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A Q&A with Dr Melisa Rangitakatu from Endeavour College of Natural Health

A Holistic Q&A with Endeavour College of Natural Health

Credit: Endeavour College of Natural Health

We speak to Dr Melisa Rangitakatu from Endeavour College of Natural HealthProviding a high standard of education, an informed curriculum and a nation-wide campus presence, Endeavour is Australia’s largest provider of Higher Education to the complementary medicine sector. 

What was the initial vision for Endeavour and has that changed over time?

Endeavour’s vision has always been to support the health of our communities through developing and educating highly qualified natural health practitioners. This has not changed all that much over the years, but our vision has adjusted as awareness of natural health has increased and in response to the health delivery sector more broadly.  Today, we exist to “inspire curious minds to create a healthier world.” To us, this encapsulates the essence of who we are and the purpose that underpins what we do.

What does natural therapy mean to you?

To me, natural health means choice and agency.  It means that we have access to traditional therapeutic practices which can complement the best of conventional medicine. At its core, natural therapy recognises that we are part of our natural environment and that elements in our environment (such as the chemicals naturally found in plants) can be used to support and promote our health.

Please tell us more about your campuses i.e. location, offerings.

Endeavour has 6 campuses and teaching clinics throughout Australia, located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. We offer practitioner-based Bachelor of Health Science degrees in Naturopathy, Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine, Myotherapy and Acupuncture and a fully online non-practitioner Bachelor of Complementary Medicine degree. We also offer a post-graduate Honours degree and are expanding our Vocational Educational offerings.  In fact, we just re-launched our Diploma of Remedial Massage program in July.

What are some challenges that future practitioners in the natural health sphere may face?

This is an exciting time for complementary medicine practice and research in Australia and globally. Through our Office of Research, Endeavour is conducting world-first clinical trials research and actively presenting new findings in complementary medicine at conferences throughout the world.

The World Health Organisation acknowledges the importance and efficacy of traditional (complementary) medicine practices. One of the biggest challenges we face globally is in integrating traditional and complementary medicine into health care systems and health policy.

What is some advice you can give to someone thinking of beginning to study a course in natural therapy at Endeavour?

If you follow your heart, you won’t make a mistake. The most difficult part of starting a new program of study is taking the first step. Our teaching and support staff truly understand this, and work closely with our students to support their success.  But, dreams will always be dreams unless we put them into action.  Each step we take is a step towards making our dreams a reality, and realising that which our heart calls us to do.

What are your three top tips for leading a healthy life, naturally?

  1. Listen to your body
  2. Maintain balance
  3. Prioritise your health – you help others best when you feel your best.

What’s next for Endeavour?

Endeavour is currently working on some exciting new programs across the lifecycle of education, from short-courses, to vocational and higher education qualifications. So check in from time-to-time to see our new programs.

For more, visit endeavour.edu.au