Your 2022 Horoscope Is Here

What’s written in the stars for 2022?

After a testing two years, brighter beginnings are finally here. What do the planets have in store for you in 2022, according to your sun sign? We take a look.


Planet Mars has much in store for Aries in 2022, travelling alongside Venus through February and March, supporting your vocational roles and social interests. It’s time to explore more effective ways to engage with groups, to re-energise your networks and creatively cooperate with those around you. A new professional phase takes shape from March 6, which becomes more structured and realistic in early April, when Mars meets Saturn. New Moon in Aries on April 1 begins an exciting shift, and you gradually integrate new structures. Progress is obvious in late May when Mars aligns with Jupiter in Aries, activating enterprise and endowing efforts with a lucky touch. The passage of beneficial Jupiter through Aries from May to late October continues to make 2022 a year when worldly matters dominate.

A healing quest is strong with Chiron near April 1’s Aries New Moon. This means the imaginative creativity and spiritual depth of mid-April will help you to embrace old wounds. In mid-May and mid-June, soul yearnings rise up that must be considered in your choices. Early July throws up challenges, while a Mars–Uranus alignment in early August propels growth, urging you to consolidate financial security. Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn support abundance from mid-August to late November. October 10 is a standout, when Full Moon in Aries conjoins Chiron. Then, on October 30 Mars begins a long retrograde phase, emphasising your communication. Dynamic relationship themes and your enquiring mind orchestrate a self-discovery journey that extends to late January 2023.


A rare two meetings of Venus and Mars in February and March 2022 links Taurus to the outer planets as catalysts of powerful Earth and Water themes this year. Whether it plays out in your own backyard, or you rise to the challenge of protecting Mother Earth (or both), this indicates a big commitment. A kind of spiritual epiphany may occur around mid-April’s Full Moon, accelerating your connection with like-minded people. The karmic eclipses occurring at your May 1 New Moon in Taurus and May 16 Full Moon in Scorpio feed high ideals into your relationships, both personal and professional. Make no big financial moves in May, and choose to have important discussions only when calm and centred.

Water can wear away mountains. Likewise, your dedicated intentions will find a wider base from mid-July to mid-August. As the awakening energy of Uranus in Taurus joins the fateful Moon’s Node, it feeds on a wellspring of emotion. Saturn continues to move through your vocational sign, ensuring a practical focus for efforts and ambition. The final challenge of an 18-month tug-of-war between Saturn and Uranus occurs September to mid-October. Radical reform may be necessary, starting with your home and work base. Any deliberate obstruction will demand energetic action. Full Moon in Taurus on November 3 is a total lunar eclipse, visible in Australia, and changes that have stalled will accelerate now. Your instincts serve you well. Altogether, a busy, compelling, confronting and deeply satisfying year is the tasty result.


Throughout 2022, Saturn’s reality checks will continue to encourage discipline and consistency for you Gemini. Yet Neptune’s is the loudest voice, inviting you to emphasise your heart-centred needs. As the “mutable” Air sign, there are always opposite roads that can’t be travelled simultaneously, yet you are multi-faceted Gemini In 2022 these paradoxes create energy: early March brings Guru Mercury to meet Saturn and success smiles on hard work and the pragmatic ways you focus your intellect. Then mid-April’s Water/Earth harmonies are a catalyst for vocational fulfilment, including other roles you enjoy. Now your spiritual and emotional needs are voiced and heard. This uplifts your love-life and love of life, plus more access to imaginative ideas in your work. April is an inspiring turning point in your quest for a new direction, supported by those two hats you wear. Keep it an organic slow process to achieve success.

In May you recognise where decay must be repaired, while May 30’s New Moon in Gemini helps you decisively embrace your new path. Study might be needed, and with Jupiter expanding your networks of like-minded others from May 11 through October, it could change your life for the better. Energiser Mars is in Gemini from August 20 for a rare seven months and goes Retro on October 31. Don’t wound others with your words, and allow yourself to gain insights by looking back. Mars aligned with the Full Moon in Gemini on December 8 adds energy to any celebration, with a sense that real deliverance is coming soon.


The dance of planets in Water and Earth signs is a dominating feature of 2022, one that encourages a new kind of peace for sensitive and emotionally driven Cancer. Enjoying union with others and recognising your voluntary dependence on loving relationships strengthens you. Pluto has been in your partner sign since 2008 and this has often been confronting. This year Pluto begins to conclude that long cycle, and Lover Venus joins Pluto at the New Year and early March, engaging a healing depth of self-acceptance. Further personal progress is likely between April 7 to 18, when giant planets Jupiter and Neptune align, and the adventure of mental or physical travel calls you.

The most potent period of your year begins at your New Moon in Cancer on June 29, with a Venus–Jupiter link that encourages a discussion you have long awaited. When the fateful North Node of the Moon partners with Awakener Uranus on July 14, it is also Full Moon in your partner sign, emphasising depth of feeling. Harmonious links of Sun and Moon to that fateful change pair open the door of exciting plans, necessary reform or innovation and a chance to connect with your larger group in new ways. Between now and August 23, things will fall into place — you don’t have to rush; just let enthusiasm gather energy and ideas, the way water follows the route of least resistance. When Water ways are further boosted in late October and November, your love and creativity benefit.


Early 2022 offers the Lion a good chance to build strength and rest body and mind for the excitement and challenges that will pepper the year. As Sun’s own sign, your exuberance is boosted by the Full Moon energy of March 18. Enjoy its abundance, but March 19 to 23 could remind you of things you cannot control and must accept. More to Leo’s taste is April 9 to 17, when travel and family or clan bonds can be inspiring. From April 25 to May 16 similar pleasures are supported and vocational roles are boosted. May is a month for gratitude meditations, for activities that soothe the soul and to gather energy for the changes to come when Jupiter enters fiery Aries. Mars joining Jupiter on May 29 is the accelerator. More movement and great opportunities that can’t be missed emerge from June 12 to 29 and July 2 to 14.

Sun enters Leo on July 23, given extra Fire by Mercury and Jupiter, suggesting a mind-buzzing solar month. Yet July 29’s New Moon in Leo, and the periods between July 27 to 31 and August 8 to 12 remind you that Saturn’s challenges are still unfolding. There are plenty of helpful meetings and stimulating ideas that keep you alert and joyful, which is good prep for the final Saturn squares from mid-September to mid-October. Stand firm and make no big decisions, now or early November. By November 16, Lover Venus enters your love and pleasure sign, guiding you into a sweetly satisfying closure to 2022.


If anyone can star when New Year’s Day brings an earthy link between Sun and change-agent Uranus, it’s you, Virgo! Enjoy your practical, starring roles in January, but it is your Virgo Full Moon on March 18 that really confirms some important changes. Only well-calculated risks attract Virgo, and this year of gradual progress will offer a few of those. From late February to mid-May, the year’s big quests take shape. From April 13 to May 18, beneficial mergers can be trusted. Guru Mercury shifts into direct motion on June 3, prompting an adventurous rush that produces results by August 10, assisted by timely meetings. That Virgoan caution which can lead to “analysis paralysis” won’t feature thanks to bold Uranus. Both Neptune and Uranus are coaching you to flow and to grow, and to shrug when plans go astray.

Your Virgo month starts with an earthy harmony between Mercury and Pluto on August 23, blessing loving communication. New Moon in Virgo on August 27 starts some challenging days. Breathe deeply, embrace “different” ideas and you will find a peaceful harbour by early September. Mercury turns retrograde at September 10’s Full Moon, and for the remainder of the month Venus in Virgo can guide you; look back with loving eyes and release old money and security anxieties. Being kinder to yourself means consolidating rather than taking on more. Then the blessings of October 30 will hold you firm if people break agreements, and November 11 to 30 will be truly healing.


Treading carefully with a fledgling enterprise, uniting with others and overcoming obstacles are key notes in Libra’s 2022 story. In March and April you experience the lows then highs of this two-step year. March 3 to 6 could alert you to hidden secrets Pluto-style, then a shift begins on March 9, with Venus and Mars in sync, travelling through your creativity and love sector until April 15. A productive time, this pairing provides both good fortune and the energy to manifest your ideas, reaching a natural climax at Full Moon in Libra on April 17. You are animated in enterprising ways, fuelled by the depths of your desires. Late April and May are gentle versions of the strong Earth/Water themes that punctuate 2022. Access to a flowing emotional register is a necessary ally now, since head-centred judgements will leave you floundering.

May 11 brings that second step, when Jupiter leaves its watery place and enters Aries for five months. Now the Fire of relationships and the energy of creative collaboration carries you. May 29-30 gives the go-ahead signal, June 14 to 29 brings a follow-up, and July and August keep you on a roll, slow and modest. Jupiter’s largesse animates your solar month from Libra New Moon of September 26, well-tuned by Fire and Air harmonies. Now gathering forces with others, sharing expertise and building community feels clear and inspired. Then Full Moon mana, Venus in Libra and more Air harmonies make October 10 to 23 a delightful energy burst, which presages satisfying months to follow.


When your two ruling planets Mars and Pluto meet up on March 3’s New Moon, highlighting creativity and love, your year truly begins. Lover Venus is also next to Mars, which means inspiring partnerships and excitement about home or family plans form part of a heady brew. Saturn’s reality reminders about family responsibilities continue to punctuate your year, so don’t let your deep sense of purpose weigh you down with too many responsibilities. Twenty twenty-two actually helps you relax and trust the process. April’s meeting of giant Jupiter and Neptune confirms this. Your creative impulse now tilts you towards a visionary project that unites like-minded people. April 25 to 29 moves this forward and necessary ingredients start to be assembled. May begins with a solar eclipse, emphasising the importance of timing and reaching a fateful climax at May 16’s total eclipse of Full Moon in Scorpio. Now the ingredients have been gathered and the hard work begins. May 29 to 30 presses your fast-forward button, and late June stirs your adventurous side.

In 2022 transparency and clear, unambiguous goals will promote successful projects, yet July begins with a call for better communication and ends with a personality clash. However bumpy the ride, by mid-August the right people have come together at the right time. Partnership and progress proceed. Challenges in late October could make New Moon in Scorpio a time for new resolutions, but be warned against reaching out to the wrong people. From November 11 through to December 22, show you your path with heart.


Many old emotions replayed last year, but by late January 2022 you move on, renewed. In early March, Venus and Mars remind you of your hunger for learning, for a new way of seeing, and old negative attachments melt away. Through April, you are able to embrace the reality that assumptions about home and family must change. This process begins to reach its peak from April 3 to 18, when Jupiter meets Neptune. Be patient: it is April 25 to May 7 that best supports practical moves and new ways of relating.

Then, like a key unlocking a door, mid-May sees Jupiter shift into fiery Aries for five months. Fire in the belly comes forth in a creative rush from May 29 when Mars and Jupiter converge. Plans translate into action, as new inspirations, a romantic adventure or two and perhaps a new “birth” follow. The highest energy drive is from Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14 to June 28, and from July 2 to 13 and 23 to 25. Seeds for the creative and romantic boost that Jupiter brings are planted in these two months, unfolding into late October. Early August and August 15 to 23 have good potential for travel, but the second half of September and late October could bring forces outside your control to block such plans. With New Moon in Sagittarius on November 24, again heart matters rule, emphasising that creating harmony and strong emotional bonds are your best drivers.


A process that has been unfolding since 2008 reaches maturity in 2022, as planet Pluto spends its last full year in Capricorn. With easier access to Pluto’s potent “Underworld”, you can source a wealth of experience and emotional depths, as your needs become more conscious. It is all about what you can achieve, not who you can or cannot control. The New Year starts with a helpful Uranus signature of changes and of a readiness to consider the mysteries of the heart. A quest takes shape in early March when relationship planets Venus and Mars join Pluto in Capricorn. Fast-forward to mid-April, then to April 28 to May 23 for further emotional shifts. May is a turning point, with its two eclipses and a creative boost for the Goat. Layers of defending peel away and fears are eclipsed. When Venus meets Awakener Uranus on June 12, the constructive changes made will illuminate the rest of the year. Rather than resisting, you make feelings explicit, with satisfying results by Full Moon in Capricorn in mid-July.

Projects that have been languishing can reach a resolution now and through August. If something needs to be abandoned, it will make space for a daring new project — one perhaps linked to a home or investment. September 10 begins a three-week period in which research can yield very useful results. October 7 to 23 provides good opportunities to translate vocational intentions into action, with further progress from November 11 to 30. The timely connections from December 10 to 28 warm your heart.


Twenty twenty-two is a big year for the Water Bearer as important projects reach completion and a new enthusiasm lifts your energy. Your usual mental intensity is extra serious under Saturn’s stern gaze, which opens doors for you. In any positions of power, you will be tested for strength of character. Building on February’s strong foundations, early March hones your mental skills, demanding compassionate communication. Lover Venus and Warrior Mars enter Aquarius together on March 6, staying close until early April. This special meeting suggests that a direct approach, tempered by a gentle touch, is essential for all relationships in 2022. Challenges from April 21 to 25 and in mid-May could make you less gentle. If you remain open to the practical and emotional gifts which April and May offer, then home, family and love will be deeply healing.

Fire rises when Mars meets Jupiter on May 29, activating your networks and social skills. Stay aware of those you love, no matter how busy you are. The new Venus cycle beginning June 12 supports daily routines and home pleasures, but could disrupt your expectations. Let issues unfold, rather than being obstinate or using force. Natural progress can easily turn to regrets when Awakener Uranus is ignored. If mellow in July, then early August delivers feel-good results. Full Moon in Aquarius on August 12 can then celebrate small successes. With Saturn and Uranus at odds, late August, September and October need a careful and restrained approach. Then November 11 to early December will deliver progress on many levels.


Pisces, ever flexing and flowing, could easily flow into an altered reality in 2022. In April, your “ruler” Jupiter meets your other guiding planet Neptune — both in Pisces. This rare alignment last happened in 1856. There is great potential for abundance and fulfilment, highlighted by the alignment of Sun, Moon and Jupiter in Pisces at February 19’s New Moon. Anything goes when the deep waters of special moments and sudden understanding embrace you and mysteries are unveiled. The more scientifically inclined and the more spiritual Fish folk benefit. Pisces already senses that science and mysteries belong together, but early February to mid-May is the “astrological moment” that gives you the experience.

Gather the wealth of love and wisdom that experience can bring, focus creative power on a big idea that feels right, include every inviting thing, laugh at category boundaries and stay mellow. Then you are open to a new way of knowing. Staying grounded in such heady times is useful, and the first week of May anchors you to the world in ways that satisfy your need for deep communication, non-verbal or verbal. Practicality is necessary to navigate June’s shifting demands and July’s loving relationships without losing yourself. Early and mid-August take communication skills to a new level, and you can apply what you have learnt in 2022 by September 10’s Full Moon in Pisces, with its three-way earthy harmony. While Saturn’s position means you sometimes doubt yourself, Jupiter renews the abundance theme from November 11 to December 28.

Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent has over 30 years’ experience in her field and loves astrology for its healing and timing strengths. She offers in-person readings in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, plus phone, Skype or Zoom sessions worldwide. Christine also leads workshops and Embodied Astrology Retreats in Australia and New Zealand. Are you interested in a September 2021 Retreat on Magnetic Island? See or phone (+61) 402664101 (AU).

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