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How will the moon phases affect you?

New and Full Moons have been used from the beginning of human evolution as celestial markers and long interpreted as messages from the gods. New and Full Moons are known as lunations. A New Moon is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. From the New Moon to the Full Moon, experiences that looked possible at the time of the New Moon start to grow in fullness. At the time of the Full Moon, events and matters reach a culmination or critical point. The Full Moon heralds a time to look around and see how the events promised at the New Moon have grown. The dark of the Moon from the Full Moon until the next New Moon is a time for letting go and finalising projects; a cosmic tidy-up in preparation for the fresh energy of the next New Moon.



Full Moon


24 May, 6.18am AEST

May’s Full Moon polarises the energies of Gemini and Sagittarius — a polarity associated with knowledge, learning, teaching and attributing meaning to information. As the Sun travels through Gemini (which he does at this time every year) the solar thrust is on acquiring information, asking questions and creating links between different facts. The Sun’s energy can be scattered in Gemini, as self-expression here seeks constant change. With all this information floating around, it can be hard to focus in one direction. @BC2:At the time of the Full Moon, when the Moon moves through the sign opposite the Sun and an opposition is formed between the Sun and Moon (known together as the Luminaries, or Lights), opposing views are asked to be balanced. With the Moon full in Sagittarius, purpose and faith need to be integrated into the facts of your life as it stands. With emotional energy vibrating to Sagittarian energy, personal beliefs and philosophy become important. The search for meaning is highlighted. This shows how the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius work as a cosmic pairing: Gemini collects facts and data and Sagittarius imparts meaning or purpose to the knowledge. At the time of this Full Moon you find yourself on a search for meaning to some facts of your life. If there is no meaning, what purpose do the facts serve? Venus and Mars are caught in a cosmic dance at the Full Moon. Venus (also in Gemini) is looking for a good flirt — nothing too serious or feeling-oriented. Mars, however, in soulful Pisces is looking for love, for an experience that he can lose himself in completely. Between now and the New Moon on 7 June, Mars and Venus connect with powerful Pluto and desire brings transformation. With half the planets in the sky moving through mutable signs, the need to stay flexible and open is important. Going with the flow is a key theme. Mars and Venus’ contacts to Pluto ask for change at a primal level and under this month’s Full Moon energy this change won’t seem quite so scary as you might imagine.

Uranus comes into play shortly after the Full Moon. His influence may lead to a sudden change in living arrangements for some. The time between the Full Moon and the New Moon is about finalising current circumstances and dealing with the status quo. Letting go and letting be may be all you need to do right now.


New Moon


7 June, 7.55am AEST

The New Moon in Gemini looks very busy, especially on a mental level. Not only is the sign of Gemini involved with this New Moon, but Mercury (planetary ruler of this airy sign) is in a prominent position at the New Moon, also in Gemini. This strong Gemini/Mercury energy is sure to bring new strategies, new ideas, new contacts and loads of networking opportunities. Mercury and Gemini are associated with communication and the exchange of ideas, so expect phone lines to run hot and emails and faxes to be flying back and forth.

Mercury (Hermes) is known as the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology. He was able to move between Heaven and Earth, conveying information between the gods and mortals. During times when Mercury is strong in the heavens, we are all able to make connections or see bridges between seemingly disparate pieces of information or people we otherwise might have missed. You will find yourself making key connections this month — almost akin to joining the dots between random ideas.

At the time of this month’s New Moon, Mercury makes a powerful link to Pluto. This Pluto/Mercury dynamic will add a level of compulsion and obsessive drive to the mental mix that will follow the lunation. Ideas and connections formed around the time of the New Moon (within 48 hours) will have a fated or karmic quality to them. With Pluto linking into the New Moon, everything seems to take on a greater intensity. Some of us may feel like it’s “do or die” in terms of what we need to communicate or who we need to connect with.

Just before June’s New Moon, Jupiter, planet of abundance and opportunity, returns to forward motion. Jupiter has been in reverse since February. Jupiter is currently moving through Libra and expanding the universal understanding of relationships and diplomacy. We are seeing a mass unity of governments and countries that has not been seen in recent times. Jupiter in Libra stands for a large display of peace and big commitments around harmony and working together.

As Jupiter gets moving forward again, many of us will see progress in our own microcosmic worlds around our relationships and the need to build more peace and harmony into our lives. Any personal or professional relationships that have stalled or stagnated since the start of the year will pick up speed this month. Large-scale developments are likely and diplomacy will be called for.


Full Moon


22 June, 2.13pm AEST

June’s Full Moon is extra-strong as it falls on the Solstice point that is 0 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. The Solstice point highlights the physical change in the season that occurs in the world around us. The Full Moon literally lights up this axis and it’s time to focus on emotional change in our inner world.

The Solstice points are sensitive energy points that ancient cultures have long regarded as important. Rituals and pagan celebrations abound to honour the change in the seasons that occurs at the Solstice points. Today, the Solstice points are referred to as either the longest day/shortest night (Summer Solstice) or the shortest day/longest night (Winter Solstice). In the Southern Hemisphere at the June Winter Solstice, the Sun is honoured and worshipped to encourage his return to the heavens.


On what was the darkest day (that is, the day with the least amount of sunlight) pagan cultures traditionally burnt yule logs and decorated green trees with candles to welcome the Sun back to his place in the sky. You may notice a resemblance between these traditions and some of the rituals we perform today. For example, at Christmas time we decorate a green tree with lights and tinsel. This is because the festival of Christ’s birth (the birth of the Son (Sun?) of God) was adapted from the pagan celebrations of the Winter Solstice in times gone by.

This month, as the Full Moon energises this respected day of ritual and celebration, take some time out from the hurly-burly of the everyday and welcome the Sun, light and warmth back into your world. Take time to light a candle and set your intentions for the coming six months.

Shortly after the Full Moon, Mars will oppose almighty Jupiter. Jupiter expands and increases Mars’ desire for making a decisive statement about power, physical prowess and sexual ability. Mars and Jupiter together see one try to wrest control and maintain a sense of authority. The “military” may well come under fire around this time. A strong and enticing sense of adventure and the yearning for a conquest stokes the fires of inspiration in many under the influence of this energy. Aries and Sagittarians (being ruled by Mars and Jupiter, respectively) will feel this desire for action and accomplishment most keenly. Jupiter offers an altruistic perspective to our actions and asks that we use faith and find a purpose for our actions.


New Moon


6 July, 10.02pm AEST

The New Moon in the sacred sign of Cancer draws us into the home and family — our own private world. In our inner space, nurturing and emotionally centred connections have the power to transform and recharge us. Cancer is associated with our sacred history: our family ancestry and our connections to the past. However, “family” does not necessarily denote blood ties. Time spent honouring and acknowledging anyone in your emotional family is well supported at July’s New Moon.

Like the Crab that rules the sensitive sign of Cancer, we all need to retreat into our hard shell occasionally to let our soft side rest from the pokes and prods received out in the world. Stepping back and taking some time out are well supported around 6 July. This month’s New Moon has Mars, the Nodes, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and the Moon all moving through Cardinal signs. Cardinal energy is associated with action and movement. As you take time out to reflect this month, you will find yourself mulling over which direction you need to move in once you return from your place of sanctuary. Mars’ connection to the North Node in his own sign of Aries suggests it’s time for each of us to pioneer a new frontier in our lives. The need to break new ground, to finally step forward down a life path you have long been contemplating, is strong. Make choices that realign your external life path with the internal direction of your soul. Some may feel as though a critical point of no return is reached this month. It’s up to you to decide where and in what way life will change for you. The emphasis on Cardinal energy (and the influence of the fated Nodes) shows a key turning point that can no longer be ignored. Let yourself truly see what changes your heart desires this month.


Full Moon


21 July, 9pm AEST

While the previous New Moon pulled us into a safe, homely and cocoon-like space, the subsequent Full Moon reminds us that we must constantly strive for balance between home and work and private versus public. With the Full Moon in Cancer’s opposing sign of Capricorn, work and professional responsibilities ask for equal space.

Part of the challenge many of us face is that we use our home as an escape from a job we don’t enjoy. The first part of this month’s lunar energy has given you the chance to re-evaluate what is important to you work-wise. The Full Moon now suggests that if you can’t honour work and homelife equally because of a lack of enthusiasm for your current work, it’s time to make some changes to what you are doing in the professional sphere. Under the Cancer/Capricorn energy of this Full Moon, the balance you currently do or don’t have between home and work life is going to come into sharp focus. As you struggle to keep commitments on both fronts, take a look at some of the reasons why. Let yourself go a little deeper into what is pulling you more strongly in either direction.

The action-oriented focus of the New Moon is repeated at the Full Moon, and as the Full Moon occurs with the Sun, Moon and Mars at late degrees in their respective signs, there is an added “do or die” pressure that needs to be met with conscious choice on some level. Urgency seems to build as key planets get close to changing signs. Becoming acutely aware of where events in life are taking you and deciding to either go or stay will help let off some steam. Full Moons are known to act as catalysts in our lives, bringing light to darkness. One of the key planets in the heavens, Saturn, has just moved out of Cancer and into Leo. This is the start of a two-and-a-half-year passage that occurs only once every 29 years. Many Leos find themselves taking on greater responsibilities and making more mature, adult life choices in the coming two years. Cancerians can now catch their breath after an intensive and productive two-and-a-half-year period. Mercury turns retrograde shortly after this Full Moon, on 23 July, for a three-week backward passage. Take time out to sit on decisions and contracts that are awaiting your final authorisation. The time to choose comes after the next New Moon.


New Moon


5 August, 1.04pm AEST

This month’s creative New Moon in Leo heralds a lift in energy that will see each of us look for more extroverted ways to express ourselves. In Leo the creative expression of the ego seeks an outlet. We discover the beauty of play and freedom under this regal lunation. Many of us will be sensitive to others’ feedback this month, as the desire to be noticed and recognised for our efforts is strong. @BC2:Venus links forcefully with Pluto shortly after the New Moon. Relationships become intense and time-consuming. Pluto compels Venus to offer up only the most involved and challenging relationships, so expect to be confronted through your relationships this month. It is, however, all in the name of personal evolution, and relationships this month will certainly encourage this.

Venus is moving through Virgo, a sign that brings out her practical ability along with her sensuality. Virgo is often incorrectly portrayed as a prudish or reserved sign between the sheets. This month’s energy, with Venus in Virgo linking to very sexual Pluto, should dispel any of those myths. Sexual experiences that focus on control may prove to be powerfully transformative at the New Moon. With Mars also moving through a tactile Earth sign, there are many planetary pointers to a lot of bedroom action over the next fortnight! Pride is easily wounded when there is so much at stake, as appears to be the case when planets line up in Leo. This month sees both the Sun and Moon, along with Saturn and Mercury, traverse this proud sign.

Mercury is retrograde at the time of this month’s New Moon, suggesting that for at least the first part of this lunation we may have to go over old ground. With the strong Venus/Pluto link also occurring at the time of the New Moon, this is likely to be old relationship territory that for some reason needs to be revisited. Mercury moves forward from 15 August and key decisions that you expect to last should be made after this date.

Kelly Surtees is a professional astrologer who runs a private practice in Sydney. W:

Kelly Surtees

Kelly Surtees

With more than 14 years in private practice, Kelly Surtees is experienced, warm and insightful. She loves exploring astrology’s history as well as escaping into the ocean. Kelly’s passion for astrology is infectious, and her specialty areas include career and life direction, health and fertility, love, health and happiness. Kelly is an expat Aussie who lives in Canada most of the year.

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