Soothe your summer skin – sitting down with new skin care brand Hemptuary

Summer’s hot, humid conditions can stress out your skin. New skincare brand Hemptuary is on a mission to soothe even the most sensitive skin with nature’s magic. We sit down with Louise Clayton, AFT Pharmaceuticals director of international business, to find out more about the brand’s nourishing suite of products.

Talk us through the moment you decided to create Hemptuary.

We recently discovered the skin-enhancing and soothing benefits of hemp seed oil while evaluating the hemp plant for a larger pharmaceutical project. We identified a need for a simple, natural and efficacious range of skincare products that could deliver the benefits of this remarkable oil … and so Hemptuary was born.

Tell us about one of Hemptuary’s key products.

The lightweight Face and Body Oil is infused with hemp and manuka oil that is rich in essential fatty acids to boost the skin. Sea buckthorn gently calms and soothes the skin, while avocado oil deeply nourishes.

What is Hemptuary doing to be kind to the Earth and minimise the environmental impact of your brand?

While Hemptuary is focused on delivering benefits to the skin, we’re also passionate about delivering benefits to the Earth’s skin: our environment. Hemptuary is made in New Zealand with 90 per cent recyclable packaging, with the exception of the bottle dropper and the jar lid, which are UV-coated. The range is free of GMOs, parabens, silicone, sulphates and harsh chemicals.

How can we best look after our health during the summertime?

Nurture your skin by applying a lightweight but hydrating oil such as our Hemptuary Face and Body Oil. Follow this with a nourishing moisturiser and ensure you drink lots of water during those hot days. Use our Hemp Soothing Balm to calm and reduce inflammation from insect bites, irritated skin and sunburn.

Do you have a favourite product from the Hemptuary range? What would you recommend to a new customer?

I am addicted to the Face and Body Oil and apply it every morning and night on my face and décolletage. It is so nourishing and gives my skin a radiance unlike other products I have tried.

For a new customer, I would recommend the Hemp Infused Moisturiser. This non- greasy everyday moisturiser contains nurturing arnica and manuka oil that calms, hydrates and revitalises your skin, while lemongrass soothes the senses.

What is your feel-good summertime ritual?

An at-home pedicure gets my feet ready to be seen in summer jandals (thongs). Exfoliate the heels with a good foot file, then massage our Hemp Soothing Balm all over your feet and ankles, taking special care around the heel area. Leave for five minutes, apply a bright summer colour to your toenails and you are summer-ready! The peppermint, menthol and clove oils contained in the body balm give that wonderful aroma associated with the summer season.

What’s next for Hemptuary in 2022?

By monitoring industry trends and researching the most remarkable ingredients nature has to offer, our team of skincare experts create simple, effective formulations that work.

We will soon be launching an Organic Hemp Seed Oil Lip Balm and a Natural Soap. The lip balm is very conditioning and has all the wonderful benefits of hemp seed oil while delivering a menthol tingle to the lips. The soap has manuka oil and poppy seeds within it, and the beautiful lemongrass scent awakens the senses.

For more information visit www.hemptuary.com.au

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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