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Experience spa benefits at home with iHealth Saunas

Experience spa benefits at home with iHealth Saunas

Credit: iHealth Saunas

A Sauna company with a difference. iHealth Saunas specialise in infrared saunas with a focus on helping clients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although the main reasons clients choose to work with iHealth Saunas is to sleep better, lose some weight and detox, the first thing clients report is that after using their iHealth Sauna, they are relaxed. It is time for themselves in their own ‘sanctuary’, their own ‘getaway’ away from the phone, children or stress. For this reason, ihealth saunas is being featured in the Retreat planner, because an iHealth Sauna experience is a retreat in your own home.

Retreat at home

iHealth Saunas can go anywhere inside your home or outside undercover. iHealth sauna use sustainably forested FSC certified timber and use a secret painting system to reduce environmental impact during sauna production. iHealth choose to keep the interior of their saunas lacquer free to ensure there are no chemicals within the cabin. Simply enjoy with towels and water

The interior of the sauna is designed with comfort in mind. iHealth Premium saunas come standard with LED colour therapy system, Bluetooth stereo and aromatherapy dish and oils. iHealth saunas provide a book on how to adjust the sauna settings for specific sauna sessions.

Picture a dark room, red colour light in the ceiling, lavender essential oil, 45 degrees for 45 minutes, listening to a relaxing meditation whilst enjoying a rejuvenating sweat. This and more is part of the iHealth Sauna sleep session. You will find this session and more included with your iHealth Sauna. Use your iHealth Sauna to create a sanctuary of peace and calming in your home. Close the door and enjoy the silence of double skinned insulated walls and 8mm thick safety glass. It’s a quiet, relaxing space for yourself without interruption.

iHealth Sauna aim to help their clients maintain a healthy lifestyle. To do this ihealth Sauna run regular health masterclasses aimed to help clients learn more about how to naturally support healing and wellness in their daily lifestyle. iHealth Sauna also run classes to teach how to get the most out of the sauna, running clients through what mechanisms within the body the sauna works at different temperatures, and how this along with essential oils, teas and other insights, tips and tricks work toward creating a personalised health and wellness room at home.

Creating your retreat

iHealth Sauna offer full delivery and installation included in their pricing and offer a range of basic, premium and specialist infrared sauna models to cater for any needs. Saunas range from a City Compact sauna tailored for those with minimal space in city areas to a four person unit and outdoor barrel sauna.

iHealth sauna also offer health packs to help with pain relief and weight loss and other health and wellness products aimed at helping clients look after themselves.

The only requirements for installing an iHealth sauna into your home is a flat surface and normal power point. iHealth Sunas come with a lifetime heater warranty and 5 year cabinet and electrical warranty.

iHealth Saunas typically range from $4,250 to $6,990 depending on the size and model. This price includes delivery and installation. Saunas can be purchased interest free over 24 months too, from as little as $37 per week.

Connect with iHealth Saunas

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