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NO FACE is an impact-driven skincare brand that’s beauty lies in its simplicity.

There’s never a better time to re-evaluate your skincare routine than when you embark on a wellness retreat. On vacation, simplicity is king — go back to basics and treat your skin with products that are kind, nourishing and effective, with no added extras, and that leave you feeling refreshed.

One business that’s all about simply good skincare backed by science is NO FACE. “NO FACE is an impact-driven skincare brand from Australia that started out as a natural and organic skincare brand, as the words stand for,” Andy Young, NO FACE’s Chief Brand Officer, says. “As the industry seldom addresses ingredient issues such as purity and fragrance without addressing people’s skin types and needs, NO FACE sets out to defy that old industrial tradition. We go straight for individual skin-type needs and formulations with no fragrance.”

NO FACE products contain no toxic ingredients and no synthetic fragrances, yet they’re loaded with vitamins and other active ingredients that are backed by data and trials supporting their efficacy. “People using the products can benefit from the results of our research and advanced formulations,” Andy says.

But this isn’t a brand that’s solely focused on the product inside the bottle. NO FACE is impact driven on all fronts. “All packaging materials are recyclable, and we have achieved zero emissions for all our in-house productions,” Andy says, adding that NO FACE will be launching a range of refillable products later this year. In addition to this, NO FACE educates its clients and staff members to choose renewable and environmentally friendly options whenever they can, and they are ready for B Corp certification.

New to NO FACE?

For those new to the NO FACE range, Andy suggests that you start your journey with the CLARIFIER Black Hydro Exfoliant. “It is an advanced keratin-attaching exfoliant to remove dead skin without any scrubbing,” Andy says. “It is a WellBeing Beauty award winner and is recommended by dermatologists.”

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WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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