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How to let soul-supporting friendships into your life

Are you feeling supported right now? Do you have a close group of soul sisters who get you? When you feel lost, overwhelmed or not enough, do you have someone you can turn to who knows exactly what you need?

If the answer to these questions is yes – congratulations, beautiful soul! Being supported by loving and compassionate friends is so precious. If you don’t have this kind of support and would love to meet like-minded, kindred spirits then I would love to share how you can call in the right support for you.

Gain clarity. Take a close look at who your friends, family and colleagues are. How would you describe them? Do you feel uplifted and more confident when you are surrounded by them? Or do they make you feel inadequate, anxious or discouraged? Start by observing the people in your life and take notice of how you interact with them. Get clear on what you give to and receive from them.

Release what isn’t right for you. Every time we wish to call in something new, we are being asked to let go of what isn’t serving us. Who would you like to release from your life in order to feel better, more free or more true to yourself? How can you do this with as much ease as possible?

It’s important that you surround yourself with people who truly love and honour who you are now.

Some people stay in our lives for a long time and some are only here to show us something and then they move on. It’s important that you surround yourself with people who truly love and honour who you are now. In order to make space for them, you are being asked to let go of the ones who don’t.

Take the time you need to do this and listen to your own inner guidance. Trust your intuition and let it guide you. If you are unsure, wait until the decision has settled in your heart.

Call in the right support for you and stay in the open space until it comes. This is when it usually gets very uncomfortable. You’ve released all the people who no longer feel right and aligned with where you are now (or where you wish to be). You know this is the right step but the new soul friends haven’t arrived yet.

Take deep breaths. Nurture yourself. Feel into what the most amazing kindred spirit and soul friend would be like. What qualities would she/he have and what would you do together? How would that feel? Now call them in.

Drop down into your heart and feel the deep connection between you. Your soul family is already here energetically but you just haven’t connected yet in real life.

Your soul family is already here energetically but you just haven’t connected yet in real life.

Trust that they will appear and, when you feel guided to take action, go for it. Sometimes they will find you but often you need to take the first step. If someone inspires you and makes you feel great, reach out to them. Create a group of like-minded souls and meet regularly.

Say yes with open arms when they come into your life. When the right people come to you, keep saying yes and allow yourself to receive their love and support. If you are used to relying on yourself for everything, it may take practice to soften, open up and let in the gifts they will bring you.

Be kind and gentle with yourself. Receiving the right support can feel absolutely amazing but also trigger all your feelings of insecurity, so give yourself some time to open up to this.

So, what are you waiting for? Lean into the beautiful support that surrounds you and call in more of it.

Karina Ladet

Karina Ladet

Karina Ladet is a soulful and creative mum, intuitive reader, coach, writer and teacher who helps women to trust and develop their own intuition. She offers intuitive readings and coaching, and teaches people how to communicate with their spirit guides both online and in Europe and Australia. Karina is also passionate about spreading messages of love and soulful living and she's a regular writer for Wild Sister magazine and also writes for a number of websites that focus on intuition, wellness, parenting, soulful living and spirituality. Her mission is to support people who long for a more inspired and meaningful life and this is something she also embodies in her own life. After years spent working in the corporate world as a communications manager and living in many different countries, Karina is now happy living her dream life. She is a mum to two young children and the wife to an amazing French husband and she spends her time enjoying a simple life in a village in the south of France.

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