Meet Rachael Finch, the founder of women’s clothing brand B.O.D by Finch

We speak to Rachael Finch, founder of B.O.D by Finch, a women’s activewear brand that’s inspired by the natural beauty of the Australian lifestyle.

What was your initial vision for starting B.O.D by Finch?
I’ve pretty much grown up wearing activewear!  It’s seen me through so many experiences in life – I gave birth in activewear, I’ve travelled the world in activewear and I met Misha in it.  B.O.D stands for Body of Dance, so there’s a very significant tie to how we met (on Dancing with the Stars). We thought it would be perfect to combine our passions and our story with our love for staying active.

Please share the main message B.O.D by Finch stands by

B.O.D by Finch is inspired by the natural beauty of the Australian lifestyle. Our goal when creating each piece is to make women feel strong, confident and empowered – to be the very best version of themselves. The range has a very relaxed vibe, made up of timeless, functional pieces that can easily be worn back with core wardrobe essentials.

What type of style does B.O.D by Finch aim to cover?

B.O.D offers soft, wearable fabrics, in muted and feminine colour palettes that are designed to bring a sense of calmness and balance to everyday life. With many women on the go, we offer comfortable, supportive and stylish activewear pieces that they can wear from exercising to brunch.

What is your favourite piece of activewear?

That’s like picking a favourite child! Our new Tempo leggings they are pretty special…there the perfect high waisted fit and also include our new power mesh waistband, offering more support. These leggings are super versatile, perfect for both low to high intensity training.

How does B.O.D Finch practice ethical sourcing?

Ethical sourcing is core to the B.O.D by Finch brand. All garments within our range are carefully crafted by our partnered suppliers. All of our suppliers undergo rigorous ethical auditing to ensure that they operate within the fundamental human rights highlighted in the Ethical Trading Initiatives Base Code, along with other ethical and environmental considerations.

I am also very excited about the new B.O.D Signature range launching in August, which the entire range is made from recycled polyester from post-consumer waste. We are also launching a tee made from hemp and organically grown cotton.  This is the start of the inclusion of sustainable materials into our ranges, to help to reduce our impacts on the environment.

What was your inspiration behind your newest collection?

This season’s collection – Tempo – is inspired around what we most need right now, to be more present, to practice self-care and to celebrate the beauty that’s right beneath us in Australia. In this range we want to instil a sense of calmness, with each piece carefully created, designed and manufactured to fit in effortlessly with your current wardrobe. Offering pieces that can be worn for a home workout or just lounging around, there is something for everyone in the new Tempo range.  This collection highlights natural colours and textures of Australia’s landscape, featuring muted tones, organic hues and natural tints.

What are the top three benefits of wearing activewear?  
Comfort! It makes you motivated to be more productive and some may say it even makes you work harder, haha!

What’s next for B.O.D by Finch?

Our goal is to always make women feel confident, strong and happy and be proud of the skin that they are in. Everyone is at a different stage of their fitness journey, and our mission is to create pieces for every step of the way.

For more, visit:
Instagram: @bodbyrachaelfinch
Facebook: or @bodbyrachaelfinch

Ayushi Shah

Ayushi Shah

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