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Aquarius in 2011


You’ve lived with the influence of soulful Neptune in your sign since 1998 and as he temporarily leaves your sign this year, from April 5 to August 5, a major new era of life begins. This period brings you a sense of what your future looks like, with different desires and dreams guiding you forward. While you may no longer have the strong compassionate desires you’ve grown accustomed to, you will discover new inner clarity. Without Neptune around, life looks and feels different, so give yourself time to adjust to your new needs and wants.

Neptune leaves your sign for good on February 4, 2012. Many Aquarians will experience the fog lifting (Neptune is known for creating confusion), making it easier to see yourself and others in a new light. Neptune also creates the desire for the perfect ideal, and in the absence of his influence you may notice yourself taking a more grounded approach to life. Ideally, you’ll act on any hugely charitable or overpowering save-the-world instincts you currently have before April or after August, when Neptune in your sign helps you make the personal sacrifices required to support others.

Energy planet Mars also triggers your sign in 2011. From January 16 to February 24 you have extra energy and confidence as Mars helps you put your ideas and needs back on the agenda. Being selfish in a healthy, conscious manner is one of the best ways to use Mars’ energy to your advantage. Mars is an active influence, so this is also a great time to get back on track with exercise routines. Mars spends most of the year “under the horizon” in your solar chart, suggesting that, this year, much of your growth happens at an inner, rather than an outer, level.

Jupiter expands your third house of self-expression, communication and siblings from January 22 to June 5. You’ve got a lot to say then and will want to share your ideas with a wider audience. The third house is one of the learning/teaching zones in the chart and this energy supports you in studying or sharing what you know in a formal context.

Your work life is in focus under the influence of the Sun from October 24 to November 24. You’ll make maximum impact on the job through this time and if you’re looking to impress your boss or a new company, this is a great period in which to do so. The New Moon in your career zone on October 26 kick-starts a new 12-month work cycle. Where you can, align important professional beginnings on or near this date.


Shifting energies in your wealth zone lead to major transitions in your thoughts around handling of money. The saying, “As one door closes, another opens”, seems apt as innovative Uranus leaves your cash zone for good on March 13 and spiritual Neptune visits it from April 5 to August 5.

Uranus is about chaos, change and everything unpredictable. His visit through your cash zone (which began in March 2003) has been a time where money has come in and out of your life sporadically. Inventive technologies and emerging industries have been good sources of income, as have alternative healing modalities. As Uranus exits your cash zone, you could expect income, spending and savings to settle into some kind of regular routine.

Neptune’s temporary visit in your money zone from April 5 to August 5 paves the way for his extended visit here, which begins on February 4, 2012, and lasts for 14 years. Neptune is inspiring rather than ambitious and his influence helps you seek work that is aligned with your beliefs and dreams. Neptune rules all things spiritual, soulful, creative and healing-oriented and many Aquarians will dip their toes into working in these fields under his influence in your cash zone. The second house of wealth also reflects your values, and this transit may help you clarify what’s really important to you, changing the way you view the place of money in your world.

Driven Mars also lights up your cash zone in 2011. The period from February 24 to April 3 is great for taking back control of your finances. If you’re underpaid and overworked, have the necessary conversations to address imbalances now. If your budget shows you need extra cash, channel Mars’ energy into supplementary income streams. Most of all, make this period one in which you take action and speak up about what it is you need to know or would like to arrange where improving your financial position is concerned. Mars helps you find the right fit between your professional goals and financial needs.

Home + family

Lucky Jupiter brings opportunities for growth and expansion into your home, family and domestic settings this year. From June 5, your desire for change at home helps you make decisions that create more inspiring living situations. For some Aquarians this will mean a move, possibly somewhere entirely new. For other Aquarians there’ll be renovations and extensions to your existing home space. All Aquarians can expect homelife to be a bigger focus under this transit, with extra people spending more time in your home. Jupiter’s influence lasts for 12 months (June 5, 2011, to June 12, 2012) and occurs only once in 12 years, so this is likely to be one of your busiest periods in recent memory at home and with family.

Energy planet Mars makes you passionate about home and family dreams from May 12 to June 22. You could be impatient with family members or flatmates now as your desire for action regarding domestic plans makes you restless. Mars gives you that missing get-up-and-go to be decisive with family and around plans for your home/living space. You’re a domestic dynamo through this period and will get more done than you’d thought possible. It’ll be up to you to take the lead when dealing with family dramas.

It’s quite rare to have both Mars and Jupiter trigger your domestic space in such a short period of time. Mid-year, from mid-May through mid-June, brings clarity around home and family planning as well as the confidence to take the right risks for your situation. Staying connected to your big-picture visions for these areas of life helps to ensure you make authentic choices.


Affectionate Venus warms your social sector twice in 2011, showing you have double the opportunities to see friends, meet new people and get involved with community or social groups. Venus transits your 11th House from January 8 to February 5 and November 3 to 27, so make quality time with your closest mates top priority then. Your sweet and diplomatic nature makes it easy for you to get along with new people you encounter under this influence. Being able to create a win-win situation shows those involved in the community or social groups to which you belong why you’d make a great inclusion in any organising committees. Venus is the principle of attraction and through this time you are better able to bring authentic support and friendship into your life.

Curious Mercury takes a backward spin (retrograde) through your social zone from November 24 to December 14. Crossed wires make misunderstandings likely with friends and regarding group events now, so it pays to double-check details and follow up on arrangements. If you and a friend trade a few harsh words, be persistent with clarifying the issue at hand. You may rethink your involvement with others socially through this time as Mercury helps you review your friendships to ensure you’re spending the most time with those with whom you share a genuine friendship.

Creativity + children

Mid-year is your most creative time, as Mercury, Venus and Mars all trigger your fifth house of playfulness.

Mercury brings curiosity for learning new skills and techniques — purely for fun — from June 3 to 17. You take an interested but playful approach to communication, which makes it easier to connect with the younger people in your life. You have plenty of ideas about how you’d like to get creative, so use this time to explore them.

From June 10 to July 5, Venus highlights beauty and art in all forms. You’re easily inspired by other’s artistic works, so make this the period in which you get out to see a show or exhibition of some kind. This house also has a connection to romance, via joy and being open-hearted, so this may be a time in which you experience a little more fun in love as well. You’re affectionate with younger people and will find it easier to create healthy compromises with children through this time.

Energetic Mars boosts confidence and drive to tackle creative projects and make your plans around children real from June 22 to August 4. Having the right information helps you dive headfirst into pushing the boundaries of your creative experiences. Take action to learn that hobby or skill you’ve always wanted to. Active hobbies help you burn off excess energy now as Mars brings passion for movement. You’ll be more confident to put yourself first when dealing with children under Mars’ influence.


Relationships power forward under the influence of assertive Mars from September 20 to November 12, but under Mercury’s retrograde (backwards) influence from August 9 to 25, romantic delays are likely.

Communication becomes the main focus of romantic relationships from July 3 to September 10 under the extra-long transit of Mercury through your partnership sector. Listening to loved ones helps immediately improve the quality of your closest partnerships and makes it easier for others to hear what you have to say. Be open to exploring new or improved ways of communicating as Mercury retrogrades through your relationship sector in August. Misunderstandings due to crossed wires are more likely in love (and in professional partnerships) then, so be patient and prepared to repeat yourself to make sure your message gets across. If single, younger or witty partners hold most appeal.

Passionate Mars brings fire, energy and progress into relationships from September 20 to November 12. You’ll want to take charge to make what you want happen in relationships then; just try to understand that not everyone wants to move at your pace. Action and adventure help enhance the quality of your closest partnerships now. In a couple? Plan to get outside and work up a sweat with a physical challenge together. Single? Be bold about putting your desires out there. Take the initiative to let those you’re attracted to know your true feelings. All Aquarians get an extra dose of courage, helping you be more honest and outspoken about what you really want in relationships through this time.


If you haven’t already gotten serious about major travel or study plans, there’s no excuse not to in 2011. Wise Saturn continues through this space, showing that if you really want that extended or inspiring trip away, you’ll need to work hard and plan carefully for it. This chart sector covers travel of the body and of the mind (through study or teaching) and some Aquarians will use Saturn’s influence to commit to and work towards new training or teaching experiences.

The deepest essence of this space is about meaning and finding a philosophy or belief system that helps give life purpose. With Saturn here, it’s the practical, grounded aspects of life that help you make sense of your existence this year. Saturn rules anything old or historical, so travelling to ancient locations is especially well supported under his influence.

Venus joins Saturn in your travel sector from September 16 to October 10, intensifying any restless urges you’re already having. Getting away, anywhere, anyhow is hard to resist through this period. If you get only one break in 2011, try to schedule it now. Venus also symbolises love and romance, so this period is particularly good for holiday romances or couple getaways.


Taking time at the start and end of the year to centre yourself and take a break from the daily grind helps you be more productive at other periods. Venus visits your spiritual sector twice in 2011, from February 5 to March 3 and November 27 to December 21. As a result, embracing your spiritual side becomes part of your core values this year. Spirituality has to have a physical component for you, so make walking meditation, yoga, soulful stretching or deep breathing a more regular part of your life.

Venus also helps you learn more about spiritually in ways that feel safe. Under her influence you might consider setting up an altar, somewhere in your living space, to whatever deity you are particularly attuned to. Key dates where slowing down and stilling your mind lead to authentic transformation include February 10 and December 2.

Planetary cycles

The following section gives you specific information regarding this year’s planetary cycles and how they may affect you.

If you are born January 21 to 25, unconventional Uranus makes a supportive sextile to your Sun. This offers you a taste of freedom and the desire for more independence. Emerging philosophies about individuality help you explore authenticity in life rather than sticking with the conventional path.

If you are born January 31 to February 18, serious Saturn makes a supportive trine to your Sun. Saturn’s themes of hard work, commitment and responsibility give you the strength needed to achieve your goals. The Sun symbolises your identity and Saturn’s link to the Sun helps you redefine who you are. Setting clear boundaries never felt so good.

If you are born February 16 to 20, soulful Neptune passes over your Sun. Your personal journey this year centres on letting go and surrendering. Life may feel insubstantial or not real as the dreamlike qualities of Neptune override rational clarity. Take time out from professional and family plans to explore your spiritual and creative side.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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