A Q&A with Julie Ramsay, founder of Bedtonic

A Q&A with Julie Ramsay, founder of Bedtonic

We speak to Julie Ramsay, founder of beautiful linen label Bedtonic. Discover where she finds the inspiration for her unique colour blends, such as sage, dusky rose and seafoam green.

What was your initial vision for Bedtonic and has that changed over time?

I wanted to create an online business that not only provided a sustainable product at an affordable price point, but also enabled me to enjoy a happy work/life balance. I could see the benefits online shopping had over retail shop spaces (avoiding high rentals and overheads), so I chose to create an ecommerce store. Bedtonic was founded mid-2016. 

What attracted you to using linen as a fabric?

I’ve always loved wearing linen and after sleeping in it at a boutique hotel in Miami, Florida, I was in heaven. Two nights in those luxurious sheets inspired me to explore linen. I came up with an impressive list of health and sustainability benefits and this encouraged me to pursue my dream that eventually became Bedtonic. 

Where do you source and make your linen?

Our flax is grown and harvested in France. The growers dry it and roll it into bales that look a bit like straw. From there, it’s sent to China where it’s spun and woven into the fabric we know and love — linen.

What are the advantages of linen over other fabrics?

Linen is planet-friendly. The flax we spin into our buttery soft fabric is grown in Europe, in areas where there is high rainfall. This means the plant doesn’t require irrigation. The growers hardly use any fertilisers or pesticides, so the linen is kind to your skin and great for allergy sufferers. Linen fibres are hollow and allow air to flow naturally around your body when you sleep. It is highly absorbent and wicks moisture from your body during those hot nights. It’s these natural thermos-regulating properties keep you cool in summer and cosy warm in winter.

Please share the process from crop to sheet

As mentioned, linen is made from flax. The flax fibres are rolled into bales, just like straw, then these bales are exported to Hunan province in China where our manufacturers (a small family-owned business) spin and weave the fabric before the dyeing process takes place. Then it’s dyed on the roll, dried and sent to Nanshan, Shenzhen, for cutting and machining by a small and dedicated team of around six people. After machining, our pieces are washed with pumice stones to soften the fibres, making Bedtonic linen beautiful and soft. 

How do you create your colour blends?

I draw my inspiration from nature. I grew up in New Zealand where I was surrounded by blue lakes, rivers and snowy mountains. Travel brought me to Western Australia, where I immersed myself in its ocean landscape and outback colours. With linen being a natural fabric, I believe it sits well with nature’s calming hues, like sage, dusky rose and seafoam green.

What linen products do you create?

Bedding and loungewear. This includes our bespoke collection of reversible duvets, sheets, hand-stitched blankets, pillow slips and our best-selling poet’s tunics. 

What are your three top tips for getting a good night’s sleep?

  • Unplugging from electronics and avoiding tea and coffee two to three hours before bed.
  • Try to go to bed at the same time each night to set a good sleep pattern.
  • Have a shower or bath before bed and pamper yourself with a scrub or soak in some bath salts for a luxurious dreamy sleep.

What’s next for Bedtonic?

We have lots of exciting developments on the horizon, including a baby collection! We’re also extending our colour range for the poet’s tunics and are gearing up to launch some stunning hand-frayed tablecloths and European pillow slips.

Kate Duncan

Kate Duncan

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