Astrology 101: A tour through your eleventh house

Astrology 101: A tour through the eleventh region

Unearth the potentials of your eleventh house and what it has to say about friendships, community and crowd connections.

Think back to the last time you met a highly social person — one who gravitates towards crowds, friends, groups, communities. Someone who finds peace, excitement, and fulfillment through brotherly love and camaraderie. A person such as this may have a busy eleventh house. Let’s delve deeply into the eleventh region, unpacking its various potentials.

Eleventh house arenas include, but are not limited to: sports teams, tribes, communes, musical genres, boardrooms (if Capricorn is in the eleventh), and political rallies. The eleventh house leads to high-level group formation, through arts, socialising, meetings, and more.

Pisces in eleven is light and unencumbered, with a peace and love feel.

The eleventh house deals with the power of gathering. People who have a concrete, linear sign in eleven may mingle in practical arenas, with other linear thinkers, in some context. People who have water signs in eleven will be attracted to emotional groups, music festivals, group therapy, and so on. One thing to notice is that the eleventh house is very public. High up in the chart, planets in eleven focus the native’s thinking to leaving the home and engaging with the world.

Planets in the eleventh

In the early years of adolescence, kids with a busy eleventh house will gravitate towards teams and social groups, finding strength and strife within the crowds of their choice, alongside of and dependent on various transits (temporary cycles).

Suppose a high school boy has a Mars-Uranus conjunction in the eleventh house in Sagittarius. During positive transits, he could be a shining star among a pack of thrasher/skateboarders. When a Mars-square transit burns through, he may have a rough day in the pack, perhaps hurting himself while overdoing it and showing off. While not every day will be perfect, he will be drawn to the group lifestyle, led by his thinking and inclinations.

A young person with Venus and Jupiter in Taurus conjunct in the eleventh may gravitate towards farming, baking, sewing and the like. A more traditional type teenager inhabiting this chart may enjoy time at home, in a cooking club or at a quilting circle. They could find peace and calm through groups and be quite popular.

Now, what about an older person? Suppose you are looking at a middle-aged man with a full eleventh region — Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and more. You would likely find him upholding a group sphere in some way. Suppose the planets were all in Scorpio, a potentially dark and impactful sign. This man may be a leader in rap or metal music, making decisions for bands or clubs.

If you have many planets in the eleventh, you’ll express a group-first ethos, and marriage might be considered second (unless the seventh house of relationships is equally strong). If Gemini was hosting these planets in the eleventh, this can describe someone involved with a lighter crowd. This might include someone who is a competitive trivia buff or who takes on the crowd in spelling bees.

The eleventh house and the Sun’s cycle

Now, let’s delve more deeply into the eleventh region. You might wonder: How do planets in the eleventh get their tendencies? First, think of the fact that, on any given day, the Sun travels through the eleventh region soon after it rises out of the sleepy, half-conscious twelfth house.

Leo rising can bring an uplifting, breath of fresh air into the group.

About two hours after sunrise, the Sun begins its climb through the eleventh house. People are just getting to work, saying hello to the crowd, checking social media, texting friends. Society, in general, becomes social as the Sun moves through the part of the sky associated with the eleventh house. Once it passes through eleven into the tenth house, you settle in and become busy at work, focusing on career-oriented tasks.

Your eleventh house based on your rising sign

Now that you understand the basic potentials of the eleventh house, and a variety of its expressions, let’s expand a bit further into eleventh house locations, places and institutions. Let’s look at each rising sign and its correlation to the eleventh house.

As you read the descriptions, you might notice, that the sign in eleven will be compatible with your rising sign, as the elements of both signs will share some features — both either lifting upwards, if they are air and fire signs, or offering stability and moving downwards, if they are earth and water signs.

Fire signs Earth signs Air signs Water signs
Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer
Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio
Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries rising: Aquarius in eleven

People with the Ram rising are born with Aquarius in eleven. Aries risings can be thought of as the purest archetype of a human, as each sign is highly resonant with its house. Aquarius is inherently group focused, also inhabiting a group-centered area of the psyche and consciousness.

Aquarius in eleven could be political, taking on the news media and shows a group-sphere resonance. The groups an Aries rising will gravitate towards will depend on the Sun and Moon, and the values upheld by these placements. For instance, if the Sun were in Gemini in the third house, the native might be an author, English teacher, or blogger.

It is always interesting to examine your eleventh house, which symbolises friendships, community, socialising and politics.

If planets were also in Aquarius in eleven, they would take this out to the group/political/social sphere. This could indicate a social-media-literate English teacher; one who talks about teacher certifications, theories and so on, heartily engaging colleagues on a daily basis.

If the Moon is also in Cancer in the fourth house, the topics take on a home or domestic flavour. Maybe the content centers on landlord-tenant rights, affordable housing, ancestry and the like.

If the Moon were instead in Leo in the fifth, the potentials change to a lighter, more jovial expression. This could be a teacher focusing on outdoor education or funding for the arts, who also fights for these topics in the political sphere.

Suppose instead you have a Capricorn Sun, a Capricorn Moon, with a packed eleventh house in Aquarius — Aries rising, of course. In this case, the person could naturally surround themselves with business people, legislators, principals, and so on. The eleventh house planets suggest they would be vocal about their work, taking it to the media at large.

The expressions of Aquarius in eleven are varied, as this sign is rather neutral and palatable.

Diagram 1

Taurus rising: Pisces in eleven

People with Taurus rising have Pisces in eleven, which adds an ethereal flair to group involvement. The calm, stable, patient Taurus rising may look for peace and purity among the crowd. Perhaps they are involved in spiritualist groups, church clubs, the watercolor painters of Australia, and so on.

Pisces in eleven is light and unencumbered, with a peace and love feel. Perhaps they gravitate towards communities centred on codependence, addiction recovery, or holistic health. The watery sign of Pisces is compatible with the stability of Taurus rising here, providing an emotional arena to cleanse the psyche.

Gemini rising: Aries in eleven

Gemini rising are talkers by nature. Many of them scholars, Gemini risings can be warriors in the social sphere. Aries in eleven can mean fighting happens intellectually. Of course, if natal Mercury is in Aries, conjunct Mars, the native might be an ultimate fighter — perhaps a head-butting, karate-chop kind of fighter, with a quick cerebral flair.

If this is you, you can understand more about the social fight here by looking to your natal Mars, who is the ruler of your eleventh place. What is the sign and house placement of Mars? How does this inform the fight? For instance, if Mars is in Gemini (also rising), the person may be an intellectual dynamo. They might be a debater, extemporaneous speaker, or political pundit. If Mars is in Cancer, the fight is over healing modalities, food and resources, as you have Cancer in the second house.

If Mars is in Leo in the third house, you might be a community organiser, biking around plastering posters everywhere. Your Sun and Moon will also inform the equation, as will all other influences in the natal chart.

One important point to understand is that with Gemini risings you won’t necessarily find peace or safety in the group sphere. Yet you can contend with the best, often striving for excellence among the crowd.

Cancer rising: Taurus in eleven

A safety-oriented rising sign like Cancer will seek safety and stability in groups. If you have Cancer rising you’ll have Taurus in eleven, a stable placement for any chart. Taurus in eleven can make friendships enduring, which can support the Cancer-rising need to cling onto or keep people around for a long time.

Cancer rising offers the most matronly form. This mothering quality will influence types of groups you’ll gravitate towards. Think meal trains, mum clubs, politics around cloth diapering, gardening clubs, cooking groups, and so on. The well-behaved mum (which can be a male, of course) spends the days calmly hanging out with friends, not getting in trouble. Just wearing wraps and strolling around the neighborhood. The older Cancer mother may find security in investing groups and gardening collectives.

Leo rising: Gemini in eleven

Leo risings have Gemini in eleven, contributing a lot to the fun of this rising sign. You might be someone who can talk, gab, anywhere. You might drive around town talking to friends on the phone or be found sitting at a bar chatting about the news. You might head towards the crowd and talk confidently to all and sundry. Whether you are a taxi cab driver or a thespian, with Leo rising you will always be ready for a good conversation.

Let’s walk through various placements with this rising sign. Suppose you have Mars in Gemini. You might be a contentious gabber, fighting about politics, the news and more. Imagine instead if you have Saturn in Gemini in eleven. You might have some social anxiety, or an acerbic, sarcastic tone at times. If you have the Sun or Moon here you might have a great need for friendship in general. Venus or Mercury in Gemini in eleven would be great. In this case you might be a teacher or love linguistic exchange in general. Leo rising can bring an uplifting, breath of fresh air into the group.

Virgo rising: Cancer in eleven

Service-oriented Virgo rising has Cancer in eleven. Feelings and safety in groups will matter to you. You might seek home and safety through the community, perhaps rooting in a “chosen family”. Gathering around food and within homes, you may hold onto certain friends for a long time. You might gravitate towards the humane society or other caretaking clubs. Perhaps you enjoy engaging in community organising around housing, or enjoy safe emotional events like karaoke, potlucks and full moon circles.

Libra rising: Leo in eleven

If you have a Libra rising, you’ll have Leo in eleven and you can shine in groups. Many educators are born with Libra rising, housing Aquarius in the fifth house. Building groups is one creative gift of your connective Libra rising temperament. You shine within these groups, especially as planets move through and activate your eleventh. Let’s examine someone with the north and south nodes on this axis. They might waffle between blending into the group and standing out, wondering, how much can I shine without taking from the group experience? There is a humility fight happening in this chart, among and within the larger theme of balance and connection.

Scorpio rising: Virgo in eleven

With this combination, you might love work groups. Many Scorpio risings are entrepreneurs, which is doubled by the gift of working alongside the group. You might heartily deal with systems management, HR concerns, social cleansing, and public health. Virgo in eleven wants the group to function well, if not perfectly, and will do the detailed work to make this happen. This combination describes a generally alpha temperament, but you can have a softness when working with the crowd, as Virgo is naturally service oriented and keeps a larger goal in mind.

Sagittarius rising: Libra in eleven

This combination can mean you are fun and free, and that you have great, long-lasting, equal friendships. This can be attributed to Libra in your eleventh. What is fun for your Sagittarius rising is partnering up and collaborating within the crowd. With Sagittarius rising you might fight for social justice or human rights. You can be adorable inasmuch as you LOVE your friends. You might excel on social media, bopping around from friend to friend, taking pictures of the two together, all to entertain the crowd.

Capricorn rising: Scorpio in eleven

With Capricorn rising you belong to an intense group, built like trees. With Scorpio in eleven, you might be found at metal shows, welding conventions, and durge-y bars. You can be intensely loyal to your crowds and clubs, preferring deep solidarity over flights of fancy. You can be serious about showing up, acting as both bullies and bodyguards. Social justice work can be a resonant match for you, and you might be involved with the masses at rallies.

Aquarius rising: Sagittarius in eleven

Sagittarius is found in the eleventh with you, and sports games might be one source of crowd involvement. You might love wearing the colors of your favorite team, listening to sports stats or leading spirit week. Great at school and in the community sphere, many high school teachers are found with these placements. If you also have a bunch of planets in Sagittarius in eleven you might be a sports coach, or a cross-country runner who is also a math teacher. Safe and palatable, yet always an adventure in a group. Lots of fun.

Pisces rising: Capricorn in eleven

With Pisces rising you have Capricorn in eleven, thus your community work can move mountains. A crowd of bleeding hearts, Pisces risings work their magic through board rooms, the corporate sphere, and power industries at large. If Venus is in Capricorn, you could mingle with traditional artists. If Mars is in Capricorn, you might run for city council. Your temperament might be soft-hearted and sensitive, but your political inclinations are serious.

Timing, transits and cycles

Eleventh house people are social and strong. They root in large crowds of people, and thus are rarely alone. When planets transit or move through your eleventh house you may experience spurts of activities, for good or ill. When the transits are favourable in your eleventh, such as Venus, Jupiter, Mercury or the Sun, you might enjoy more social interaction and conversation, growing your networks and connections, or engage more in any group chats. On the other hand, if Saturn heads into your eleventh you may feel suddenly distant and separate from your community or tribe. Whatever the mood, if your eleventh house is prominent in your chart you will always find your way back to friendships. Regardless of your transits, when you are certain ages, your eleventh sector is highlighted. These ages include 10, 22, 34, 46, 58, 70, 82.

It is always interesting to examine your eleventh house, which symbolises friendships, community, socialising and politics. No matter the state of your personal relationships, the crowd is always there. It is eleventh house people who keep the party going. They show up and hang out, engaging public displays of all kinds. Astrologers can carry along the wisdom that the crowd will forever be wild, and the journey is important and fascinating.

Andrea Gehrz

Andrea Gehrz

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