and clear on our greater purpose. That’s why we’ve been able to stay true to our original vision for Oil in Kind. We felt there were so many amazing essential oils brands out there, and we wanted to bring them together and celebrate them in one place. We kept seeing that people were interested in using essential oils but were just not sure where to start. Often people would just stick to buying one brand because it was the only one they knew was good quality. We wanted to open it up and create a trusted place for people to discover, create, explore and shop the most credible essential oil brands and products. 

What are some of the values and ethics that guide the company?

Everything we do is underpinned by kindness. It’s our filter for both how and who we do business with. In an industry where an independent set of standards for essential oils was lacking and there was a lot of noise, we knew the only solution was to help the credible brands band together. It’s because of the way we do business that we’ve been able to establish genuine partnerships. At Oil in Kind, we like to think of ourselves as an independent source with unbiased quality standards, so customers don’t need to spend hours on product research or worry about the quality of the oils they have purchased. All the products we stock on Oil in Kind are

  • 100 per cent pure
  • guaranteed authentic
  • free from fillers
  • extracted through clean methods
  • safe to use as directed on the label
  • vegan and cruelty-free

 What are your earliest memories of essential oils?

Scent has such a powerful ability to transport you back in time. Some of our fondest childhood memories, like rolling up a eucalyptus leaf to add to a mud pie, playing hide-and-seek behind large cypress trees, or picking a ripe orange can transport us back to a moment through the nostalgic aroma of essential oils.

It wasn’t until we were both working with some of Australia’s most trusted essential oil brands alongside reputable industry experts that we came to learn about their therapeutic properties. That’s when we both truly fell in love with essential oils.

What are some of the benefits of essential oils?

There are just so many. Their therapeutic properties have been used for centuries and the list is endless. There’s literally an essential oil for everything! We also love using them as a natural fragrance alternative to scent a room or even as a perfume.

Where did the name, Oil in Kind, come from?

Our greater purpose is to harness the beauty of essential oils and share it with others in the form of kindness. We felt Oil in Kind represented this perfectly. 

Can you tell us a little more about your approach to philanthropy, being kind and giving back?

We believe that everyone has the power to create change for good. We wanted to provide an opportunity for people to make a positive impact through their purchase decisions. That’s why each Oil in Kind sale contributes to supporting projects for women’s and girls’ rights globally. After all, a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

What does a typical day look like at Oil in Kind?

No two days are the same. Being a start-up, we often find ourselves wearing multiple hats. We both have complementary skill sets so we often like to divide and conquer. Between us we have experience in photography, creative production, project management, branding, copy-writing, finance and business development. Whilst our days can be busy, we couldn’t imagine it any other way.

What are your favourite ways to use essential oils?

We love diffusing essential oils because it only take four seconds for it to have a therapeutic effect on your mind and body. It’s safe to use, can help purify the air and it’s a beautiful way to establish a daily ritual. A diffuser also makes a beautiful decor piece in the home. We’re always looking for new ways to practically integrate essential oils into everyday life, whether it’s a drop of peppermint in the base of the shower, or adding them to our skincare routines.

What is your favourite scent and why?

Choosing a favourite essential oil is like picking a favourite child! Each has a unique quality and aroma. The essential oil we find ourselves using the most is lavender. It’s an absolute staple because it blends well with most other essential oils and has such a long list of benefits including sleep, relaxation, analgesic and antiseptic properties, just to name a few. We love to play with different lavender essential oil brands because their aroma can vary depending on where and how they are sourced. Of course, we stock all our favourites on our website which includes organic, certified organic, French and Bulgarian lavender essential oils.

Apart from using essential oils, what is something that everyone can do right now to invite more health into their lives?

As a society we’ve become so focused on self-care that sometimes we can lose perspective. We’re both strong believers in the fact that there’s no greater way to fill up your cup than being selfless and giving back. It’s why we’re so passionate about turning consumerism into kindness.

What’s next for Oil in Kind?

We’re so excited to continue building our range of essential oils on our Oil in Kind website with world-class brands. By creating the ultimate essential oil destination online, we’ve provided a place for our customers to explore, learn and shop so many amazing brands.


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