Awaken Festival

Discover the festival combining art, healing and hot springs — Awaken Festival

Uncover the Awaken event, a one-of-a-kind weekend of immersion, music, art yoga and wellness, amid pristine nature and natural mineral springs. 

What is the Awaken Festival?

Awaken Festival is the first event of its kind in Australia – uniting conscious music, art, health and well-being principles, with the deeply rejuvenating experiences of the award-winning Peninsula Hot Springs in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Attendees will have the opportunity to gather in unity and celebration, enjoying an inspiring line-up of conscious musicians, visual artists, yoga teachers, Indigenous wisdom keepers, wellness experts and more, over two amazing days. Surrounded by all the beauty of the immaculately designed gardens, walkways and entertainment areas, geothermal mineral pools, saunas, steam rooms and wellness zones of the Springs, this will be a truly unrivalled event. Tickets include all classes and concerts, as well as access to the mineral springs.

The festival line-up will include well-known Australian musicians Mama Kin and Spender, Garrett Kato, Kyle Lionhart, Budjerah, Didirri, Carmella Baynie and many more. Nationally renowned yoga teachers will include Katie Kendall, Tahl Rinsky, Simon Borg-Olivier, William Wong, Gwyn Williams and many more. A unique highlight of the festival will be exclusive live-streamed appearances by internationally recognised presenters who can’t appear in person. These include best selling author Dr Bruce Lipton, devotional musicians Deva Premal and Miten and well-known yoga teachers Shiva Rea and Kia Miller.

Who is the event for and why would people want to attend?

The event is designed for anyone who is needing to get away from the world for a weekend that can be as action-packed or relaxing as required, soothing their soul with the very best of music and health and well-being practices, surrounded by pristine natural beauty. Yogis, music aficionados, hot springs enthusiasts and nature lovers alike will enjoy a rejuvenating experience like no other. No previous experience in yoga or otherwise is necessary – the event welcomes people from all sectors of the community, to take whatever they need from this unique experience to help them relax, rejuvenate and restore.

What experiences does the Awaken Festival have on offer?

The festival will have a myriad of experiences. Renowned Australian musicians will play from the amphitheatre to an audience of onlookers sitting on grassy knolls, soaking in hot springs pools (with underwater speakers relaying the music), wandering on winding walkways and perched on rooftop bars. Prolific yoga, movement and wellness teachers from around the country will host a variety of yoga, dance, sound healings and Zen Thai Shiatsu classes and more from across the Springs’ grounds. International headliners will be live-streamed to the festival audience for ‘fireside chats’.

Roaming artists and musicians will offer surprise concerts throughout the grounds from tucked-away places, as guests soak in hot springs. Indigenous elders will be gracing the Springs with wisdom talks and traditional performances and opening ceremonies using the Yidaki (didgeridoo). Quaint market stalls and food stalls will also be dotted around the festival.

The Hot Springs will offer festival ticket holders access to all of the thermal hot springs, saunas and steam rooms, farm-to-table dining, relaxation and picnic areas. They will also offer a very limited number of extra experiences, including massages, body clay rituals, fire and ice therapy and glamping tents on site.

What are the driving values behind the Awaken Festival?

The core value of Awaken is to create and inspire a sense of community – uniting people with a positive message through music, dance and wellness – a space where everyone is welcome. The festival also pays full respect and incorporates the wisdom of the First Nations people.

What other events do you have coming up?

We are currently working on another wellness event due to take place in October – a global gathering taking place in the Maldives at the eco-resort Soneva Fushi.

How do you see this event benefitting people’s wellbeing?

The events of the last two years have seen many people’s worlds turned completely upside down, taking their toll on the general health and wellbeing of our community. Awaken Festival aims to offer an unparalleled healing experience as we emerge from such trying times – whereby people can connect once more, through a magical event designed specifically to create joy, harmony, creativity and educational experiences that ultimately lead to good health, both of body and mind.

Awaken is being held at Peninsula Hot Springs, Victoria 2-3 April 2022.

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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