A Q&A with Michelle from Travel with Jane

A Q&A with Michelle from Travel with Jane

We sit down with Michelle from Travel with Jane, a travel insurance company that puts women first. 

How did your brand come to be and when?

Travel with Jane came to life in 2017 on International Women’s Day.  We knew that we wanted to create a travel insurance product for women but not only that, we wanted to really disrupt the market with an offer that “walked the talk”. We landed on the gender pay gap as an opportunity to make a legitimate difference. And so we launched an ‘always on’ discount that matches Australia’s national gender pay gap percentage – currently at 14 per cent. This discount is available on all of our travel insurance products and to any traveller who identifies as a woman. 

Within the financial services space, our discount is a first of its kind, anywhere.

What was the initial vision for your brand? Has that changed over time? 

We know that 68 per cent of travel insurance policies are bought by women, yet Australian insurance products are overwhelmingly geared towards the guys. We’ve set out to change that with a travel insurance option that puts women first. Along with budget-friendly policy options and flexible extras, we offer a content-rich ecosystem that engages female travellers and puts customer service first – be it on Facebook, our 24/7 phone number, or our live chatbot. 

Where did the brand name come from?
Jane to us is the ‘every-woman’ – a name we can all relate to. We all know a Jane, and fingers crossed she’s a helpful, easy-going sort that brightens your day.   

Who are your products suitable for? 

Travel with Jane is an insurance product, so first up, we’re for travellers. Our product has some really great benefits for women, like optional pregnancy coverage that extends emergency medical from 26 weeks to 33 weeks. 

What are some of the features of your favourite product?

A few things we’re really proud of is our discount of course, but secondly, our insurance products are super flexible in how you build your cover. We’re all about the options, with base plans for every budget, and 10 optional extras that really stack on the value. Then there’s out site – it’s genuinely easy to browse and buy from us online, and we think our new live chatbot is something that women are really going to love.

The Travel with Jane blog is jam-packed. Where does you travel inspiration come from? 

As someone who travels for work and has been globetrotting since toddlerhood, I can vouch for the authenticity of our content. We tell real stories about women who live to travel and do it on their own terms. A big part of our storytelling celebrates solo female travel, and of course, we’re all about the bite-sized tips – how to travel safely, and prepare for the tricky side of travel. 

What’s next for your brand? 

We’re conscious that travel insurance relies on air travel, which is a major part of the carbon problem. We’re currently working on our sustainability statement and exploring how we can play a positive role in this space. If our gender pay gap is anything to go by, expect something really cool and disruptive.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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