Your November & December Horoscope Awaits

Your November & December Horoscope Awaits

Delve into the world of astrology and find out what’s in store for you in the coming months with our November and December horoscope.


November has special mana: not just the Sun but also your ruling planet Mars is back in Scorpio. Consider your totem the Eagle and use your powerful vision wisely in the last months of 2021. From the New Moon in Scorpio on November 5 to the Mars–Mercury line-up on the 10th, you can clearly see, claim and articulate your path ahead. The destabilising challenges of November 11 to 18 test your commitment, followed by a lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19 when tensions can be released easily. You prove yourself from November 21 to December 6.


Focus on protecting your health, and a needed recharge arrives between November 5 and 19. Take advantage of it, because adventure heads your way from November 29 to December 12. You know what you want, so dream big and romance or a creative breakthrough will find you. Timing is everything when the eclipses fall in your sign, as they do at December 4’s New Moon in Sagittarius. A total solar eclipse encourages you to follow your inner star — trust your instincts. Giant Jupiter offers a path of opportunity through to December 20; unleash your enthusiasm to help you navigate change.


If expectations crumble in November, consider talking things over rather than closing doors and walking away. With Lover Venus in Capricorn from November 5, now is the time to give up your pride and famous restraint. Your timekeepers are November 19’s Venus-ruled lunar eclipse in your love sign, then Pluto in Capricorn, which empowers deep communication on November 21. Being bold and brave delivers much better results than a dignified silence. You need loving others around now, since Capricorn time from December 22 brings the challenge of Saturn’s goals redefined by change agent Uranus.


After a year of far-sighted Jupiter and hard taskmaster Saturn transiting Aquarius, things are ready to shift. On November 5, the New Moon in your vocational sign lights the flame that will lead you. Accelerated by desire and fascinated by potential change, you must hold the balance carefully. Enjoy the last of Jupiter in Aquarius until December 30, but don’t get careless; a lot is at stake. Any resistance you have to a constructive shift can be ceremonially released at November 19’s Full Moon. The Sagittarius cycle from November 22 to December 21 is a timely, exciting networking month.


November 5’s Scorpio New Moon harmonises with Neptune in Pisces, beginning 25 days of easy flow. November 13, 19, 21 and 30 keep you on a sweet track, despite others in your orbit seeming stressed. December 4’s New Moon, a total solar eclipse, means a partially closed vocational door will slam shut. If anyone can move fluidly now, it’s the Fish. If no one is looking, does it matter what you do, or is a benevolent presence always looking? Pisces cares about such questions. A new Pisces era begins on December 29, when ruler Jupiter re-enters Pisces and old worries dissolve.


The vulnerable Lamb needs to don a Ram fleece in November when planet Mars takes an unusual path, revealing your limitations. The fleece will add security and comfort to the agonising task of being patient. By waiting, an opportunity to reinvigorate your financial future could open. Between November 17 and 19, stay receptive; love replaces resistance at the Full Moon. The fiery cycle that begins on November 22 becomes constructive between November 30 to December 1. A total solar eclipse on December 4 will sow seeds for a new adventurous life path, so be attentive.


Is it stability you are experiencing or stasis? Shake-ups on November 11, 14, 16 and 18 are difficult but liberating. When the Bull finally decides to make a move, you are unstoppable. After an eclipsed Full Moon in Taurus on November 19, your theme is “this and that” not “either or”. Obstacles to a new way of living are dissolved when you simply let go, guided by Venus in your adventure sign. November and December are pivotal, but it will be February 2022 before results become clear.


Often in your head but guarding your heart, Gemini is undergoing the last phase of an 18-month karmic alert in which the Dragon’s Head has carried you on a journey of self-discovery. That guarded heart is strengthened from November 7 to 19, which is fortuitous since it helps you make the right choices. If circumstances force you to be still and do less, allow the slowness to heal you. December 19’s Full Moon in Gemini is accompanied by Jupiter harmonies and a Venus “Station”, showing the next three months will illuminate your path with heart.


November 5’s New Moon moves things along for caring Cancer, as your creativity and pleasure thrives. On the same day, Lover Venus enters your partner sign of Capricorn and stays for four months. From November 13 to 21 surprises turn into helpful progress. Loving relationships that are built on helpful acts are favoured by this. The downside is Venus slows down, hanging with planet Pluto for most of December and going Retro on December 19. This means significant others could seem controlling or secretive in December. Yet early March 2022 might show you it was your issue, not theirs.


Leos like fun, yet November 5 to 16 has so many responsibilities that fun seems like a mirage. But from November 22 to December 6, more sparkle and ease flows into your life. When the Sun and New Moon join in your love sign on December 4, a waxing Moon cycle rewards serious reflection about those you love. From December 12, gatherings and loving connections pick up pace, peaking with the Full Moon on December 19 to 21. Cooperative efforts minimise the potential stress of the challenges between December 22 and 28, maximising your sense of gratitude.


With Earth/Water harmonies sprinkled through November you will feel the stardust effect. On November 5’s sexy New Moon, Lover Venus enters your love sign; the writing is on the wall, if you take time to read it. Fortunately, Venus will stir up serious romance and interesting projects for months. Dates to be awake to her potential are November 7, 13, 19, 21 and 30. December 1, 6 and 21 are a nice follow-up. Demands on your time, patience and management skills are intense and unpredictable in December, so keep some fun in your schedule.


A New Moon on November 5 highlights your financial decisions, while planet Mars energises your plans. Libra’s home zone comes alive in November and December, manifesting perhaps as renovation plans, extra pleasure from time spent at home or inspiration from completing simple tasks. Your natural sense of style serves you well now. A total solar eclipse on December 4 coincides with a Venus–Pluto dance that lasts all month, complicating emotions and intensifying desires. This may not be the “civilised” behaviour Libra favours, but embracing truths can heal intimate relationships this month.

Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent has over 30 years’ experience in her field and loves astrology for its healing and timing strengths. She offers in-person readings in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, plus phone, Skype or Zoom sessions worldwide. Christine also leads workshops and Embodied Astrology Retreats in Australia and New Zealand. Are you interested in a September 2021 Retreat on Magnetic Island? See or phone (+61) 402664101 (AU).

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