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Eastern influences: Chinese astrology 2020

In Chinese Astrology 2020 is the year of the Yang Metal Rat. Discover what the rat will bring for your sign, and explore which compass directions are in focus in 2020.

The year of the Yang Metal Rat starts on 25 January 2020. This starts a year of strong Water Qi, since Metal strengthens the Water of the Rat. This will be very good if your personal chart likes Water, and it will be good for the arts and healing in general. Water governs the kidneys and bladder, so eat foods that support these organs, like cauliflower, blueberries, cranberries and garlic. In 2020, the Lunar New Year on January 25 precedes the Solar New Year, which is on February 4, indicating it will be a positive year overall.

Yang Metal is piercing and indicates a gifted intellect that likes detail. Some examples of strong metal include an axe or sword. Geng can be the most strong-willed of all the Day Masters and is seen as the “knight in shining armour” or Robin Hood. Yang Metal people can make excellent coaches or trainers as they are great at encouraging others to improve on their previous achievements. When they are in a position where they feel pressured they can lash out or become tyrannical.


The Rat is the first in the animal cycle and can denote new beginnings. Rats can be charming, adaptable, creative and inventive. Born leaders with a strong streak of originality, their minds are very active and there may be hidden artistic talents.

The combination of Yang Metal and the Rat’s water element indicates a year of contraction and hibernation following the healing and sustenance of 2019. This may play out negatively around the world. The last Rat year in 2008, which was a Yang Earth Rat year, was when the global financial crisis occurred. Since Yang Metal governs banking and finance and the Rat is one of the money signs, there may be another similar global event in 2020. Having said this, 2008 also brought many positives politically, and in science and the arts.

There are two lifecycles for 2020 – Sai and Toi. Lifecycles show where the Stem (Yang Metal) is in relation to the cycle of the Branches (Rat), from birth to death. These are mixed, as Sai is also called “death luck, however it is not necessarily bad. There may be a tendency to overthink things and rationalise in 2020. Sai requires action, so the lesson will be to stop procrastinating and create the life you want. Toi indicates new beginnings, curiosity and inventiveness, which will help balance out the stoicism of Sai.


If you are new to Chinese Astrology, you may not know that you are more than just the animal sign of your birth year. There is a system of Chinese Astrology called Four Pillars based on your birth date and time using the stems and branches. The most important part of this system is the stem of the day you were born, the Day Master.

Yang Metal combines with Yin Wood. For men with a Yin Wood Day Master this is a good year to focus on career. For Yin Wood women it is a good year for meeting your soulmate and marriage.

The Rat and Horse are a clash involving Yang Water and Yang Fire. Take care when travelling in the Horse month from 21 June to 20 July as accidents are more likely.

The Rat and Ox together form a Six Harmony Combination. This brings the Ox good luck during 2020, especially if there are two on your chart.

In 2020, the Lunar New Year on January 25 precedes the Solar New Year, which is on February 4, indicating it will be a positive year overall.

The Rat can combine with the Monkey or Dragon to form Water. This combination can go either way depending on the layout of your chart, and the fact that Water drains Yang Metal. If Water is a positive element for you, then 2020 will be very good for creativity, planning, solving problems, and pregnancy. If it is negative, then make sure you have a plan in place to limit spending.

The strongest combination will occur if you have both the Pig and Ox on your chart, which combine with the Rat to form Seasonal Water. You may deal with plumbing issues or flooding at home. Since Water governs fears, you may face or overcome fears that affect your deepest anxieties.

From a basic check of your year branch, we can look at how the Pig will affect you.

Rat (1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008) 2020 being a Rat year can be positive or negative depending on your own attitude towards self-analysis and change. The double-up of rat energy can mean shifts in career and living arrangements. If so, these are can be positive, especially if you act with caution. Your health will be good, so take steps to maintain it. Relationships with siblings can improve by the end of the year. Help yourself this year by cultivating karma through helping others, making donations or by volunteering.

Ox (1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009) The Ox combines with the Rat and will find themselves doing well, especially in love and romance. Your career and justice stars are well aspected in 2020, so there should be rewards for working hard and applying yourself. If you have a Yang Wood, Earth or Metal Day Master and are born in the year, month or hour of the Ox, then 2020 will be a great year in all areas. It’ll be best to pick one goal to focus on to receive maximum support from the universe.

Tiger (1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010) Tigers and Rats aren’t friends, but they’re not enemies either. Tigers are more inclined towards the fire element and you might find you move against the water flow of 2020. Career progress may stall, although the Tiger’s Hidden Wood and Fire will mean that love and romance remain positive. You may make some gains this year, but you might also deal with a loss or two. The Rat year is a good time for you to decide who and what is important in your life.

Rabbit (1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011) According to many teachers, the Rabbit and Rat are a 3-penalty known as the penalty of impertinence. This means you might find yourself with your foot in your mouth in 2020. Mark Twain said it best: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.” On a positive note, Water boosts the Rabbit’s Wood, which can be good for romance and love life.

Dragon (1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000) Dragons who like Water on their chart will have a very good year, and in general all Dragons will find 2020 to be smooth. There will be more of a move towards stability and establishing a home base. Your ancestors, like your parents or grandparents, may be on your mind. If so, 2020 will be a year to mend fences if necessary.

Snake (1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001) The Snake has no direct interaction with the rat, but your fire is against the water flow of 2020. As a snake, you do have hidden Yang Metal which can be helpful for money. Your best luck will come through your personal appearance and style. You have a good opportunity to shine and make connections this year.

Horse (1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002) This year is a direct clash for Horses, as two cardinal branches can lead to instability in life and problems with finding direction. You might find solace with family and friends as you have plenty of support. Make sure to look after your health. If you can, donate blood as the Horse’s Fire governs the heart and circulatory system.

Sheep/Goat (1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003) Children and work are the Goat’s main focus in 2020 and are where the greatest satisfaction will come from. The Goat is one of Yang Metal’s helpers, so you may find that people will look to you for assistance, which can be wonderful if you work as a consultant or in a service industry. Make stability your goal this year, and try to avoid drama or risky ventures.

Monkey (1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004) Monkeys will have a good year in general for 2020 and get along well with Rats. You may have plenty of work, and since wealth is on the rise you should start getting paid what you’re worth. If you have felt hard done by the last couple of years, these feelings will lift and you may find yourself in a better job, city or home.

Rooster (1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005) Wealth is coming for Roosters in 2020, and the Rat is very well aspected for relationships of all types. You may be able to take advantage of the money coming to create stable investments for the future. You may have had trouble in your intimate relationships for the last couple of years. If so, this will ease in 2020.

Dog (1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006) Dogs have a flip in fate in 2020. If you’ve been doing very well then make sure that your assets and wealth are protected, as the flip can mean losing. Similarly, Dogs that have been doing poorly may find themselves suddenly in the spotlight. All Dogs should avoid being pulled into other people’s drama. Your best luck comes through movement, travel and meeting new people.

Pig (1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007) The Rat and Pig have a good affinity with each other, but won’t combine unless the Ox is present elsewhere on your chart. Pigs have hidden Yang Wood that benefits from the Rat’s Water, so there will always be support in 2020. You may need to give yourself a polish, perhaps take some lessons from a friendly Snake, before you head out into the world. Even though it’s easy to stay at home, your best luck will come through movement and travel.


The following interpretations and recommendations are based on San Yuan Flying Stars and San He schools of Feng Shui. For San He in the outer ring, close off and keep quiet the negative formations (in red), and open or activate any positive formations that are available (in blue). The positive Flying Stars are 1 Water, 4 Wood, 6 Metal, 8 Earth and 9 Fire. The negative stars are 2 Earth, 3 Wood, 5 Earth and 7 Metal.

Even though you will have good results from following this advice, it is not a substitute for having a trained Feng Shui practitioner assess the energy of your house. At a minimum, your practitioner should know Four Pillars astrology and the Flying Star system.

The Luo Pan compass has the annual formations for 2020 arranged around the degrees of a compass. The Chinese representation of the compass is opposite to the western compass – south is always at the top and north at the bottom.

The centre has the 7 Metal star visiting in 2020. If you’ve been following these annual articles, then remove the crystals recommended in 2019, as the 7 Metal can indicate robbery and legal problems, which Earth, like a crystal, will only make stronger. The Ba Gua 5 star that plays host to the 7 indicates that there will be an increase in mouth and throat related diseases, especially in October. A bottle of plain water can drain the 7 star, or you can convert the negative Earth and Metal using lucky bamboo.

Sai requires action, so the lesson will be to stop procrastinating and create the life you want.

The south is 9 Fire in the Ba Gua, which supports the annual 2 Earth, meaning the daughter supports the mother; this is a good sign for mums everywhere. If this area has poor landforms, like power poles, rubbish, and any dead plants or trees, then the negative side of the 2 star is more likely to manifest, especially since the San Sha (three thieves) and Year God Tai Sui are also in this direction. This can mean illness for women and gossip.

To improve the south’s luck this year, clean it up and keep it quiet. Avoid construction work in this direction. The traditional cure for San Sha is a statue of Kuan Kung facing towards the problem direction, though any ethical deity or saint will serve the same purpose. The usual cure for Tai Sui is a Dragon-headed Tortoise statue, although you can also go to a Buddhist temple and purchase a Year God talisman to place here.

The southwest is home to the 2 Earth star which is clashing with the annual 4 Wood. Both are Yin stars so there is fighting between the mother and eldest daughter, the opposite of the south’s energy. Try to keep this area calm and looking nice, and use 6 I-Ching coins in a small jar of water to bridge the gap between Earth and Wood.

The west is Metal in the Ba Gua and clashes with the annual 9 Fire. Once again both stars are Yin, so there is potential here for arguments between women. There could also be politics and manipulation happening behind the scenes, adversely affecting the Peach Blossoms, which is usually positive. To shift the Qi to a more favourable direction, use both Water and Wood Elements and colours together. Avoid red and use water-loving plants.

The northwest has the annual 8 Earth star supporting the Ba Gua 6 Metal. The northwest represents the father, and Earth is the son, so here the son supports the father. This direction is very good for career and property deals. If you are selling, activate this area with crystals, symbols of wealth and a small water feature.

The north has 3 Wood being supported by the Ba Gua 1 Water, which should mean that the two sons get along. Along with the Oppression and Sui Po formations it can indicate travel, bad tempers, arguments and even physical violence. A small amount of Fire Element would help to keep the thunder to a minimum, so burn a small candle every day or two. It would be good to avoid construction or a lot of movement here.

If you are selling, activate the northwest with crystals, symbols of wealth and a small water feature.

The northeast has the host 8 Yang Earth clashing with the 1 Water star. This is an interesting situation as the host clashing outwards is considered a good sign, and both are positive, which indicates good luck through real estate and property. The best luck will be from 23 July to 18 August when the 6 Metal arrives. You can bring this luck forward by combining 8 citrine crystals with 6 I-Ching coins here. The San He formations will tend to balance each other out.

The east has the annual 5 Earth star and is the home to the Ba Gua 3 Wood star. This is another example of clashing outwards, where most problems are smoothed over, however the 3 and 5 can also bring problems relating to the joints, bones and gall bladder. Keep this area clean and quiet, add Metal in the form of I-Ching coins, or try using a saltwater cure.

The southeast has the annual 6 Metal visiting the 4 Yin Wood palace, controlling inwards, which can show that the guest offends the host. There may be scandals involving older men and younger women or family breakups for buildings that have a prominent feature, like the front door, a bedroom or the stove, in the Southeast sector. Help convert the strong Yang energy by using Water (blue and black) and Wood (green) colours and items. Moving water like a water feature won’t be helpful as it will support the Yang Qi.


Dean French

Dean French

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