Leo in 2011



Lucky Jupiter begins a 12-month visit to your career sector on June 5, bringing huge potential for growth and expansion at work. You are ready to move into the next phase of your professional incarnation and taking inspired risks is part of that. Make career choices based on your deepest beliefs as you’ll find it challenging to continue working in roles or industries that don’t authentically reflect who you are.

Jupiter kick-starts a new 12-year cycle of professional opportunities, which may include work-related travel or study. Your public persona is infused by a more adventurous spirit, making the second half of 2011 ideal for exploring new avenues and responsibilities in the world at large.

Energy planet Mars fires you up from September 20 to November 12, when he makes his once-in-two-years visit through your sign. The fires of desire burn brightly within you then, making it impossible to ignore what you want. Mars helps you become conscious of how and when you instinctively put yourself first. At times, others may experience you as selfish under this energy; however, you know you have the courage to finally do what you want. Mars represents the “me first” principle, so taking care of your needs is your top priority then. Physical energy grows at this time, so if you do experience added levels of stress or frustration, channel it into exercise and physical activity.

Neptune temporarily slips out of your opposite sign mid-year, creating waves of change that will ripple through your existence. If you can, prioritise creative and spiritual endeavours in the early or late parts of the year, when inspiration is at its highest.

Curious Mercury retrogrades (moves backwards) through your sign August 9 to 25, helping you make time to slow down and review your choices in life. Your desire to know more — about yourself and the way others see you — is huge from July to September. Experiences and settings that help you be yourself, especially in ways you’re not yet comfortable with, are ideal, so try to be open to what’s new rather than cling tightly to the way things have been.

Conversations may go in circles as you take more than one attempt to get your message across through August. Crossed wires are likely as you reformat your mind and ways of thinking then. Be patient with yourself — your personal journey around understanding yourself is more intense than usual then. Be open to books, ideas and mentors who can offer you a fresh perspective on why you are the way you are.



Key dates for your 2011 diary include the following, when your patron planet the Sun forms links to other planets:

  • February 4, Sun/Mars. You’re a bundle of energy and will want to take charge, especially regarding relationships.
  • February 18, Sun/Neptune. Inspiration and creativity inspire you to random acts of compassion. Sensitivity towards loved ones pays off.
  • March 21, Sun/Uranus. Your wild side seeks an outlet as exotic travel/study adventures lure you into the great unknown. Experiment with new ways of thinking.
  • April 17, Sun/Jupiter. Your faith in things working out for the best helps you put your money where your mouth is and take risks to live your dreams. Think big!
  • October 14, Sun/Saturn. Your word is your bond as you carefully consider any decisions before committing. Promises made today are kept, so be realistic.
  • December 31, Sun/Pluto. Getting obsessive about health and daily routines helps you gain control of your everyday life. Transformations are possible as you put living well first.



Action planet Mars gives you courage to tackle money matters February 24 to April 3. You’re impatient to move forward on savings, debt repayment or investment opportunities, so take the lead and get the ball rolling. Finances are best managed collaboratively now, so be open with your partner or family about your plans. It’s a great time for couples to take the plunge and merge finances in new ways.

A major new era around money begins April 5 as soulful Neptune enters your shared resource sector for a four-month visit. It’s time to let go and find ways to master money that fit with your feelings. If you’re overly attached to your financial position, Neptune helps wash away your fears and give you faith to make changes. Getting trusted, impartial advice about joint investments is important as Neptune can cloud the facts.

Details-loving Mercury helps you get your financial paperwork organised September 10 to 26. Getting all the facts about income, savings and spending helps you make informed choices, so consider keeping a spending diary through this period to track where your money really goes. Small changes make a big difference, so aim to pay off or save more to get ahead now.


Home + family

Venus, Mercury and the Sun energise your domestic sector through October and November, helping shed light on family matters and living situations.

The Sun in your home and family sector from October 24 to November 22 helps you take a creative approach to family matters. You’ll want the best in terms of your home environment then and if moving or buying now you’ll prefer the luxury option. At the very least, splurge on some decadent home furnishings.

Venus in your domestic zone from October 10 to November 3 brings sweetness into family relationships, helping you find common ground with relatives. It’s easier to smooth things over with flatmates or those you live with now as you adopt a compromising attitude to domestic concerns. The redecorating bug is hard to resist, so make this the period in which you spruce up your living space.

Chatty Mercury triggers this space from October 14 to November 3, giving you curiosity to chat about all kinds of matters, trivial and serious, with family. Communication is key to improving domestic dilemmas now, so don’t be afraid to name your true feelings and discuss details. Mercury also helps you reorganise your home to make the most of your physical space.


Creativity + children

Venus inspires your artistic side twice in 2011, triggering your creativity zone January 8 to February 5 and November 3 to 27. Relationships with children sweeten as you openly show your affection for the younger beings in your life. Adopting a healthy sense of child-like innocence through these periods helps you relax. Unwinding is key to creative inspiration now, so don’t take yourself, or life, too seriously. These periods bring timely reminders of the importance of playtime, no matter your age or situation. Children help remind you of the simplicity of being in the moment, showing you how much calmer you can be by tuning into the “here and now”.

Communication planet Mercury has a retrograde (backwards) passage through your creativity and children zone from November 24 to December 14. Crossed wires can lead to creative snafus or confusion with children through this period. Be patient and prepared to repeat yourself — things aren’t always as they seem under Mercury retrograde. If you have major creative projects or courses on the go now, double-check times, dates and deadlines. When dealing with children, repetition is key and open discussion helps you explore all the possibilities.



Passion planet Mars in your partnership zone January 16 to February 24 gives you confidence to go after what you want in love and relationships. Personal and professional one-on-one partnerships are reinvigorated as you take charge. Intimacy grows as sexual energy is aroused. Singles have extra courage to try new things in the dating game; couples are prepared to put energy into enhancing their connection. It’s a time for doing rather than waiting where love, relationships and passion are concerned.

Romantic Venus adds affection and love into your relationships from March 3 to 28. Sweetness is the way to win hearts now, so don’t be shy about treating those you love. Trusting your intuition pays off in relationships on February 18 and 21 and March 27.

A new era in love and relationships starts as Neptune begins to move out of your relationship sector. The period from April 5 to August 5 helps reveal the shape of things to come as you realise your needs in close partnerships are changing. Shifts in relationships are mostly subtle this year, as you find new ways to understand those around you.



Your travel zone is one of your most energised sectors in 2011 as both adventurous Jupiter and freedom-loving Uranus trigger this space.

Innovative Uranus makes you restless and keen for new experiences as, on March 13, he settles into this space for a seven-year stay. Through this time, your thoughts about life and your place in the world change radically. New philosophies lead to new adventures as you seek new physical places to support the next stage of your growth. Uranus encourages you to be spontaneous out in the world at large and you may find yourself planning trips at the last minute on a whim. Random diversions while travelling actually aren’t that random as Uranus, god of chaos, takes a greater interest in where you go and with whom. This sector also rules study and teaching, and you may be drawn to learn about innovative technologies or cutting-edge beliefs. Uranus also inspires a greater interest in all things alternative.

Jupiter joins Uranus from January 22 to June 5, making travel and study experiences huge priorities for the first half of 2011. Jupiter’s once-in-12-years visit to your study/travel sector helps you devote more time, energy and resources to your adventures and learning dreams. If you can, plan an extended trip somewhere new or finally get started on that interesting study/teaching program. Even taking extra short trips will help satisfy the wanderlust that fills your spirit then.

Organisation planet Mercury has a retrograde in your travel/study zone from March 29 to April 22. While this is an excellent time to get away, since, under this energy, space helps breed fresh perspectives, plan to finalise travel details well in advance. Mercury retrograde is known for playing havoc with itineraries, deadlines and schedules, so it pays to double-check details relating to travel and study through this time. Ensure you’ve got all your bases covered by making spare copies of important project and travel documents.



You’re at your charming best mid-year, as chatty Mercury, affectionate Venus and confident Mars trigger your social zone from June to August.

New social connections are easily made June 3 to 17, as Mercury gives you the gift of the gab. You’ll be able to find something in common with almost anyone then, which helps you expand your networks. Your natural effervescence makes it easier to connect with like-minded people, so seek out groups based around your favourite hobbies. Younger or smarter friends prove especially lucky now.

Quality time with your closest friends becomes a priority under Venus’s influence from June 10 to July 5. A girls’ weekend away is especially fun as you’re more receptive to support through this period. You’ll want to treat your mates, so do something special to show how much you appreciate their friendship. Art, beauty and creative experiences are great ways to bond with girlfriends then.

Confident Mars gives you leadership qualities in groups June 22 to August 4. Your enthusiasm for social get-togethers is high and you’ll naturally take charge of getting everyone together or staying in touch with friends, old and new. Your only caution? Avoid being demanding or impatient with friends — you will want to move faster than most in your networks now.

An eclipse in your social zone June 1 helps you start a fresh with friends. Turn over a new leaf in your community and social networks. Focus on leaving the past behind you.



Your passion for all things mystical is aroused August 4 to September 20 as Mars dips into your spirituality zone. You’ll find it easier to recharge by taking time out alone through this time. Physical energy may be low, but your enthusiasm for experiencing meditation, yoga and energetic practices is higher than usual. Mars gives you courage to overcome first-timer nerves, so take yourself off to a new spiritually themed class or event now. There really is nothing holding you back from moving forward with developing your understanding of spiritualty.

The Sun in your spirituality zone from June 22 to July 23 indicates trusting your vibes helps you shine now. You are happy to back a seat in the game of life if it means rediscovering your intuition. Your heart opens as you take time to sit still, so before your birthday approaches, lie low and rest. Winding down physically is an ideal way in which to stimulate your awareness of all things mystical and magical.


Planetary cycles

The following section gives you specific information regarding this year’s planetary cycles and how they may affect you.

If you are born July 23 to 28, unconventional Uranus makes a supportive trine to your Sun. This offers you a taste of freedom and the desire for more independence. Emerging philosophies about individuality help you explore authenticity in life rather than sticking with the conventional path others follow.

If you are born August 3 to 22, mature Saturn makes a supportive sextile to your Sun. While Saturn’s themes of hard work, commitment and responsibility are not always a natural fit for you, Leo, you now start to notice the rewards from previous cycles of hard work, especially around the choices and challenges you faced from August 2005 to August 2006. You’ll see how tough decisions made then have actually helped open the doors that now appear before you.

If you are born August 20 to 24, soulful Neptune makes a challenging opposition to your Sun. Your personal journey this year centres on letting go and surrendering. Life may feel insubstantial or not real as the dream-like qualities of Neptune override rational clarity. Take time out from professional and family plans to explore your spiritual and creative sides.


The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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