Cancer in 2011


In 2011, with both Jupiter and Uranus triggering your 10th house of work and public roles, you start a new career cycle of growth, expansion and innovation.

Jolly Jupiter energises your career zone from January 22 to June 5 and this once-in-12-years cycle helps open doors and create opportunities professionally. Others see more of you than they ever have as you boldly reveal your true talents in work environments. Travel and study feature on the professional agenda as you realise there are unexplored career horizons you’d like to investigate. Jupiter boosts confidence and self belief, helping you take a professional risk or two through the first part of 2011. Your biggest career challenge? Not taking on more than you can handle. Jupiter expands whatever he touches, showing your career is a major focus from January to June. Stay focused on your personal big picture and you’ll channel your energies into the opportunities that are most closely aligned with your inner compass.

Innovative Uranus settles into your career zone on March 13 for a seven-year stay, which promises to enliven and re-energise your professional spirit. Whether you work at home or in an office, for a company or for yourself, it’s time to explore emerging and new technologies to put you at the cutting edge of your field. Uranus brings restlessness and a desire for change, so if there are any professional or public roles or responsibilities from which you’d like to be liberated, 2011 is your year. Uranus is unpredictable by nature and, while work may be busy, contracts or projects may be sporadic and last-minute rather than steady this year.

Your health and wellness sector is in focus at three different periods throughout 2011. Venus helps boost your sense of self worth, making it easier to put your wellness needs first, from January 8 to February 5 and then again from November 3 to 27. Teaming up with female support then makes a big difference. Mercury, planet of organising, has a retrograde in this sector from November 24 to December 14, helping you make time to take time out. Checking back in with your needs — physically and emotionally — helps you revamp your daily schedule so you have time in your regular schedule to stay fit and well, physically and mentally.

Energy planet Mars visits your sign from August 4 to September 20, giving you courage and firing up your determination. You could be impatient through this time, but you’ll also be prepared to put yourself first. Mars helps you invoke your inner warrior so you stand up for the passions closest to your heart.

Venus in your sign from July 5 to 29 helps you primp, preen and make yourself pretty, inside and out. This period is less about conforming to external images of beauty and more about reconnecting with a personal sense of individual beauty. Through this time, self love precedes all other kinds of love.

Home + family

The restructuring process you began under Saturn’s influence last year moves to new levels in 2011, as your developing maturity in matters of home, family and domestic settings helps you lay down healthy boundaries and lasting foundations in these areas.

As Jupiter and Saturn link between March 28 to 31, you’ll strongly feel the tug of heart between your professional and home life. Feeling stretched at this time would be normal as career opportunities encroach on the budding new routines and rituals you are establishing on the home front. Your faith and philosophies about balancing home and work are tested now. Dig deep and set limits that truly honour your beliefs.

Saturn and Mars face off on April 18, when impatient acts could create tension with family or at home. Striving for the middle ground helps you create healthy compromises now.

Venus in your home sector from September 16 to October 10 is one of your sweetest at home and with family this year. Use this period to bring beauty — of the inner and outer kind — into your home environment. Making your living space prettier helps sweeten relationships with family and flatmates, so let your inner decorator or domestic diva out.


Expansive Jupiter enters your social sector on June 5 for a 12-month visit. The first half of 2011 is heavily geared towards work, energetically speaking at least, and by the time June rolls around you’ll be ready for a change in focus and keen for extra quality time with friends. Jupiter in your 11th House of Friends is perfect astro support for meeting new people, expanding your social network or invoking your generous spirit to offer time or support to those in the communities around you that are in need. Your compassion towards others is especially highlighted as Jupiter and Neptune link June 5 to 9 and you may be called to make personal sacrifices on behalf of friends then.

Energy planet Mars triggers your social sector in 2011. Under his influence, from May 12 to June 22, you have the courage to lead others. You’ll confidently initiate group get-togethers and ensure that any dramas with your mates are dealt with quickly. Being with others helps boost your energy and give you confidence then, so make the effort to stay in touch with your social network.


Energy planet Mars gives you added get-up-and-go in financial arenas from January 16 to February 24. Your naturally inclusive approach to money ensures you prefer to make investment and budget decisions that help support those in your extended circle. Under Mars’ influence, others look to you for leadership, so share your great ideas and abundant enthusiasm for the benefit of those around you. Mars’ influence now helps you tackle debt or get motivated about savings, especially regarding taxes, family finances or budgeting with a partner.

Soulful Neptune temporarily vacates your joint money sector from April 5 to August 5. Neptune’s compassionate influence is not always the best fit with the world of budgets, debt and investments and you can expect greater clarity in these areas through the middle of 2011. This period is great for reworking your big-picture goals around money, including how to best draw on the talents of those in your life to build better joint foundations in the material world.

Communication planet Mercury creates some snafus regarding transactions, pay discussions and job changes as he retrogrades (moves backwards) through your money sector from August 9 to 25. Use this review energy to revise your budget, rework your earning or savings plan and carefully read the fine print on any contracts. You’ve also got more flexibility with seemingly set-in-stone financial contracts (work, house or otherwise), so if you’ve been looking to renegotiate existing arrangements, now’s your time.

Creativity + children

The expressive Sun boosts confidence in your own abilities, and the period from October 24 to November 22 is potentially one of your most creative in 2011. You’ll seek bigger, brighter and bolder avenues through which to let your light shine in the world now, regardless of your personal creative talents. The Sun helps you put your joy first and the younger people in your world look to you for leadership. Like a proud lion, you’ll want to be surrounded by those who support and encourage you to be more creative — in any way that feels good.

The fifth house of the chart is about living from the heart and your curiosity about what truly makes you happy is aroused under the touch of Mercury from October 14 to November 3. Investing in yourself, creatively or emotionally, helps bring joy into your life. Communicating and connecting with children gets easier, as Mercury inspires within you a youthful spirit and natural curiosity about the power of playtime. Live and learn!


Mercury helps make it easier for you to communicate with those you love when he visits your partnership zone from January 14 to February 4. You’re flirty and witty then as curiosity helps you overcome shyness when meeting new people or expressing yourself honestly in close partnerships. Heartfelt discussions help improve the quality of all your relationships now — business or personal.

Your love life is doubly blessed in 2011 as love Goddess Venus triggers your relationship sector twice, from February 5 to March 5 and November 27 to December 21. Regardless of your relationship status, you’ll have abundant opportunities to increase the amount of love and affection in your world through these periods in 2011. If you’re single and looking, these periods show when you’re at your attractive best and will potentially have better success with meeting new people and dating. If attached, make these periods times in which you make a conscious effort to put your relationship first. Venus is about pleasure and enjoyment. Under her touch, relationships grow as you focus on sharing the good things in life with those you love.

Power planet Pluto continues his extended visit through your partnership zone, helping you discover the inner strength needed to make profound changes in your most intimate partnerships. Key dates where truth, honesty and passion become the catalysts for change in relationships include January 18, February 10, February 22 to March 2, August 11/12 and December 2 and 31.


With adventurous Mars in your travel zone from February 24 to April 13, you’re restless and looking for new experiences. You’re keen to learn then, too, which also boosts enthusiasm for anything to do with teaching and studying.

You’ll easily manage the necessary details of organising travel or study schedules under Mercury’s curious influence from February 22 to March 10. Even if you don’t travel through this period, it’s a great time to get organised for trips planned for later in the year. Venus in your travel zone March 28 to April 22 opens the door for holiday romances and romantic getaways.

Soulful Neptune dips into your travel and study zone from April 5 to August 5. Practically, you’ll want trips that inspire and soothe your spirit, so anything with a mystical influence appeals in terms of destinations. Emotionally, Neptune in your adventure zone shows you’re ready to embrace a more intuitive way of life and will seek meaning in energetic connections and experiences.

Mentors and teachers appear through this time, so be on the lookout for new philosophies. Encounters with open-minded cultures and beliefs help you open your being to new ways of living. Inspired or touching travel experiences are especially likely May 12, June 5 to 9 and 22 and August 4. If you can, plan a meaningful getaway around those dates.


When it comes to the esoteric, you’re curious and want to know all about rituals and beliefs before you get involved. Between June 3 and August 4, continuous planetary triggers through your spiritualty zone help provide the right connections to support you in developing intuition and energetic awareness.

Mercury’s influence from June 3 to 17 makes it easier to meet like-minded people to support your learning around magic, mystery and beliefs. Books and courses that catch your attention now are worth exploring — your internal psychic antenna helps you make a beeline for the right information to support your spiritual unfoldment through this period.

Energy planet Mars increases your energy and passion for spiritual pursuits from June 22 to August 4. This once-in-two-years influence gives you the courage to take action towards those spiritual interests floating around in your mind. Physical energy can be low as your intuition and energetic awareness grow. These weeks are some of your best for taking an extended time out or going on a spiritual or creative retreat of some kind. You may find working towards real-life goals — like promotions or material success — less interesting now as you realise it’s the mystical side of life you’d really like to experience more.

Planetary cycles

The following section gives you specific information regarding this year’s planetary cycles and how they may affect you.

If you are born June 22 to 26, freedom-loving Uranus makes a challenging square to your Sun. Life breaks open now as you realise anything really is possible. You’ll want more personal space to explore your emerging individuality. Uranus’s calling card is “expect the unexpected” and this may be a chaotic, change-filled year. You will love where it takes you, though, as a sense of electricity fills your life.

If you are born June 26 to 30, intense Pluto makes an intense opposition to your Sun, similar to that of 2010. This heralds a time of deep transformation, as you seek to purge your spirit of the influences of the past and create a clean slate for the future. Power, control and intimacy themes (especially relating to sex and money) dominate, as you realise you need to get to the bottom of usually hidden or secret aspects of life. Like the caterpillar, you may find yourself in a cocoon as you undergo profound experiences on your journey to becoming the symbolic butterfly. Harnessing your own creative power is key to your personal evolution this year.

If you are born July 2 to 21, wise and mature Saturn makes a challenging square to your Sun. Saturn brings responsibility, a new appreciation for time and emerging understandings around boundaries. You are now called to draw those proverbial lines in the sand, making it clear to those around you, especially family members, what you can and can’t do. Extra strength is yours now. As you come to understand the passing of time more acutely, it quickly becomes apparent where and with whom you need to create closure, completion and endings and where and with whom you need to commit to future growth.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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