Capricorn in 2011


You cross the threshold into 2011 with action-oriented Mars in your sign. Through the period December 8, 2010, to January 16, 2011, you’ve got energy and confidence to burn. With such a “take charge” energy influencing you as you create resolutions and set goals for 2011, you can expect to power forward in life and dazzle those around you with your drive. Mars prefers a speedy pace and you may surprise yourself with just how much you get done through this period.

Career continues to be an area of restructuring as, under the influence of Saturn, you seek the best platform for success in the world at large. Others respect your experience and wisdom and you’ll find opportunities to rise up the corporate ladder appear at key points in 2011. Your patron planet Saturn remains in prime zodiac position, offering you extra reserves of inner strength to help you focus on and achieve your goals this year.

2010 had its moments, where tradition and established systems clashed with your personal ambition. Now that some tough choices are behind you, you’ve got a better sense of your own power and how you’d like to wield it. Intense Pluto continues through your sign, helping you purge and purify your spirit of influences from the past. That which you fear no longer has the same hold over you and you realise you are more capable than you ever thought.

To continue the “love yourself — you’re worth it” themes of 2011, goddess Venus visits your sign twice this year, from February 5 to March 3 and November 27 to December 21. Venus adds sweetness to your energy, making it easier to draw affection and romance into your life. Venus’s influence is to help you put yourself first — to make time for beauty treats and pampering experiences. Naturally, having shown yourself a little love, you’ll respond more warmly to those around you. Venus in your sign twice this year helps reinforce the message that self love precedes (and supports) romantic love.

Home + family

Your home and family zone is set for change and expansion in 2011 as both Jupiter and Uranus trigger this sector. You’ve already had a taste of this energy, as Jupiter and Uranus both temporarily visited this space through mid-2010. However, this year, they’re both back bigger and bolder!

Jupiter completes his once-in-12-years visit to your home and family zone between January 22 and June 5. As the biggest planet, Jupiter’s influence is to expand and you’ll find home, family and domestic developments take up more and more of your time through this period. Jupiter typically brings more people into your home, sometimes by way of children, houseguests, pets or relatives. Jupiter is also the planet of travel and many Capricorns will move or relocate under this energy, preferably to somewhere totally new.

Unconventional Uranus settles into your home and family sector from March 13 for a seven-year stay. Uranus has an 84-year cycle and you could consider this energy influence a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Through this entire time you’ll experience many about-turns where family, flatmates and living arrangements are concerned. You’re likely to move or renovate more than planned as Uranus brings his chaotic crazy influence into the one area of life many people prefer to have calm. The essence of Uranus in your fourth house is to help you find that inner sanctuary regardless of your external family or living situations. Be flexible in the face of change and adopt a spontaneous attitude to family dealings.

Communication planet Mercury retrogrades (moves backwards) through your domestic zone from March 29 to April 22. Misunderstandings with family or flatmates could lead to tension then. Before reacting, double-check facts. While you’ll be full of ideas for how you can improve your living situation through this time, it’s best to use the retrograde period for research and review. Leave final decision-making until late April when, with Mercury back on track, all the information you need to make a fully informed decision is available.


You get a taste of the potential in your financial future as Neptune temporarily vacates your money sector between April 5 and August 5. Neptune’s spiritual, compassionate influence isn’t always the best mix for the heady world of finance, details and budgeting, and many Capricorns will find new clarity about what should be happening cash wise through this period. As the fog lifts, you’ll see where your money really goes, giving you the information needed to help you make improvements. Neptune vacates your money sector for good on February 4, 2012.

Creativity + children

Lucky Jupiter helps open doors where creativity and children are concerned as he transits your fifth house from June 5. This once-in-12-years transit lasts 12 months, taking you into 2012 with a suitably open and playful mindset. The fun starts mid-2011, though, as you realise you need more joy in your life.

Whether you consider yourself classically creative or not, everyone has things they enjoy doing just for the fun of it. It’s these hobbies and pastimes you need more of through the second part of 2011. Jupiter’s areas of influence include study and travel, and anything to do with learning, writing or foreign cultures is likely to be a part of your quest for greater pleasure and happiness through this period. You also have a strong affinity for the natural world and the great outdoors, so don’t hesitate to spend more time in or appreciating nature under this transit.

Jupiter is also the lucky planet, so if you’ve been looking for a breakthrough where children or creative projects are concerned, this just might be it! Dates where a positive outlook help enhance your luck include June 5 to 9, July 2 to 14, August 19 and 20, October 24 to 31 and November 16 and 17.


Relationships continue to act as the mirror through which you see yourself transform. With intense Pluto slowly making his way through your sign, you are being forced to look your fears around intimacy in the face and overcome them. Doing so brings into sharp view the closest relationships in your life. As you examine why you are the way you are you’ll naturally wonder how much an impact those around you have on shaping your personality. August 11 and 12, when Mars and Pluto face off across your love axis, is a potent time for re-establishing a healthy balance of power in close partnerships. Romantic dramas could peak then, so be prepared to purge and purify where matters of the heart are concerned.

Passionate Mars triggers your partnership sector from August 4 to September 20. Mars brings confidence and energy to help you drive forward in relationships. Single or attached, you’ll be keen to take the initiative with significant others through this period. You’ll naturally fall into the role of leader, so don’t be shy about setting the relationship agenda.

Love Goddess Venus triggers your relationship zone from July 5 to 29 and this could be one of your most romantic periods all year. You’re naturally in tune with others and being prepared to compromise helps you find common ground. Make time for romance and you’ll reap the rewards now.


Mercury helps you get on top of travel, organising and details to do with study and teaching between September 10 and 26. This sector in the chart covers physical travel and opening the mind, and at this time you’re more curious than ever. Note the books or courses that grab your attention now — they’ll contain important messages to help you on your quest to find meaning in life. Short trips or travel that has personal significance means more now. Satisfy your wanderlust by soaking up as much of other cultures as you can.

Your strongest travel influence in 2011 kicks in just as the year draws to a close. Energy planet Mars arouses your restless spirit from November 12 for what will ultimately be an eight-month visit. Since you’re already in a period of personal transformation (thanks to power planet Pluto moving through your sign!), this time shows that getting off the beaten track actually helps you move forward — personally if not professionally. Physical adventures, like trekking or active trips, appeal most, so if there’s one adventure you’ve always wanted to experience, get moving to make it happen through this period.


The desire to dive deep into exploring the mysteries of making life meaningful motivates you to see the power in pleasure under Venus’s influence from January 8 to February 5 and November 3 to 27. These periods are ideal for slowing down and placing more importance on experiences rather than achievement. It’s rare that Venus triggers this sector twice in one year and it shows you’re really ready to start “walking your talk”. Spirituality is often active for you and it’s activities like walking meditation or getting involved in exercise that help you disconnect from daily life. Under Venus’s repetitive influence in 2011 you’ll develop new levels of self-respect through regular spiritual practices.

Curious Mercury triggers your spirituality zone through November and December. Under his influence, you’ll attract the right books, teachers, courses or conversations to help you understand the purpose of life and your roles in it. Under Mercury’s retrograde (backwards) influence from November 24 to December 14, pay extra attention to details and the fine print. Your desire to escape and unwind could lead you to overlook something important. As Mercury’s retrograde influence also supports review, this time is perfect for checking in with your beliefs about life, the world and your place in the cosmos. You may find there are things you thought you believed that no longer resonate. Updating your perspectives helps you see the glass half full as you survey the landscape of your life.


You’re at your most social through October and November, as Venus, Mercury and the Sun trigger your friendship sector then. Loyalty is one of the most important qualities you look for in a friend and you prefer a smaller crowd who you stay in touch over the course of long periods of time.

You’re affectionate and keen to enjoy a little luxury with friends under Venus’s influence from October 10 to November 3. Quality time with your closest mates is a must as you seek support and encouragement from your peers. Pampering, beauty and shopping are all hot topics as you make Venus themes the centre of your social life now.

Deep curiosity about what’s really going on for your mates helps you ask questions you normally wouldn’t under Mercury’s influence from October 14 to November 3. Your friends appreciate your interest then, and making time to really talk helps deepen the bond you share. You’ll be more interested to meet new people then as well, and networking events prove fruitful.

The Sun’s influence helps you shine in group settings and within your wider community from October 24 to November 24. You rarely enjoy being the centre of attention, but through this period you’re ready to shine and you want everyone to notice. Be loud and proud with mates and in groups now. You might be a diva, but it’s a change from your usually reserved ways. Your closest friends love how vibrant you are now.

Planetary cycles

The following section gives you specific information regarding this year’s planetary cycles and how they may affect you.

If you are born December 22 to 26, eccentric Uranus makes a challenging square to your Sun. While Uranus is known to create chaos, he also enlivens and electrifies life. You’ll have blasts of unexpected development and flashes of brilliant insight. Forget tradition and start exploring the best path forward for you. Independence and individuality are keys.

If you are born December 26 to 29, power planet Pluto passes over your Sun. This intense energy, similar to what some experienced in 2010, helps you dig deeply into your being to discover hidden fears and talents. Confrontations with power or powerful people are possible as you gain new insights into who and what are really controlling your life. Your journey from controlled to empowered starts now. Harnessing your own creative power is key to your personal evolution this year.

If you are born January 1 to 19, serious Saturn makes a challenging square to your Sun. Saturn brings responsibility, a new appreciation for time and emerging understanding around boundaries. Extra strength is yours now, though you may only call on it at the last minute. As you come to understand the passing of time more acutely, it quickly becomes apparent where and with whom you need to create closure, completion and endings, and where and with whom you need to commit to future growth.

If you are born January 17 to 21 unconventional Uranus makes a supportive sextile to your Sun. This aspect helps you break away from limitations and create greater personal freedom. Being authentic and honouring your true desires is essential as you find the inner conviction to make personally fulfilling choices, no matter how different, offbeat or out of the ordinary. Life can be busy and fast-paced. Things will change, but you’ll be happy with how satisfying life is once they have.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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