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A Q&A with Emily Macgregor, naturopath for Henry Blooms

A Q&A with Emily Macgregor, naturopath for Henry Blooms

Credit: Emily Macgregor

Emily Macgregor is a naturopath for Henry Blooms and here she shares with us the natural health food company’s humble beginnings.

Henry Bloom opened Australia’s first health food store in 1938. Where was that?

In 1938, Sydney’s Royal Arcade was alive and thriving with elegant, Victorian-style cafes and retail fronts. Shop number nine was Blooms Health Foods, run by an innovative health practitioner named Henry Bloom. Henry’s products were ahead of their time; Blooms Health Foods was a place where you could go shopping for anything from soya bean bread to natural herbs and juicing machines.

What was Henry Bloom’s initial vision for his health food store and products? Has that changed over time?

Experimental drinks of today could be deconstructed coffees, organic almond milks and bio-fermented beverages. Well, Henry Bloom was the original experimental inventor! Being a man who thought outside the box, he sold products that were different to the standard products of the 1930s because of his love for natural, healthy alternatives. At the time, it was a big deal to suggest a natural fig coffee when everyone was drinking cups of milky tea with two sugars.

Blooms’ products have expanded to include vitamins, supplements, probiotics and bio-fermented foods, reinforcing Henry’s key values of offering natural food and health products.

What are some natural ingredients used to create Blooms’ health products?

The Henry Blooms brand prides itself on producing products that are natural and healthy, but not lacking in taste. Gone are the days of sugar overload, synthetic sweeteners and false flavours; Henry Blooms’ bio-fermented range is naturally 99-per-cent sugar-free and includes a range of antioxidant-rich fruits such as lychee, papaya and cranberry, and superfoods such as turmeric, hemp and olive leaf extract.

What do you avoid putting in your supplements and why?

The case for a lot of health products these days is that it’s not what you put into the product that makes it healthy, but what you leave out. In an age of chemicals and “quick fixes”, Blooms focuses on minimising additives and preservatives in products. The majority of the range is also vegan-friendly, 99-per-cent sugar-free and free of animal products, gluten, lactose, wheat and alcohol.

What are your three top tips for improving health and wellness?

Health and wellness cannot be achieved from focusing solely on one aspect of health; there must be a balance between a combination of factors. Henry Blooms believes three key aspects need to be combined for optimal health: supporting great gut health, moving your body, and having a positive attitude. In order to live a healthy lifestyle, it is important that you absorb enough nutrients and involve yourself in regular exercise. Also be aware that the mind is a powerful tool that can significantly influence a person’s health and wellness.

What’s next for Henry Blooms Health Products?

Many of our products are made using the patented Henry Blooms MultiplyPlus® process. It involves a unique biofermentation process that comprises five stages of fermentation using multi-strain, gut-loving probiotics.

Henry Blooms is very excited to launch the Complete Digestion Probiotic. It’s a unique product that offers a triple-action formula including digestive enzymes, live probiotics and prebiotics. Complete Digestion focuses on three aspects: digestion, absorption and nourishing the gut.

Henry Blooms is also expanding on its bio-fermented range and is bringing out four new superfoods: Cranberry with Dandelion, Manuka Honey with Lemon, Weight Management, and Marine Collagen with superfood berries maqui, acai, goji and blueberry.


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