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Taurus time unfolds slowly, promising much from April 29–May 7’s Full Moon. With both Moon and Venus harmonies at Full Moon, a splendid week follows when you can lay substantial foundations. Then your ruler Venus retraces its path through your money sign from May 13–June 25. This retro cycle warns against counting on profits or looking ahead to results that may never come. Yet Venus will be on your side again later; meanwhile June 28–30 opens your eyes to vocational avenues well worth further exploring in July.


For Gemini, May 23 is special; the beginning of a seriously focused New Moon cycle, given extra strength by strong Saturn harmonies. This points the way to a new learning experience and an adventure of the mind promising practical results. Two weeks later, the June 6 Full Moon brings an emotional climax, a lunar eclipse squaring off to Mars and challenging you to clarify just what you are willing to work for and how your heart and your head can agree on a common life goal.


From April 29–May 15, lightness of being is easy to achieve. You are nearing the last two eclipses of an 18-year cycle. Letting go of some burdens is easy from May 18–25. When Sun enters Cancer at June 21’s Solstice, Cancer New Moon and a solar eclipse coincide. This evokes a potent energy; a perfect time to create a simple ceremony that clarifies your intentions for your Cancer New Year. By identifying a situation or a behaviour that you are ready to eclipse, new possibilities are easily empowered.


May calls up questions about your vocational choices and your paid and unpaid roles. Earthy harmonies from April 29–May 15 make it easy to find answers. Friends encourage you to look back at past hopes and dreams that might be easily achieved with Venus Retro help after May 13. A Leo strength is the ability to hold to a fixed ideal, and the June 3–6 emotional Full Moon energies make this strength your best anchor. When Solstice, New Moon and eclipse all synchronise between June 14–21, inspiration will arrive.


Virgo dances to the beat of a different drum and May and June offer many retrospectives. Have you thrown out things you still value or overlooked fine qualities in someone who has disappointed you? Be wary of Neptune misleading you about relationships on May 4, 11 and 21–23. Energy lows are linked, so make the most of May 15–18 as a genuine recharge. Aim to treat June 3–11 as a chance to draw upon inner imaginative resources. Full Moon in a lunar eclipse on June 5 opens your heart.


Pluto and Jupiter are challenging your peace of mind, often via family tensions. Call upon that Libran ability to defuse tensions by not taking things personally. This approach restores peace on May 3, 11, 21–23 and June 3. Your leading light is Venus and a rare retro cycle is keeping her in a helpful sign until early August. When Sun traverses this sign from May 23–June 20, you light up with intensity; the urge for learning and adventure clarifies into goals around June 4. This goes into an action phase after June 25.


May has the flow and subtle pleasures you enjoy, so make sure you allow time for a genuine recharge between your exciting Scorpio Full Moon of May 7 and May 15’s magnetic attraction to happy gatherings. This lunar climax of your year evokes many “aha” moments thanks to a visionary Neptune. It is when Mars enters shape-shifter Pisces on May 13 and hooks up with supporting planets on May 15 and 25 that you find your most healing state. Good collaborations, occasional solitude and warm feelings give you the core strength to navigate a tricky June.


Soothing Jupiter harmonies make May a lovely time for an escape, a retreat or nurturing activities. Embodying the values that make you feel whole attracts the right relationships as you move towards the lunar climax of your year. With Venus spending a rare four months in your partner sign and retro there from mid-May, this is quite a build-up to May 23’s Sun cycle and your climatic Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 6. If you rise above any conflict between June 3 and 11, exciting new directions will beckon you in late June.


While Jupiter transits Capricorn and engages with sensual Taurus energy in May, it is time to reclaim play as a way of being and reconnect with your inner child. This is a rare opportunity in a demanding serious year. 2020 is about transition and May holds the key for you. Since a creative Mercury–Pluto cycle energises May 7–11, effective expression needs a light playful touch. Ruler Saturn has currently left Capricorn, again opening a window for less stress. From June 30 when Jupiter aligns with Pluto, ambition and expansion are in the foreground.


With a far-sighted ambitious Saturn now in Aquarius, you come home to responsibilities that take priority. May and June are preparation months for a new era: On May 11 Saturn begins its long retro cycle, leaving Aquarius in July, back in late December 2020. May begins with a challenge, but highlights home and family, often as a pleasant focus for your energy. In fact, a Full Moon in your vocational sign on May 7 begins a golden week. With May 22–29 comes extra creativity with appreciation to follow.


The larger picture is that May soothes while June challenges you, gentle Pisces. Not only that, but once martial Mars enters Pisces on May 13, you are not so gentle, and your words can cut others in ways you don’t expect. Since Mars forms alliances between May 15–25, you can then achieve a lot and gather support for your ideas or work. However, June 3 is a good day to back off from any disagreements. The Full Moon eclipse and erratic energy of June 6–11 requires an adjustment of your home/work balance to keep you healthy.


Throughout May, some of the stress of recent months dissipates, yet a sense of waiting is intense; Mars, your usually gung-ho ruler, is in floaty Pisces mode from May 13, leaving you hanging yet strangely soothed. Also, on May 13, Venus, which has been supporting your ease of communication, goes retro. Now you must question some former conclusions; from late June will a clear direction appear. If you can avoid negative assumptions between June 2–11, a healing process renews your natural Aries faith in life.

Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent has over 30 years’ experience in her field and loves astrology for its healing and timing strengths. She offers in-person readings in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, plus phone, Skype or Zoom sessions worldwide. Christine also leads workshops and Embodied Astrology Retreats in Australia and New Zealand. Are you interested in a September 2021 Retreat on Magnetic Island? See or phone (+61) 402664101 (AU).

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