Your March and April horoscope

Your March and April horoscope: What do the stars have in store for you

Your March and April horoscope delivers big shifts around the full moon.


March is very much your month, Taurus. Venus enters Taurus on March 5 and features at March 10’s Full Moon, which inspires appreciation with those you love as well as creativity. Unusual people reach through your deep reserves, prompting you to reconsider your notions of happiness when Uranus meets Venus on March 9–10. This shift of perspective simmers slowly, gaining flavour on March 11–15, 22–23 and 28-29. April shifts your focus to the daily grind, but your Taurus New Moon of April 23 rings the changes. April 26–28 returns that indelible taste for something new.


Simplicity, getting in touch with your body’s rhythms and appreciation of nature are healing now. Some solitary pursuits serve you well from March 10–April 3. Unusual options like poetry could well gain new attraction. While your ruler Mercury moves retro through your vocational sign in the first 10 days of March, new insights into old problems pop up. Usually you play the strong logic card, but 2020 brings something extra. Support comes from unlikely places and a spiritual flavour to daily life emerges. From April 8’s Full Moon to April 19, friendship and learning keep your heart whole.


A fateful year feels lighter in March. Remain a little detached around March 10’s Full Moon if others try to push you in a direction you do not want to go. Even if it seems tempting, beware of ignoring your instincts. New Moon on March 24 is a chance to reset your intentions, to acknowledge roles that are empty or wounding and to prepare for the new people or new offers which March 28–29 reveals. Then it is easier to navigate April and its occasional challenges. Even if April 8’s Full Moon evokes family conflict, by April 23’s earthy New Moon healing changes are close by.


March 9–10 intensifies the energies of Venus and the Moon, so if your conscious plans go against your deeper needs your stars will not align. From March 20–April 5, many opportunities seem to be available. The Full Moon on April 8 forces a choice. Do give yourself until April 12 to examine things carefully, because when Mars squares off to Uranus it can bring the wrong people into your life and work. April 18–22 offers the best time for negotiations and clarifying plans. Then from New Moon on April 23–29, interesting projects take shape.


When your ruler Mercury is retro in your partner sign while your annual Full Moon in Virgo graces March 9–10, there are surprises in store. People will reach out to you and, by mid-March, it is wise to reach back, to expand your networks and fun activities. Someone promising a nice time or promising financial gain around March 23–25 are maybe not what they seem. Illusions are revealed around April 4. 2020’s potential to generate wealth moves into a helpful phase in late April/May.


Your lovely ruler Venus lights up the sky as evening star. In March, she adds earthy energy encouraging you to use your money wisely, so resist any “get rich quick” schemes around March 8–10. With Sun in your partner sign from March 20, your energy rises and gets stronger from April 5. Since your annual Full Moon in Libra falls on April 8 and features Venus in your adventure sign, travel or study or both are on your mind. While April 13–15 could be upsetting, April 5–19 offers excellent support for your plans or to put things in place for later.


March has many Water/Earth harmonies that are perfect for Scorpio, with your ruler Mars energising your urge to succeed. Communication, media or promoting your professional profile are timely from March 10–20, so jump out of your hiding place. Gather ideas and the waxing Moon energy from March 28–April 8 will support the next stage. However, Mars and Saturn in your family sign in early April could take your attention elsewhere. Fear not, those helpful Earth/Water harmonies recur in later April when problem solving accelerates. This likely frees you up for a major advance from April 26 through to May.


With ruler Jupiter in your money sign all year, material goals gain importance. Once March 10’s Full Moon illuminates the polarity between the roles you dream of and the roles you have, a desire for practical action seizes you. You may need to reboot your home/work balancing act, and a Mars–Jupiter meeting on March 20 urges you to tackle that. Jupiter is a force for bringing opposites together and the extra Fire of the Aries cycle confirms your personal healing quest. Even more determination enters the equation when Pluto’s intensity joins in from April 2–19.


In March, developing enterprising ideas is a far better focus for your energy than bogging down to solve problems. Yes, with Mars now expanding the Capricorn gang to four planets, your impatience runs high and you can clearly see what is wrong. But go-with-the-flow Water energy is what successful solutions require from March 8–23. Your ruler Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 22, followed by Mars on March 31. In April, you will, find ways to work smarter — not harder — to achieve goals. Your practical skills are a strength that you can carry lightly now. May brings the rewards.


Your ruling planet Saturn visits Aquarius every 29 years, staying for about 29 months. On March 22 it all begins. The energy boost of April 1 when Mars joins Saturn is also a warning to guard your health and not overdo anything. It is when Venus becomes Saturn’s ally on April 5 that you start to enjoy this new era. The Full Moon in Libra on April 8 catalyses a special time with a healing emphasis that continues to April 15. When Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars hook up between April 16–21, a powerful time will carry you forward if you simply let it.


With communication driver Mercury retro in Pisces now, taking stock of past actions will teach you a lot. On March 10, Mercury goes direct and a Full Moon highlights your significant relationships. This synergy brings cues and clues about a turning point you reach in 2020. Meaningful roles call you now; inspiring people and source material turn up between March 28–April 11 when Jupiter aligns with the deep searching energy of Pluto. Once Sun enters Taurus on April 19, hold to your vision and it will slowly unfold.


With a nurturing Venus adding resourcefulness through March, blessing March 24’s Aries New Moon with earthy harmonies, you become intensely practical. Ruler Mars is part of a Capricorn gang, which needs the Venus extras to hold back from obsession with plans and goals. This blesses March Aries birthdays, then brings communication strengths to the April birthdays as Venus and Mars continue their helpful links. High points are March 28–30 for feeling appreciated and April 5–12 and 18–19 for building genuine alliances. Then, April 26 presses a financial reset button.

Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent has over 30 years’ experience in her field and loves astrology for its healing and timing strengths. She offers in-person readings in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, plus phone, Skype or Zoom sessions worldwide. Christine also leads workshops and Embodied Astrology Retreats in Australia and New Zealand. Are you interested in a September 2021 Retreat on Magnetic Island? See or phone (+61) 402664101 (AU).

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