Pisces in 2011


You experience a changing of the guard in 2011 as one planetary heavyweight replaces another. Quirky Uranus, in your sign since March 2003, bids you a final adieu, not long before soulful Neptune enters your sign for a preview visit.

As of March 13, you are done with Uranus for this cycle. Uranus spends seven years in your sign out of every 84, so the past seven years really has been a once-in-a-lifetime rollercoaster ride. You may have experienced extreme highs and lows in this period, but hopefully you’ve also found the inner awareness to hold tightly to your authenticity. The form of your life as it currently stands may not resemble anything typical, but living outside the norm has been the best path for you in recent years. This year may feel like one in which a sense of regularity and stability re-enters your life.

Between April 5 and August 5, intuitive Neptune transits your sign. This short visit paves the way for a longer stay from Neptune, beginning in 2012. Consider mid-year your taste of the future, as Neptune, your modern co-ruler, helps you dive deep into the belly of your spiritual self to discover the creative gems hidden within. Life meanders and flows under Neptune’s influence, as dreams and the language of the heart take precedence over achievement or external ambition.

Many Pisces, especially those born around February 20, will notice a distinct desire to let go and let flow where life, love and work are concerned. If you need extra time out or an extended break from the daily grind, Neptune helps you take it. Neptune’s influence is to encourage you to simply be, rather than do, so make that your priority for the middle of 2011 if you can.

Career-wise, you’ll need to hit pause on professional plans and review your projects as organisation planet Mercury retrogrades (moves backwards) through your career sector from November 24 to December 14. Mercury spends an extra-long time in your career zone and the entire period from November 3, 2011, to January 8, 2012, is busy. You’ll easily make new contacts and professional connections. Sharing your ideas is a breeze as you experience an abundance of work-related study and/or travel.

As Mercury retrogrades through late November/December you may notice crossed wires and misunderstandings causing delays on the job. Prepare yourself as much as possible by double-checking details and reading the fine print. Even with the best preparation, unforeseen delays are likely at work. Stay flexible, as any professional delays now happen for a reason. Instead, use this period to catch up on current unfinished business, follow up on existing leads and tie up loose ends.


Your personal money zone experiences some dynamic astro triggers in 2011 and you’ll find your thoughts, patterns and routines about money break open into something entirely new. After temporary visits in 2010, both Jupiter and Uranus are back, each offering a different set of experiences to help you rework your understanding of money, values and work.

Between January 22 and June 5, Jupiter creates opportunities to grow your cash stash. This can mean extra work, finding ways to cut living costs or better budgeting to make your money stretch further. Jupiter also boosts optimism about your abilities, helping ensure you get paid fairly for the work you do. Jupiter rules both travel and study, so doing a bit of both now can lead to extra work as well. You may also notice an international connection with money. Jupiter typically expands things and you’ll probably find yourself dealing with larger sums of money — in terms of both earning and spending — through this period. It’s a great time to push for a promotion or pay rise.

Uranus settles into your wealth sector on March 13 for a seven-year stay. Uranus is unpredictable and many Pisces will find they experience greater extremes with money under this influence. Uranus symbolises the self-employed/freelancer’s life, where money arrives in spits and spurts. The better you get at managing large sums of cash when they come your way, the more fruitful this period can be. Innovation and inventiveness blend easily with money and earning potential, so don’t be shy about being the first to take up new products or to take on work in emerging fields.

Uranus is known for creating chaos — try to beat the madness by getting financial documents in order sooner rather than later. Experimenting where money is concerned helps you make the most of Uranus’s influence. Uranus shows where you want to rebel and in your money sector suggests you’re open to doing things outside the norm. Uranus also speeds things up, helping you reach major financial goals sooner. This is especially likely as Mars joins Uranus in your money zone from April 3 to May 12.

Financial caution pays off as Mercury retrogrades through your money zone from March 29 to April 22. Slow down and take time to read the fine print on major financial or work contracts now. Delays are likely; however, you will get second, improved chances through late April and May regarding money, investing and saving.


Affectionate Venus visits your social zone twice in 2011, giving you double the chances to deepen your friendships and community involvements. Intense Pluto continues through your friendship sector, and you may notice some friendships go through a death/rebirth process. You are ready to clear out “dead wood” socially and will find it easier to move away from mere acquaintances and devote more time to those friends who truly “get” you. Within social networks and group settings you are a force to be reckoned with, so use your power for conscious transformation rather than to control or manipulate.

Venus visits your friendship zone from February 5 to March 3 and November 27 to December 21, and under her influence there’s nothing more important than prioritising quality time with your closest mates. You’re generous and warm towards your friends. Reliability is something you value in others and you show your respect for those in your inner circle by keeping your word through these periods, which are also great times for a girls’ weekend away or beauty/pampering treats with your best friends. Your role in group dynamics now is to act as peace keeper, so — where you can — focus on diplomacy to win hearts and influence others. You are particularly persuasive in group dynamics on February 10 and December 2.

Home + family

Energetic Mars boosts your confidence to tackle almost anything where home, family and living situations are concerned from June 22 to August 4. This is your best time all year for completing DIY projects and making decisions about long-term living arrangements. Mars demands action, so anything you’ve been putting off at home or with family will benefit from taking a second look and making a choice now. You’re a leader among family, so take the initiative and organise family events or deal with dramas decisively. Mars is also the planet of passion and you may find your home the best setting in which to turn up the heat with your significant other now.

Between June 3 and July 5, Venus and Mercury also trigger your domestic zone. Mercury arouses your curiosity to know more about possibilities regarding living arrangements and what’s really going on with family members. Make it a point to stay in greater contact with family members now. Venus brings an added eye for beauty and her influence from June 10 to July 5 is perfect for redecorating or making your living space prettier in any way you can.


Relationships aren’t the main focus of your solar chart in 2011, though you’ll still have regular visits from cheeky Mercury and affectionate Venus in which to spice up your love life.

You’re at your most flirtatious from September 10 to 26 under the influence of witty Mercury. Your instinct and intuition help you get noticed now and singles will enjoy the process of connecting with new people. Attached? Open conversations help improve your connection. Talking through the details and little things of your life helps you get closer to your partner. Major couple decisions are easily finalised now as you take the time to find out all the facts about current issues.

Venus brings romance into your life from August 22 to September 16. Through this time you’ll also reap the rewards of making significant others your priority. Take time away from work and family to reconnect with your partner or, if single, make an effort to glam up and meet new people. Your powers of persuasion are hard to resist.

Mars ends the year having settled into your relationship sector for what will ultimately be an eight-month visit. From November 12 through to mid 2012, your passions about partnership are in the spotlight and under review. Use the period at the end of this year to spice up your love life in ways that feel comfortable. Mars shows you how to take the lead in close partnerships, helping you speak candidly with significant others about your true desires. You’ll have plenty of time to revise and review relationship dreams in the early part of 2012.


Your most adventurous period this year runs from October 14 to November 24, when Mercury, Venus and the Sun energise your travel sector. This house also covers learning and teaching, as it’s considered to be the house of wisdom. While this space is energised, you may also notice a larger-than-usual craving for meaningful experiences. Don’t be shy about seeking out teachers or philosophies that help you better make sense of your life.

Mercury and Venus light up your travel zone from October 10 to November 3. You’ll be equally curious about and inspired by getting off the beaten track then. Short trips delight you as much as extended or overseas trips, so even if all you do is plan a long weekend getaway to your favourite spot, you’ll find it invigorating. Mercury helps your mind open, so regardless of the setting you’ll soak up more information about the world at large through this time. Venus’s influence makes it an ideal time for couples to get away or singles to find love on the road.

The Sun highlights this sector from October 24 to November 24 and getting away helps you rediscover your light. You’ll shine in teaching or educational settings of any kind and if planning to run workshops or courses this is a great time to get started. The Sun is about luxury and, if you’re travelling under his influence, a little quality while on the road is a must.

Creativity + children

Confident Mars gives you extra get-up-and-go and courage to take the plunge where your creative passions are concerned. Under his influence from August 4 to September 20, you’ll want to devote more energy to the fun things in life. Work and family responsibilities take a back seat as children and your inner muse take priority. Essentially, this chart sector is about playfulness. Surrounding yourself by younger people, yours or others, helps you adopt that oh-so-spontaneous “in the moment” attitude of youth. Doing so helps you re-engage your creative spark, potentially providing a flurry of progress around learning a new hobby or improving an existing creative outlet. In particular, reconnect with desires or interests that arise around July 22, when a New Moon in this sector helps you start afresh.


With energy planet Mars in your spiritual zone from January 16 to February 24, you’ll find it easier to recharge when you take time out. Mars here arouses your passions for all things mystical and magical, so don’t wait to connect with people, books or courses that could help you evolve now. Mars also helps you tap into your spiritual warrior and fight for the things that are most important to your spiritual self. Others may find your motives hard to discern, but as you are strongly connected to your higher self now, the instinctive if inexplicable choice is probably the best one.

In 2011, soulful Neptune temporarily leaves your spirituality zone. Between April 5 and August 5, you’ll notice a change to the way you seek spiritual nourishment. You may no longer crave such an intense merging with your form of the divine, instead finding yourself satisfied with new insight and understanding. A sense of clarity around why you engage in the spiritual practices you do emerges then, making it easier to communicate your personal version of the esoteric to others. With a mental focus as part of your unique take on spirituality (via the air element), it’s important to observe your changes and personal evolution through conversation, writing and reading. Breathwork is also linked to the air element and yoga, meditative breathing or swimming all help you tap into the deeply spiritual side of your being.

Planetary cycles

The following section gives you specific information regarding this year’s planetary cycles and how they may affect you.

If you are born February 18 to 20, soulful Neptune passes over your Sun. Your personal journey this year centres on letting go and surrendering. Life may feel insubstantial or not real as the dream-like qualities of Neptune override rational clarity. Take time out from professional and family plans to explore your spiritual and creative side.

If you are born February 24 to 27, transformative Pluto makes a supportive sextile to your Sun. This year is ripe with opportunities for you to transform from the caterpillar to the butterfly via a cocoon-like experience. You’ll willingly enter into a period of simplicity as you seek to become who you have the potential to be. Harnessing your creative power is key to your personal evolution this year.

If you are born March 16 to 21, unconventional Uranus passes over your Sun. This presents unexpected but exciting opportunities to embrace previously hidden or suppressed parts of your personality. You may rebel against limits, structure and authority as Uranus encourages you to push boundaries and create freedom. Liberation is an important underlying theme.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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