July and August horoscopes

Your July and August horoscopes

Your July and August horoscopes have landed! Find out what the stars have in store for you… 


This solar cycle is extraordinary, with Jupiter and Saturn opposite your sign, and July 5 a lunar eclipse in Cancer/Capricorn. This climax of a fated cycle ends no easy or ordinary 18 months. Your New Moon in Cancer on July 21 is time to ring the changes. Compassion towards yourself, no matter how blocked your good intentions may be, is a good start. Since Venus enters Cancer August 8, your social and family life become more rewarding in August. Be inspired to overlook any hurt feelings on August 13, 25 or 30, to better enjoy August 16 to 19 and the blessings of August 26 to 29.


Sweet romantic themes bubble up courtesy of Venus around July 1 and 11 to 13. Yet July could test your patience with an impetuous Mars prompting you, and likely blocks to some of your plans. Beware overreacting on July 8 and 14 to 22, since the stress is not worth it. Also, sudden realisations on August 1 to 4 can be magnified out of proportion by a Full Moon in your partner sign. Take a cooling-off period on any big breaks or big commitments. The fiery harmonies of August 17 to 19 lead you to an inspiring New Moon in Leo that makes you ready to roll.


July’s Water sign harmonies can be soothing and informative for earthy Virgo, encouraging a healing impetus which soothes anxieties. Full Moon on July 5 helps put to rest an unnecessary stress, with a deep intimation of changes to come. By July 21’s New Moon you identify what must be done. Do not let the more polarised energies of August 4’s Full Moon undo these good effects. In August, Venus encourages more time spent with friends, which in turn reduces your tendency to take on too many tasks. Your solar cycle begins well, and August 26 to 29 inspires you to heal an old wounding pattern, freeing your spirit.


July’s solar cycle usually prompts you to consider new directions, or to consolidate roles you are happy with. June 21 to July 21 is extra-special, beginning and ending with a New Moon fresh start energy. Thus, July 21 renews your determination, even though 16 to 21 can bring obstacles. Since July 31 and August 1 offer support and insights that heal your confidence, then Venus moves through your vocational sector, doors will tend to open. It is a New Moon in your networking sign on August 19 that sees you compiling the best of your ideas and finding your groove with even difficult people.


Early July offers Water sign harmonies that suggest some pleasant kick-back time is on offer. If you take this opportunity, it will be easier to navigate the possible stresses of mid-July and the likely challenges of August. Sometimes fronting other people with hard truths falls to Scorpio, and sometimes waiting is better. However, if you are focusing all problems onto a partner, stop and consider what your contribution is, since judgements or withdrawal can undermine, creating resentment. With Change Agent Uranus in your partner sign for years, the planetary dance of August 1 to 4, 10 to 14, and 30 to 31 needs patient awareness.


Mutable Sagittarius naturally juggles options, and from July 1 to 8 this can be helpful. With relationship planet Venus in your partner sign since April and not moving on until August 8, life keeps shifting, and people keep surprising you. In mid-July, Jupiter adds complexity in regards to finances, but between July 28 and August 1 new developments with family or home show you a path forward. August 4 begins a fateful new relationship cycle, and the fiery harmonies of August 10 to 23 shift you into renewed creativity. Now, and into September, your vocational goals are assisted by practical steps and good advice.


Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5 is quite a potent beginning to a new month. This climax of awareness spells out problems to do with impulsive people, and changes that are timely. You specialise in fully committing to your work, but July also demands a new kind of commitment to the significant people in your life. This collection point of a karmic cycle will influence you for another nine years. In addition, your ruler Saturn is back in Capricorn until late December — hard work and persistence will bring you rewards. August 26 to September 3 illuminates your best path.


Keeping grounded while your head is in the airy heights of many ideas and causes can be difficult. You have learned this the hard way, but July and August have some answers: July 1 brings an “aha” moment, and July 11 to 13 helps you intuit a healing path. Once Sun enters your partner sign on July 22, a necessary change is flagged. If you are receptive and attentive from August 1 to 4, the climax of your Full Moon in Aquarius with its erratic challenges will help you see clearly rather than react. Your cool logical strengths open a new path from August 19.


July 1 to 13 provides surprising insights into human nature, usually in pleasant ways. Then Communicator Mercury, as well as your two ruling planets Neptune and Jupiter, synchronise their energies from July 23 to 31, and Pisces can achieve so much! Be guided by inner knowing, and practical outcomes will follow. Since giant Jupiter expands learning this year, the earthy harmonies of August 19 to 26 take that to a new level, even opening doors on richer friendships, deeper love. A solar cycle beginning August 23 illuminates relationships. Don’t let any difficulties of August 30 to 31 blind you to the high potential of early September.


With Mars in Aries right now, and Wounded Healer Chiron already in your sign, maintaining equilibrium in any situation is far more useful than winning points or being right. When Mars meets Chiron mid-July, you have a chance to heal a long-standing issue and wound. Since a Mars retro cycle fast approaches, look after those you love, even if you feel unappreciated. Any challenges in late July and early August are best treated as brief reminders: pushing against obstacles or ranting will just deplete your energy. A slow and thorough approach will reach the goal, particularly from August 17 to 23.


There are both learning and teaching opportunities in the first half of July: a Full Moon on July 5 eclipses your uncertainty, and a Jupiter boost expands your horizons. A quest for life’s deeper adventures includes building new connections while extending certain old ones. Once the solar cycle illuminates your home and family life from July 22 to August 22, your vocational path gets new nourishment. A wellspring of creative changes and good ideas feeds you. Since Venus is now moving fast again, and in your money sign, rewards for your efforts come with August 19 to 26’s special alignments.


Since you begin July with a Mercury Retro period, this sees you reviewing your financial history, preparing you for the most effective decisions from July 13. Venus has been Retro in Gemini, but now she is moving direct through July, boosting fateful connections on August 4. This stirs your heart and prompts you to seek partners for both your professional and personal life. Friendships now can be rewarding, and the Fire/Air harmonies of August 10 to 19 alert you to the fateful meetings that can flow from the karmic Moon’s North Node, now in your sign for 15 more months.


Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent has over 30 years’ experience in her field and loves astrology for its healing and timing strengths. She offers in-person readings in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, plus phone, Skype or Zoom sessions worldwide. Christine also leads workshops and Embodied Astrology Retreats in Australia and New Zealand. Are you interested in a September 2021 Retreat on Magnetic Island? See astrologyspot.com.au or phone (+61) 402664101 (AU).

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