Taurus in 2011


You charge into the New Year under the influence of energy planet Mars in your career zone. January 16 to February 24 is ideal for starting new professional projects or taking a step up in your career. You’ll crave autonomy at work and will seek roles that challenge and inspire you. February 21, when Mars and Neptune align in your career sector, brings professional inspiration, helping you take action regarding career plans.

Your ruler Venus is fleet-footed this year, whipping through one-and-a-quarter turns of the heavens. You’ll follow suit, moving at a faster pace than usual in 2011. With no ruler retrograde to slow you down, you have full cosmic blessing to move forward at a steady, constant pace.

In particular focus are your professional goals and aspirations (March 3 to 28 and December 21 to January 14, 2012), your dreams about travel and adventure (February 5 to March 3 and November 27 to December 21) and your experiences around shared resources and self reflection (January 18 to February 4 and November 3 to 26).

On June 5 you enter one of your luckiest streaks yet, as expansive Jupiter returns to your sign after a 12-year hiatus. Jupiter helps doors open and brings an abundance of opportunities. Boldly choose to go where you’ve not gone before and you’ll channel this inspiring, adventurous energy wisely. The second half of 2011 is particularly full of growth for Taurus born between April 21 and 30; the first half of 2012 is when all other Taureans get stuck into making the most of their lucky streak.

Staying on top of wellness remains a priority as Saturn continues through your health and daily routines sector. The balancing act between the work that needs to be done and the needs of your physical self seesaws throughout the year, especially around March 28 to 31 and April 18. You’ll need to be firm about boundaries with others and work then to ensure you get the rest, exercise and healthy food you need.

Your ruler Venus makes a number of significant connections with planetary heavyweights in 2011. Note these dates for your diary as exceptional energy flashpoints:

  • February 10 and December 2, Venus/Pluto. Your desire to be in control overrides almost everything else. You want honesty and are prepared to reveal more of yourself than usual. Pluto blesses you with power, so use it wisely.

  • March 27, Venus/Neptune. Your ability to trust in the goodness of those around you reaches a peak. Compassion fills your spirit and you realise there is joy in giving selflessly to others. Romantic and creative inspiration peaks.
  • April 23, Venus/Uranus. The call of freedom spurs you to make unconventional but entirely authentic choices. Freedom is more important than anything else now, so avoid restrictive or limiting situations. Not conforming makes you happier than compromising to fit in.
  • May 11, Venus/Jupiter. Lady Luck is on your side, especially if you’re happy to work behind the scenes. You’re restless for change, so break with routine where you can. Spiritual energy and intuition are high, so don’t overdo it physically or with work.
  • September 13, Venus/Saturn. Saturn helps you grow up. Maturity and practicality take precedence as you contemplate and make lasting commitments. You channel your wisest self and others see you as a voice of wisdom.


Your personal money planet, Mercury, positively triggers your cash zone from June 3 to 17 and this is a great time for organising your financial affairs. If you’ve been thinking about applying for a promotion or payrise, this period is a great time to do so. It’s also good for following your curiosity to learn more about managing your money to best advantage.

Between June 22 and August 4, Mars boosts your confidence and openness to risk where money and income are concerned. Your courage and assertiveness when dealing with financial matters through this period help you get ahead of the pack. Mars equals action, so use this period to put that new budget, savings or debt repayment plan into motion.

Fickle Mercury’s retrograde (movement backwards) in your shared money zone (the eighth house) from November 24 to December 14 could create delays or crossed wires about income, investments and debt repayments. Use this period to discuss the finer details of pooled resources with significant others. If you can, avoid making or signing financial arrangements/documents through this period. Instead, make it a time to review and revise where money is concerned. It’s also an excellent period in which to make changes to existing financial plans and investment/loan schedules, as things are more flexible than usual.

Home + family

This year, Mars gives you the drive to take the next step regarding living arrangements or your family situation. You’re especially motivated to improve your personal space and could be a bit impatient with those you live with, under Mars’ influence from September 20 to November 12. Major domestic plans or projects still unfinished from late 2009/early 2010 can finally be completed then.

The Sun in your home and family zone, from July 24 to August 23, gives you strength and vitality to charm and win your way with family and flatmates. Don’t be shy about making your needs a priority at home now. Your sense of your own needs in family settings is higher than usual through this period.

The only blip on your domestic radar in 2011 is a confusing retrograde influence from Mercury between August 9 and 25. You may have to repeat yourself more than usual with family members or flatmates as simple misunderstandings could create friction. Your Mercury retrograde survival kit? Be patient with family and persistent about exploring your options. New possibilities and information emerge under Mercury’s review influence. Taking your time making plans then means you arrive at late August armed with new knowledge and greater understanding of both your needs and those of your family or flatmates.

Creativity + children

You have two periods through 2011 where opportunities for pleasure, relaxation, inspiration and happy times with children peak. Mercury provides enough curiosity to try your hand at anything even remotely creative between September 10 and 25. A little effort and a few classes or training sessions see you easily mastering new skills now if you’re game. Communication is key to bonding or dealing with children through this time. If you’re childless and trying, take time to discuss all the details and feelings you’re experiencing through the process with your partner.

Venus helps you open your heart and get playful, in life and love, from August 22 to September 16. Living joyfully seems easier now and making it a priority to unwind regularly helps you attract more love and affection into your life. You’re more generous to your own creative spirit and towards the younger people in your life through this period.


It’s the relationship you have with yourself that’s your top priority in 2011. As things get moving in your love life, don’t forget to stay in touch with your own needs. Mars in your sign from May 12 to June 22 gives you confidence to assert yourself and take action about getting your own needs met. You could be more independent or “me first” than usual then, which will help put close partnerships into perspective.

Love goddess Venus in your relationship zone from October 10 to November 3 brings out your sultry, seductive side. Venus is all about attraction and, if you’re single then, a little effort goes a long way to meeting new people. Got a long-term love? Venus’s influence helps bring passion, affection and fun back into your romance. Set heavy, practical couple goals to the side and make time to simply enjoy each other.

Mercury triggers your relationship sector from October 14 to November 3, making it easier to communicate within your closest partnerships. Taking time to talk about the little things, the private things and those sensitive subjects helps deepen your bond and create trust. Be as open with significant others as you expect them to be with you.


Fun-loving Venus triggers your travel zone twice in 2011. The periods from February 5 to March 3 and November 27 to December 21 are particularly inspiring, where the call of anything foreign, far away or uplifting is hard to resist. Whether you plan to spend a month in Italy or a weekend at your favourite getaway spot, heading off into the blue yonder helps reinvigorate your spirit and open your mind through these periods. Ideally, you’ll explore classic locations that are new for you. Don’t forget, travelling can be mental as well as physical. Workshops, courses and learning experiences all touch you more deeply now, as you seek new perspectives to give life meaning.

As Pluto continues to transform this part of your life, you are ready to make major changes to the way you travel, learn/teach and view the world. Key dates for mental breakthroughs and profound travel experiences include January 18, February 10 and December 2.

The call to get away and escape reality is particularly strong as Jupiter and Pluto align February 22 to March 2. Maintain balance between the travel you need to do and the trips you’d like to take as Mars and Pluto face off through August, especially around the 11th and 12th.


With Mars in your social zone February 24 to April 3 you’ll naturally slip into the role of the leader in group settings. Don’t be shy about taking charge and organising get-togethers then. Your energy and motivation for community or charitable organisations are higher than usual through March, so find new ways to make a contribution where you can.

You experience a taste of what’s to come as Neptune dips his feet into your social zone from April 5 to August 5. A new era in group dynamics and friendships begins as you seek deeper connections with existing friends and greater involvement with groups that support your growing sense of spirituality.

You’ll find it easier to forge those unspoken, nourishing bonds of friendship under Venus’s influence from March 28 to April 22, when quality time with your closest friends becomes more important.


The first half of 2011, from January 22 to June 5, is practically bursting with opportunities to help you expand and explore what spiritualty means for you. Under Jupiter’s influence, your ability to intuit what’s happening around you, without relying on your senses, is particularly potent. At times you may seem overwhelmed by everything you sense, but the clarity you gain from tuning in to your instincts easily outweighs any discomfort.

The Sun joins Jupiter in your spirituality zone from March 21 to April 20. If possible, plan a retreat or escape from reality then. Keep social and family commitments to a minimum and allow yourself time to “be” rather than having to be constantly on the go. Physical energy can be lower, so scale back exercise and work schedules to give yourself more downtime. Cultivating regular practices around meditation or quiet reflection can help you stay grounded. Doing so gives you the private alone time you need to process all the extra pieces of information and energy you’re noticing.

Jupiter triggers your spirituality zone just once every 12 years. The first half of 2011 therefore represents a special opportunity to grow into your understanding of your self as a spiritual being and your roles in life as paths to devotion.

Planetary cycles

The following section gives you specific information regarding this year’s planetary cycles and how they may affect you.

Regardless of your personal birth date, you’ll benefit from the passage of expansive Jupiter through your sign from June 5 to June 11, 2012. Jupiter helps you stretch beyond known borders and try new things. Travel and study are Jupiter’s realms, as you get the itch to see or learn more than you ever have. Jupiter was last in your sign in 1999/2000, so you may notice reflections of events and experiences then in your life this coming year.

If you are born April 24 to 28, transformative Pluto makes a supportive trine to your Sun. This year is ripe with opportunities for you to transform from the caterpillar to the butterfly, via a cocoon-like experience. You’ll willingly enter into a period of simplicity as you seek to transform bad habits into great ones. Harnessing your own creative power is key to your personal evolution this year.

If you are born May 17 to 22, unconventional Uranus makes a supportive sextile to your Sun. This aspect helps you break away from limitations and create greater personal freedom. Being authentic and honouring your true desires is essential as you find the inner conviction required to make personally fulfilling choices, no matter how different, off-beat or out of the ordinary. Life can be busy and fast-paced and things will change, but you’ll be happy with how satisfying life is once they have.

Also for those born May 17 to 22, dreamy Neptune makes a challenging square to your Sun. Neptune ultimately offers inspiration and the ability to connect with your spiritual and creative side. First, he asks that you make sacrifices and let go of anything that doesn’t support your emerging intuitive side. The balance between reality and fantasy can seem skewed, as the lines between what is and what you imagine blur. Seek answers within rather than from external sources.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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