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A Q&A with Lisa Weizenmuller, founder of sustainable hemp linen label iisa

Q&A With Lisa Weizenmuller, Founder Of Sustainable Hemp Linen Label Iisa

Credit: Lisa Weizenmuller

We speak to Lisa Weizenmuller, founder of beautiful hemp linen label iisa, based in Byron Bay. Sleeping on hemp not only offers an eco-friendly and healthy bedding alternative, but also a luxurious night of rest.

What was your initial vision for iisa?

The initial vision was to build a sustainable lifestyle platform with no restraints regarding what was released. The opportunities in using hemp are endless and we wanted to share these with the world.

What is the concept behind the name, iisa?

iisa is a play on my name — Lisa. My brand and the name creatively offer an extension of myself.

What attracted you to using hemp as a fabric?

Hemp is the fabric of the future. It has a very similar feel to linen but is much better for the environment. Growing hemp doesn’t deplete the soil of nutrients and it requires a lot less water than cotton.

Where do you source your hemp?

It is sourced from China. We work with a highly ethical factory that is at the forefront of creating sustainable fabrics. They also work with various other reputable brands worldwide. Sources say that Chinese use of cannabis hemp dates back to 10,000 BC.

What are the advantages of hemp over other fabrics?

  • Hemp is the strongest of all the natural fibres. In fact, it is four times stronger than cotton.
  • It only requires around 1/20th the amount of water to grow and process compared with cotton.
  • A crop of hemp only takes three months to grow and produces a very high yield.
  • Hemp fabric continues to get softer with each wear.
  • Hemp is hypoallergenic and mould-resistant.
  • Hemp does not deplete the soil of nutrients.
  • Hemp is UV resistant so if you carry it on your body, it will protect you from the sun.

Please share the sustainability focus for iisa

Our focus is to continue working with manufacturers aligned with creating a brighter future for our earth by operating in an environmentally friendly way. We use absolutely no plastic in our packaging and are always looking to minimise our impact on the environment.

What is the process from crop to sheet?

The hemp plant is harvested during the early to mid-flowering stage. The stalk is cut and baled. The hemp fibres are then separated by retting, which is the process of decaying pectin that binds the hemp fibres to the core of the stem. By retting, the fibres are separated from the non-fibre parts of the stalks. Once the fibres are separated, they are spun together to produce long and continuous yarn from which the fabric is woven. The fabric is then dyed and enzyme-washed to soften the fibres. The final process is the cut and sew stage.

How do you create your beautiful colour blends?

The colour tones are realised and chosen based on inspiration from all aspects of nature. For example, soft floral pink or warm slate grey.

What are your three top tips for getting a good night’s sleep?

  1. The importance of sleeping in a high-quality natural fibre like hemp does absolute wonders for your body while you sleep. Hemp has the same static frequency as human skin and resonates perfectly with our electromagnetic field.
  2. Minimising the use of technology before bed and also while in bed.
  3. Personally I can’t get into bed without a bath or shower.

What’s next for iisa?

Regarding bed linen, we will be expanding into more sizing and colourways. There are also other exciting projects on the horizon for iisa in other areas, but for now they will remain under lock and key. Stay tuned.


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