February Horoscope

Your February horoscope is here

Wondering what the stars have in store for you in the first months of 2021? Our resident astrologer, Christine Broadbent, has got your February horoscope covered.


Sign of the Moon, you enter 2021 propelled by the awakenings of December 30’s Full Moon in Cancer and can address your hunger for the new. After 2020’s hard oppositions you need a recharge, to reinvest your energy and perhaps capital in something that moves you. Jan 5 could attract good advice, but it is Jan 14 and 21 that bring inspiration via friends or like-minded groups. When Mercury is retro from Jan 31–Feb 21, nothing should be rushed, yet your best research occurs then. Partnership flourishes and new roles excite you from Feb 22–27’s Full Moon, boosting your promotional skills.


It is through shouldering responsibilities and building structures which work, that Leo has expansive, satisfying relationships through Jan. It may be that significant people in your life are struggling and need help that comes with no obligations and minimal advice. The strongest change factor is linked to home and family: this becomes very apparent from Jan 14–22 and Feb 7–20. Make no rash decisions at these times. At Leo Full Moon on Jan 29, recharge your energy and trust that you are appreciated. It is from Feb 22–Mar 1 that your year evens out, and fun relaxed gatherings spring up.


Despite the earthy harmonies of Jan, the changeable nature of the times can upset Virgo’s finely calibrated sense of balance. At New Moon on Jan 13, focus intention on new ways to enjoy home pleasures and simple tasks that create order. Refresh these at Jan 29’s rather stressful Full Moon. From Feb 1–7 and 15–19, remain detached if navigating odd behaviour from the objects or people you rely upon. Virgo Full Moon on Feb 27 moves into your groove and worries simply vanish. You absolutely get a handle on emotional and financial concerns now and can let yourself off that old Virgo worry hook.


After challenges linked to home, family uncertainty or loss, you are in your element in 2021. Admittedly the period of Jan 13–18 may return to that old theme, but once the light of a new Aquarius era is carried by the Sun from Jan 20, you are on a roll. Tread carefully at Jan 29’s Full Moon to avoid financial or family stress. By Feb 12’s New Moon, new creative opportunities are ready to pop as you benefit from a Venus–Jupiter line-up. Interesting meetings can occur now, as well as openings that pull you into a bigger world. Be super-cautious Feb 18–20.


The big action in 2021 activates your home and family concerns and Jan 9–Feb 20 is probably the most full-on period of the year. In Jan, you can shine. When thinking and communication skills are profiled, keep family close. Yet there are danger times when no important decisions should be made like Jan 9–13, 23–26 and Feb 18–20. With the chaos planet testing relationships, you could push people away and regret it when the heat goes off. Fixed passionate Scorpio tends to favour black and white polarities, but better now are shades of grey, as Feb 27’s Full Moon reveals.


Your guiding star Jupiter demands a whole new adventure in 2021 and you will feel this reverberating through people around you. The once in 20-year meeting of Jupiter and Saturn inspires reforms, new interests and celebrating difference. Excitement and confusion compete in Jan, but after Feb 2 you ease into the new in small stages. Don’t let the clear illumination of Feb15 get shaken by the chaos around Feb 18–20! Choosing to elevate your own health and wellbeing as a major factor in your decisions taps natural enthusiasm, attracting helpful guidance and playmates in the last four days of Feb into March.


At last, 2021. You’re free of the mega-influence of three planets in Capricorn. Now your ruler Saturn is strong in Aquarius, which eases you out of a holding pattern towards necessary changes. Clarity comes when Jan 13’s New Moon in Capricorn perfectly aligns with depth-diver Pluto. What makes you feel empowered is now the burning question. And how do you call upon the largesse of the trio of Aquarian planets ready to unpack and rework the way you create abundance? These are led by Saturn and this potential dominates Feb, with a moral dilemma highlighting love and commitment from Feb 18–27.


2021 unfolds a new Aquarius cycle with the rare meeting of Jupiter and Saturn. For you, seeing life as a variety of possibilities takes an expansive and practical bent. Activity accelerates when Mercury joins in from Jan 8–13. Your path may swerve a little between Jan 14–23 when Uranus stirs up family concerns. Despite challenges from Jan 24–29, you move to clear decisions that demonstrate positivity and forethought. When Venus joins Aquarius as well, Feb 2–15 is a recharge, including your New Moon new start on 12th. This prepares you well for the many surprises kicking in mid-Feb.


While a new year unfolds, the theme of back-to-the-garden claims you like never before. Your guiding light Jupiter illuminates the inner path that demands periods of solitude; maybe hard to find amid busyness! Your second psychic guide is Neptune, now in Pisces, and from Jan 1–19 challenging you to find the right balance between family responsibilities and personal pursuits. That may seem impossible when Saturn enters the picture from Feb 7–18, yet creative insights flood in from Feb 22–27, illuminated by Full Moon. This shows you the indelible links between family and spiritual practice, via the Jupiter wisdom of inclusion.


Mars has spent the last six months in Aries driving you hard and demanding strength of purpose. A gift of insight the warrior planet offers before departure comes from a Moon/Mars harmony on Jan 3, profiling the child-like bravery that makes jumping in a pure joy for Aries. This fiery spark goes with you into a new productive cycle as Mars enters Taurus and harmonises with Venus on Jan 10. Simultaneously, Mercury broadcasts the significance of the new Aquarian cycle of social change. You resonate with this but may struggle a while to find your exact role. Feb 22–Mar 1 will make that role abundantly clear.


Energy driver Mars enters Taurus on Jan 7, linking with guiding star Venus on Jan 10, providing love and comfort. Yet on Jan 10–12, Mercury also channels the supercharged social change, which affects your vocational choices all year. This tilts you toward less comfortable options: in 2021 challenging yourself feels the right fit, as Jan 13’s New Moon confirms. Chaos agent Uranus has been in Taurus territory for a while, but Saturn pushes achievement this year. Once Venus too enters your vocational sector on Feb 2, new opportunities appear and Feb 12–13 adds clarity, helping heart and head work together as Feb unfolds.


Ever fascinated by new experiences and mental challenges, even Gemini will be surprised by the speed of development and variety of challenges in 2021. Your ruling star Mercury enters airy Aquarius on Jan 8. It is all go-go. Mercury’s children carry the questing light that Jupiter and Saturn are birthing as a new Aquarian social cycle. This may push challenges to the fore at Jan 13’s New Moon, and mindfulness is the best protection then. When Sun too enters Aquarius on Jan 20, followed by Venus on Feb 2, it is Gemini’s time to spread their wings of imagination. Feb 8–12 and 26 illuminate this exciting journey.

Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent has over 30 years’ experience in her field and loves astrology for its healing and timing strengths. She offers in-person readings in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, plus phone, Skype or Zoom sessions worldwide. Christine also leads workshops and Embodied Astrology Retreats in Australia and New Zealand. Are you interested in a September 2021 Retreat on Magnetic Island? See astrologyspot.com.au or phone (+61) 402664101 (AU).

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